Reel Big Fish announce huge USA tour with The Expendables + more

Mixing ska punk with their love of alcohol Reel Big Fish are going to be hitting the road again for a summer tour dubbed The Beer Run. Tapping into the band’s passion for craft beer, several venues/markets on the trek will be participating in an experiential beer festival, which will include tie-ins with local breweries, tastings, lectures, drinking games and more. You can listen to the band and view the dates below!

6/9/17 – Destin, FL – Club L.A.
6/10/17 – Cape Canaveral, FL – The Port – Exploration Tower (Outdoors)
6/11/17 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Revolution

6/12/17 – St. Augustine, FL – St. Augustine Amphitheatre (Outdoors)
6/14/17 – Knoxville, TN – The International
6/15/17 – Greensboro, NC – Arizona Pete’s
6/16/17 – Wilmington, NC – The Throne Theater
6/17/17 – Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore Silver Spring

6/18/17 – Ocean City, MD – Seacrets Nite Club
6/20/17 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore Philadelphia
6/21/17 – Westerly, RI – Paddy’s Beach Club (Outdoors)

6/22/17 – Hampton Beach, NH – Bernie’s Beach Bar (Outdoors)
6/24/17 – Hartford, CT – Webster Theater

6/25/17 – Asbury Park, NJ – The Stone Pony
6/27/17 – Huntington, NY – The Paramount
6/29/17 – Portland, ME – Aura

6/30/17 – Buffalo, NY – Woods at Bear Creek (Outdoors)
7/1/17 – Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall
7/3/17 – Des Moines, IA – Simon Estes Amphitheater (Outdoors)

7/6/17 – Lawrence, KS – Granada Theatre
7/7/17 – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Live!
7/8/17 – Corpus Christi, TX – The Pavilion @ Concrete Street (Outdoors)

7/9/17 – Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
7/11/17 – Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep

7/12/17 – Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater
7/13/17 – Billings, MT – Zoo Montana (Outdoors)

7/14/17 – Helena, MT – Lewis and Clark Brewery Annex (Outdoors)
7/15/17 – Garden City, ID – Revolution Concert House

7/16/17 – Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades
7/18/17 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst
7/19/17 – Fresno, CA – Woodward Park Rotary Amphitheater (Outdoors)

7/21/17 – Anaheim, CA – Out of the Park – Ska-Mic Con (Outdoors)
**Some markets will be participating in an experiential beer festival, with local breweries, tastings, lectures and more!

Less Than Jake – Sound The Alarm (EP)

It would be a fair assumption to say that most bands have peaks, whether commercially or critically. Some bands are lucky enough to peak more than once ala Green Day with Dookie in 1994 and then American Idiot ten years later. So when it comes to a band like Gainseville’s Less Than Jake, most would assume that their apex came with 2003 ska-punk masterclass Anthem, a barrage of nihilistic life lessons, all wrapped up in sticky sweet pop hooks. Well.. that would be correct, but only in a commercial sense, as with the exception of 2006’s slightly tame In With The Out Crowd, the Florida boys have been pumping out solid records at a pretty consistent rate. So where do LTJ sit in 2017 and can they keep up the pace with latest EP Sound The Alarm?

The answer is a resounding yes as Call To Arms opens up with rumbling bass before launching headfirst into an anthemic punk rock assault complete with Chris Demakes classic self-deprecating lyrics. It sets things up nicely for the remaining tracks which feature among other things, bombastic brass parts (Bomb Drop) and room-filling choruses (Good Sign, Things Change), all bounding along with the energy of a springer spaniel pup.

Where the record really hits the sweet spot though, is on two of its more mid paced numbers. The first being the almost calypso-like Years Of Living Dangerously which combines echo-laden guitar riffs with the same degenerate unity that made The Science Of Selling Yourself Short such an instant classic. Another noteworthy track is the Roger Lima fronted Whatever The Weather, which pulses with catchy melodies, bursting into a huge refrain that sits happily alongside the bands best work.

For a band that’s been doing this for 25 years and most of whom are in their early 40’s, Sound The Alarm is brimming with the vigor and exuberance of a band half their age. Sure, it’s hard to imagine the band making rip-roaring music like this into their 50’s but then again with records like this, it’s a pretty safe bet that Less Than Jake aren’t anywhere close to being done.

Sound The Alarm is released via Pure Noise Records on February 3rd.

T.S.O.L – The Trigger Complex [REVIEW]

It’s safe to say that T.S.O.L, which stands for True Sounds Of Liberty, are a very influential punk rock band ever since their inception back in 1978 and are still pushing very strong and catchy jams. Now they are on to their 11th studio album and nearly their 40th year as a band and show no signs of slowing down. Hopefully ‘The Trigger Complex’ is a prime example of a band who still has it!

Within almost immediately of the first track hitting the sound, you are thrown back into the old school punk era that you’re used to listening to. ‘Bring Me More’ is a perfect way to kick off this album and bring you back into the nostalgic era of what defined the genre and that’s what it feels like it was meant to do. It gives you something amazingly classic to you and with tracks such as ‘Strange World’ giving you that other side of punk that isn’t as common but still brings you something to smile about.

Throughout the course of the record, they bring you a little bit of everything that is a throwback to you, but unfortunately, that’s the only seemingly strong piece of influence that sparks through this album. The album itself is enjoyable and has tracks such as ‘Wild Life’ having a bass heavy sound towards it and having a bit more of focus driven towards acoustic guitar alongside earlier songs on the album like ‘The Right Side’ which feels like it would be in place with old films like ‘Trainspotting’ with its simplistic motion and punchy lyrics/vocals pushing through.

The main downside of the record is that there doesn’t seem to be that much progression from the band after almost forty years. It’s easy to bring up the phrase ‘If it aint broke, don’t fix it’, but the sound carrying through from the 80’s upwards to just almost hitting a new decade in music makes this album feel like its drowning under the seas of new and opportunistic bands who are making and breaking much bigger boundaries because of these guys. In a way, this record is a nice way to see where all your current favourite artists came from and who they were strongly influenced by, especially with the more stronger punk rock influence driving tracks such as ‘Sometimes’.

Overall, this album does what it needed to do and it does it very well. The time has come now where the new breed is taking over and the old guard is still trying to keep up with what is being made and in some criteria it succeeds. T.S.O.L. have done good after eight years of no album, but its nothing you probably haven’t heard before.


The Interrupters announce UK headline dates following Green Day support

If you were excited that The Interrupters were going to be supporting Green Day during their massive UK tour, then you will also be pleased that they will be doing a few UK headlines shows after this tour!

You can check out the dates below as well as listen to them!

February 2017 With Green Day:
5th  Leeds, First Direct Arena
6th  Manchester, Arena
7th  Kingston, Beggars Banquet, acoustic in-store 6pm
8th  London , 02 Arena

Headline shows:
9th  Sheffield, 02 Academy 2 (TICKET LINK)
10th Liverpool, 02 Academy 2 (TICKET LINK)
11th London, Tufnell Park Dome (TICKET LINK)

Top 20 Songs In Tony Hawk’s (Main Series) Video Games

Whenever you play a video game, something that draws you into them is the epic soundtrack that is backing your playing time and making everything that much more amazing. With the Tony Hawk gaming franchise, they’ve always managed to pick out some of the most enjoyable tracks and we’re here to pick our Top 20 of the lot!



One of the most aggressive songs on the list, going through Los Angeles and tearing through combos with this song pounding through the speakers was enough to get you pumped.


Whilst it might the worst of the games out of the main series, going through different areas with this song as your means of plowing through was a nice feeling of satisfaction


Punk was a definite mainstay in the tracklists of these games, and when you heard this song blasting through during your free-play mode, it was a rage-inducing combo smasher!


Project 8 was a somewhat relaxing game, not having to worry about the missions as such. When it came time to knuckle down, this song gave the adrenaline to take on anything!


Arguably, the Underground series of Tony Hawk was a favourite in the staple and travelling around the world and causing destruction was greatly back by this hardcore punk smasher.


The last track to feature from the newest game is this more punk fuelled track. Creating your own park for the first time in 10 years and choosing tracks like this to destroy your own records was a triumph!


One of the best ska punk bands in this generation, having to breathe a sigh of relief to not have to go fast paced through level in 2 minutes with this track as your anthem was one of the best feelings.


There was always a good selection of rap/hip hop in the song lists for each game, but this song felt much more flowing, especially during some of the missions and story arcs.


One of the more commonly known songs from any Tony Hawk’s soundtracks, going through the Fun Park and just having time to just skate was always boosted heavily with this song as your background.


When you first kicked off Underground, not only were you amazed with the heavily focused storyline, but the fact that this song came out of nowhere and gave you that determination for the final stretch.


Whenever you start a Tony Hawk game, you always feel much more inclined to just have fun at first. When this song came on, you just felt yourself enjoying the time skating and enjoying flowing through the campaign.


Going back to the older games, the soundtracks always made those games iconic. A track that is agreeable with that is this late 80’s punk annihilator.


There’s no doubt in your mind that going through the Airport level with this track being your guide made that level so much more relaxing, especially with the simple upbeat drum pattern.


There was nothing like the feeling of some ska/reggae punk rock to help you relax a lot more after Eric leaves you in Russia to get arrested after crashing a tank (what a colossal willy.)


It might be the most controversial placement on this list, but that unbridled passion coming through the track adding to your gameplay showed off the true highlights of skating mixed with music.


The top 5 are from all the first three games. The ones that set the standard for skating games in general, going through School II and having this be part of your 2 minutes was a dream come true.


It’s with a 99% certainty that this is the first song you would ever hear in relation to Tony Hawk games. Starting as a young child and playing through Warehouse through the first time with this being your backing song opened up your world to something new and exciting.


Opening up the entire game of THPS2 was this absolute banger of a track. Any level in the game was made that much more enjoyable with this song being the addition to your 360 Melon grabs.


Bringing one of the strongest flavoured songs to any THPS game, any level from the first game was made that much more exciting and enjoyable, especially the ever-so-frustrating Mall level.


This track was such a powerfully gripping track in that it has its own aura when going through any particular level on THPS3. Whether it be grinding for ages on Cruise Ship or pulling off huge combo in Skater Island, this song was the epitome of having a great time!

LIVE : Less Than Jake – 02 Academy Sheffield – 04.10.16

The general public strolling down Arundel Gate this evening look on as a swarm of old and young alike queue to get into Sheffield’s 02 Academy. Its quite the turnout for the Ska-Punk legends, but at Ten English pounds for a line up as varied and brimming with dancability as this, you’d be a fool to be a rock fan in Sheffield tonight and not be in attendance.

Mariachi El Bronx, for those unaware, is the alter ego of LA punk n’ rollers The Bronx. An eight-piece Mariachi band, they are the most fun anyone could have at a rock show, without actually watching a rock band. Frontman Matt Caughthran embraces his role as band leader with a sly wink, encouraging the audience to dance along to would- be-classics Revolution Girls and 48 Roses with all the charm of a genuine Mexican troubadour. As odd as Mariachi El Bronx seem at first glance on any bill, they certainly capture the hearts of the crowd here, and with gloriously celebratory numbers like High Tide, it’s no surprise at all. [8/10]

Londoner’s The Skints are a fine choice for tonight’s show, balancing out the cultural tones on offer with their own brand of soulful reggae. Live, the band lock into a solid groove that the audience finds hard to resist. Heads nod and feet tap to the addictive hooks of Mindless, which showcase the vocal duo of drummer Jamie Kyriakides and multi instrumentalist Marcia Richards. Guitarist Joshua Rudge commands the stage with cocky energy, adding grime overtones to the funky likes of Rat-a-tat. With the Bob Marley vibes of Forest For The Trees being a mellow highlight, The Skints are a true UK treasure and continue to bring it live. [8/10]

Tonight’s main event, all the way from Gainesville, Florida are veteran Ska-Punkers Less Than Jake and judging by the sea of early 00’s band tees on display, they are the main attraction. They hit the stage and launch into a riotous Last One Out Of Liberty City. The crowd is already surging back and forth before the two-tone ska of Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts rockets past in less than two minutes. If you’ve ever attended a Less Than Jake show, you will of course be familiar with their particular brand of sophomoric humor, and tonight is no different, vocalists Chris DeMakes and Roger Lima hurling insults at each other much to the audiences delight. With an ever-growing back catalog to draw on, the band plow through oldies and newies alike, the brass section of Buddy Schaub and J.R showcasing their knack for massive hooks on the frantic Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin and newer number Good Enough.

Its hard deny the infectious atmosphere of a Less Than Jake show and the Steel City crowd are no exception. They embrace every ounce of  the band’s goofball antics, from toilet-roll launching guns to inviting a topless, middle-aged gentleman named ‘John’ onstage for Anthem classic The Ghost Of Me & You. Not ones to disappoint their fans, the band finish up with a manic version of All My Best Friends Are Metalheads, which judging by the audience participation, will lead to some sore throats in the morning. It seems these days, many bands are cashing in revivals and one-off comebacks. Less Than Jake need not worry about such things however, as long as they keep putting on shows as entertaining as tonight’s. [9/10]

The Hostiles Release New Video ‘Inconsiderate’


High Flying Scottish ska-punks The Hostiles surge forward with their new
video single Inconsiderate. Watch below.

The track is lifted from the band’s acclaimed new album Last Call, out now.

Described by as “upbeat, effervescent, bouncy and danceable”,
skacore crew THE HOSTILES are noted for delivering highly energetic
sweat-drenched live performances, underpinned by a two-pronged brass
backbone of trombone. Formed in Ayr back in 2001, The Hostiles began with
brothers Josh (Guitar), and Chris (Bass), who grew up in the States before
moving to Scotland in their teens. Joined by local like-minded ska-lovers,
Callum Douglas (Drums), Steve Bruce (Trombone) and later Joe Stainke
(Trombone), their sound was firmly formed, echoing heavier skacore acts like
Capdown, Lightyear and King Prawn. Since releasing their debut album in
2009, The Hostiles have captured cult followings through the UK, Europe and
beyond, playing hundreds of gigs sharing stages with Catch 22, Reel Big
Fish, Less Than Jake, Zebrahead, The Mad Caddies and Strike Anywhere, and
have received numerous tracks throughout the world.

The Hostiles‘ new album Last Call has just been released, picking up
critical acclaim from national press and wide praise from many online
publications, with Powerplay Magazine stating that the band “have an
irrepressible energy that shines through their music, making them impossible
not to like”. With the release of their mightily infectious brand new video
single Inconsiderate, backed with even more shows and tour dates this
September, The Hostiles’ continued rise is undoubtable.

The Hostiles play live:

Sep 2nd – The Shed, Leicester;

Sep 3rd – SKANKFEST @ The Brudenell, Leeds;

Sep 4th – SKANKFEST @ The Fleece, Bristol;

Sep 24th – Milecastle 66, Carlisle

Sun Sep 25th – Opium, Edinburgh

Oct 1st – Crofter Bar, Fort William

October 15th – Lancaster Music Festival.  | |