While She Sleeps – You Are We [Album]

When people talk about While She Sleeps being a special band, they’re often referring to them solely from a musical basis. Their mature metalcore roots took them from underground sensation to heavy metal behemoths in a matter of years, and they really amped up the pressure on previous album Brainwashed. With their new album You Are We though, While She Sleeps have managed to establish themselves as the voice of an entire army. The proof is in the pudding, as they got 258% above their target on their Pledge Music campaign, and that immense success is reflected in the incredibly confident new direction the band have gone in with the album.

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while she sleeps civil isolation

While She Sleeps release ‘Civil Isolation’ video

Since teasing a couple of weeks ago and two plays on last night’s Radio 1 Rock ShowWhile She Sleeps‘ comeback track Civil Isolation has had a video released.

The video however raises more questions than it answers, with the main one being “what on earth is happening on 12.9.16?” The answer is more than likely the announcement of a follow-up to 2015’s Brainwashed, though nothing can be made certain until the announcement is made.

Watch the video below:

while she sleeps civil isolation

While She Sleeps announce new track

Sheffield metal titans While She Sleeps seem to be moving on from their 2015 album Brainwashed after a teaser video they posted last week.

The revelation comes in the form of what seems to be a track titled Civil Isolation which is set to be played during the Radio 1 Rock Show on Sunday night from 7pm.

See the tweet below and prepare yourself by finding where to tune in clicking here: