First wave of bands for Download Festival announced!

The first wave of bands have been announced for 2017’s Download Festival! Amongst the running are headliners System Of A Down (Friday), Biffy Clyro (Saturday) and Aerosmith (Sunday). Amongst all this you have thrash icons Slayer, hardcore titans in Every Time I Die, heavy metal bashers Five Finger Death Punch and metalcore juggernauts Of Mice & Men amongst many others. Check out the full list below!


A History Of Metal – Death Metal

Death Metal is one of the best known genres of Extreme Metal. Typically using heavily distorted, low-tuned guitars and played with styles such as palm-muting and tremolo picking. The vocals tend to be deeper than Black Metal, which is typically more wretched in style and employ guttural techniques. The drumming often features double-kick pedal use or blast beats, minor keys and atonality are also seen within a lot of Death Metal’s approach. Chromatic chord progressions and sudden time changes are also a regular feature for the genre. The lyrical themes of Death Metal are often horror inspired and quite bloodied imagery but can also be political. Read more