Hollowstar – Some Things Matter

St Ives quartet Hollowstar fall heavily into the bracket of classic rock. It’s a genre that by the very nature of being labelled ‘classic’ can at times be somewhat redundant in its approach to fresh sounds. There are still bands (The Answer for example) who have managed to keep the bombastic flame from going out by penning music that although it may be rooted in the older school of rock, delivers on songs and musical presence. On Some Things Matter, Hollowstar fall somewhere between those two extremes.

The emphasis here is on the blues side of rock with opener Lay Down – a song seemingly about an ageing hometown girl not able to let go of her youth – being driven by a huge groovy riff reminiscent of Audioslave’s Cochise. Vocalist Joe Bonson delivers some heavyweight moments throughout the EP, sounding a lot like The Cult’s Ian Astbury and tracks like the slow build of Feel The Burn allow him to show this off well.

For a band still in its relative musical youth, the songwriting although somewhat repetitive in nature at times, has clearly developed from years of listening to Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake and even heavier acts such as Pantera. Guilty in particularly shows off crunchy rolling guitar lines, punctuated by a sturdy rhythm section – coming together to sound like a mutated take on The Black Crowes.

For a straight up classic rock release, the songs on Some Things Matter are strong and deliver on expectations of dominant choruses and churning riffs. The thing missing here is a sense of urgency and reliance on basic song structure which can occasionally leave songs blurring into one another. If however the listener is one who frequents classic rock nights/clubs and enjoys blues driven rock turned up to eleven, Some Things Matter is an enjoyable trip into rocks past.

Hollowstar announce debut EP

Hollowstar have announced the details for the debut EP “Some Things Matter” due for release on the 2nd June.


The band had the following to say about the release:

“We are buzzing to release our debut EP ‘Some Things Matter’. We have been working on making music that we love and using all of our influences to make a heavy punchy rock sound. What we have created is something we can’t wait to share with you.”


Check out the promo for the band below:


Check out Hollowstar at the following dates

30th April – Bike4life Festival, RAF Cosford. WITH THE WHOLLS
3rd June – Luke Jarvis Memorial Festival, Stowmarket
1st July – Needingworth music festival
5th July – Parsons Drove Classic and custom car show
5th August – Brickmakers, Norwich WITH NEW DEVICE
23rd September – Subterranean Festival, Cambridge

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