Set Before Us

Set Before Us release new track ‘Peripheral Vision’

Swedish metalcore outfit Set Before Us have come back with a new track titled Peripheral Vision.

The song comes from their upcoming EP Enigmas which is ‘coming soon’.

The band say about themselves “The idea of Set Before Us is mainly to present a energetic and inspiring live show. The audience will be taken on a ride which will include various interactive moments and powerful songs. The songs themselves are melodic metalcore with numerous influences from other types of music. Our lyrics aim to inspire and motivate each individual to take control of their fate, destiny and life. The lyrics will tackle various dilemmas and give the audience a spark of deep thought.”

See the new lyric video for Peripheral Vision below and see the band’s Facebook page here.

Hunck announce new Single and London headline Show!

North London sob-rockers HUNCK unveil their brand new single All Dressed Up and announce London headline show as well as an autumnal festival appearance.

HUNCK were born out of the post-riot depths of Tottenham in 2013 when stranged childhood friends Frederik and Thomas reconnected after a series of heartbreaks, losses and unfortunate events to indulge and share their love in the gloomier sounds of long dead crooners such as Al Bowlly and Frank Sinatra.

Initially releasing the dream tinged cover of Frank’s “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning”, they went on to release their cassette only debut single ‘Something Missing’. After a period languishing in the hiss of their broken hi-fis and the repetitive thud of darts against a local dart board, Frederik and Thomas recruited Kieron, a space cadet fresh off the plane from LA on drums, Alfred, a cyborg found in Southampton hospital after undergoing treatment to fix a broken neck on bass and Michael whom very little was known about on guitar.

With such a mix-and-match of influences and personalities it’s no surprise that HUNCK form an eclectically unique sound, described to “mix George Harrison, Tame Impala and Elephant Stone”, forming a “languishing tune with a guitar part that has written earworm all over it.” (as described by HERE COMES THE FLOOD).

All Dressed Up irreverently explores the expectation and disappointment that we all go through in trying to find ‘the one’ with dry sarcasm and a generous helping of self-depricating humour, let HUNCK serenade you with the sound of being ‘stood up, which you can find below,


HUNCK play a London headline show in August, with support from Lupo and Physic Markers, followed by an appearance at this year’s Southsea Fest.

16 AUGUST – The Lexington, London
1 OCTOBER – Southsea Fest, Portsmouth

Stick To Your Guns premier new song

Stick To Your Guns have only gone a released a new song for everyone! The song is titled Universal Language and sees the band tackle the idea of equality and racism within America currently.

Dedicating it to those who got shot unjustly by american police officers, the song is as angry as it sounds

‘This song is for Alton Sterling. This song is for Philando Castile. This song is for the individuals who were killed in Dallas. This song is for the 215 people who lost their lives in Baghdad on July 3rd. This song is for the people of Oaxaca, Mexico. This song is for the world who only communicates with violence and to those who only open their mouth when things get bloody. There is a better way and I am confident we will get there some day.” Says frontman Jesse Barnett as he explains the meaning behind the new song.

Read the full statement here


sum 41

Sum 41 release new track ‘Fake My Own Death’

The long-awaited return of Sum 41 has finally arrived, in the shape of a fantastic new track and its crazy accompanying video.

The track is called Fake My Own Death and plays quite strongly on their punk influences. It is taken from their upcoming comeback album 13 Voices.

Frontman Deryck Whibley recalls, “I had to learn how to do everything again-my motor skills, learning how to play guitar again… I couldn’t even walk at the time. It was really difficult, but at the same time if I didn’t have a record to make, I don’t think I would have recovered as quickly. Writing music gave me a purpose. I had to get better.”

Watch the internet/pop culture themed video below:


The album tracklist looks like this:

1. A Murder of Crows
2. Goddamn I’m Dead Again
3. Fake My Own Death
4. Breaking The Chain
5. There Will Be Blood
6. 13 Voices
7. War
8. God Save Us All (Death to POP)
9. The Fall And The Rise
10. Twisted By Design

Of Mice & Men to premiere track


Orange County’s Of Mice & Men have a well-publicised comeback after about 9 months off the road this year with their mini UK tour before going off to play a run of European festivals, which they used to record their fourth full-length.

