Soilwork drummer Dirk Berbeuren moves to Megadeth

Dirk Verbeuren, the long-time drummer of Soilwork, has officially announced his full time move to legendary metal band Megadeth. Verbeuren has been drumming for Megadeth live for a few months now, playing to the band’s huge crowds.

He commented: “They say the biggest decisions in life are the hardest to make. This decision falls under that category. As a drummer I’ve always enjoyed the evolution of my path. The past twelve years with Soilwork have been incredible, a portion of my life I honor with pride. When I was approached to join MEGADETH– a childhood dream come true and something I never anticipated- I was beyond excited to even consider the realm of possibility. But truth be told, I couldn’t have rightfully made this step without the support and blessing of my SOILWORK family. For that I owe a huge thank you to Bjorn, Sven, David, Sylvain and Markus. You have allowed me to see what lies ahead, and you’re my brothers in metal. Chris Adler, thank you for introducing me to MEGADETH and for your encouragement and support. Dave, David and Kiko, I’m thankful for your warm welcome and thrilled to perform and create badass music with you guys. To the fans, this is a new chapter for us; I hope we can enjoy this ride together!”

It seems the departure from Soilwork occurred all in good faith, with both bands looking to the future!