Something Mechanical Less Than Human

Something Mechanical – Less Than Human [EP]

Opening track Gunn opens with some promise with a chunky riff and solid vocals over the top, but the vocals start to be the characteristic letdown when the song gets going. The voice seems to be too clean for the bluesy hard rock vibes underpinning it. The song is growing more and more repetitive then BOOM! Out of nowhere, a Hammett-esque solo just starts raging with copious amounts of wah use and it steps the otherwise fairly average hard rock up a level. The title track is slightly different however, which seems to hold some hardcore influences as the verse switches between two chords with heavily played drums and bass. This suits Something Mechanical better but again, the vocals seem incredibly out of sorts with the rest of the band.

something mechanical

Third track Needful Things is the highlight of the EP without a doubt though. The song shows restraint on the part of all of the members of the band with the lower tempo and building styling turning from a quiet piece to a colossal, pulsating beast that leaves the headphones of the listener suddenly. Next comes In Shadows,

Final track Pretty Misery is a good yet incredibly generic hard rock song. Opening with piano and vocals before the rest of the band kick in is a nice touch that brings some ambition to the EP and backing vocals are used throughout to soften the dominance of the lead vocal which is another good decision. The instruments are all well-played, and the recurring guitar riff suits the song well despite the guitar tone being poor.

Overall, Less Than Human is a supremely average EP. The The vocals across the board leave something to be desired and seem quite half-hearted at times, not to mention fairly poorly mixed. The lyrics are stereotypical and seem to be an attempt at a new Three Days Grace album, which sadly hasn’t worked out. Something Mechanical show good promise still on this EP, but they need to find their own identity and focus more on songwriting before they progress any further.