The release has been a long time teased but until this point, nothing has been released by the band at all but this seems to indicate the first video/track will be out sooner than some people may have thought.

It has been announced the track will be titled Pain and the video is tipped for a Monday 27th June release. The track will premiere tomorrow at 8pm BST (noon PST) and the video looks grim so far…

Oh, by the way: it looks pretty psychotic…

See the clip and cover below:



Terraform Reveal Enticing New Single ‘Atonement’

Birmingham-based prog metal quintet TERRAFORM have revealed the video for their new single titled Atonement, taken from their upcoming EP Adrift, which is due for a 15th July 2016 release.

The band said of the EP: “We have a lot of the similar attributes to that of many progressive metal bands. However, we focus more on the clean vocals, using more catchy melodies whilst still keeping to our roots. Listeners can expect to hear a new sound from Terraform, still within our bracket, but we focus far less on aggressive vocals in this EP, retaining many of our original influences but bringing in new and exciting aspects.”

Watch the video below:

Good Charlotte Announce Dates & Release Video

Good Charlotte have added extra dates to their UK visit in August and have released another track from their upcoming album.

The track is the fourth released from Youth Authority which will be released July 15th on their very own MDDN Records, and is titled Life Can’t Get Much Better. The video documents some of the moments they’ve shared with their fans throughout their 2-decade career across the world, as well as displaying the lyrics from the track.

Watch it below:


The added dates to their UK visit later in the year come as a mini-tour around their Reading & Leeds appearances, so see all the UK dates below:

24th August – Glasgow, O2 Academy
25th August – Manchester, O2 Ritz
26th August – Leeds Festival
27th August – Birmingham, O2 Institute
28th August – Reading Festival

ISSUES – Headspace

The second record from genre-fusers ISSUES is here, with Headspace as its title. The record is first since the departure of Scout Acord from the permanent lineup of the band though is still produced and played on by him.

During the writing/recording process, vocalists Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn spoke a lot about it being a risky album with a lot of genre-breaking and irregular tactics employed but the product has come out far differently; it sounds like a progression of the style and musicianship of the members and a further exploration of their individual styles and talents rather than a change entirely. The most remarkable exploration is that of bassist Sky Acord, who until now has been used predominantly to play djent/metalcore-style riffs on his 5-string but you just have to listen to first single The Realest to hear that his funky, rhythmic style is coming out in full swing on this record.

Following the release of the Diamond Dreams EP, the band have incorporated some of the acoustic-sounding electronics in the start of some tracks (most notably to kick off Yung & Dum) and this brings a new feel to the tracks that the mainly industrial and garage electronics of the first full-length never brought; an emotion to a sound that is generated by a machine. In addition, the clean(ish) vocals from Michael mark a move in his role in the band from “screamer/unclean” to just an all round “vocalist”, and his slightly more gruff voice contrasts nicely with Tyler’s pop/hiphop-mastery in his vocals and when combined with the electronics makes for some beautiful moments within the fibre of the tracks.

The album is littered with the metalcore influences especially in the guitar and drum parts with downtuned guitars often as low as drop A# and sometimes even A, with a lot of open chording and dystopian bends, coupled with double-kick beats and cymbal crashes over the top which leave the record being pretty heavy, especially in tenth track Blue Wall.

Looking just from a vocal perspective, the harmonies of Tyler’s cleans, Michael’s semi-cleans and uncleans and backing/gang vocals bring a huge sound that can be matched by very few bands in the modern market and when this is coupled with Sky’s funk basslines and the super heavy rhythm of drummer Josh and djent-style leads from AJ it makes an (in parts) unbelievably heavy yet inherently listenable 13 songs and frankly this is one of the best releases of the last 12 months.

Standout songs from the 13 are first single The Realest for its fantastic opening to the record and setting the tone for the new ISSUES era, second single COMA for its funky opening riff and soaring chorus while having crushing moments, and Hero for being the most soulful and demonstrative song of the lot for showing what this band is and what it can be, proving they can do what they like with aplomb.

Headspace will be released Friday May 20th in stores