Stealth – Verse (EP) – Track By Track Review

Birmingham artist Stealth has been on the fringes of solo success for a little while now. A native of the famous industrial city, his music reflects the very nature of the town he was raised in ; shadowy, cultured and honest. His more recent output such as last year’s Judgement Day single helped establish him through channels such as BBC Introducing, as a hidden gem and even found him providing vocals for drum and bass mavericks Netsky Vs. Metrik’s, demonstrating a flexibility in collaborating with artists outside of his own genre. 2017 brings a new year and a brand new EP titled Verse, showcasing some unique new elements over a trio of tracks.

Blame – Opening with resonator like guitars, Stealth introduces his dulcet tones slowly, sounding not unlike Hozier at times. It eventually kicks into a pulsing beat but retains a dusky vibe throughout. At just over two and a half minutes, it acts as a brooding calm before the storm.

Real Life – The record steps up a notch here with the stomping Real Life. Backed by a groove that would be right at home on the Mississippi Delta, it utilizes low vocals alongside a muscular blues guitar riff to create a backdrop for Stealth’s soulful vocal delivery.

How Much Further – The most commercial of the three, How Much Further starts with handclaps and snappy drums before diving headfirst into a huge chorus detailing a lyric based around the “constant struggle normal people have to go through”. Co-written by the two-time Grammy nominated Michael Angelo, it’s a keen demonstration of just how commercially viable Stealth is.

The latest release from Stealth is a short but sweet education in modern bluesy pop. It shows bottomless potential in certain areas such as the pulsing Blame, although with most of the songs falling under the 3 minute mark, there is definitely room to pack future songs with more adventurous structures. What Verse lacks in originality however, it more than makes up for in firepower and with house sized vocal hooks and a striking full production, it captures an artist primed for radio success.

Verse is available to stream everywhere now.

LIVE REVIEW: Into the Ark, Sanctum Soho Hotel 9/11/16

Into the Ark are a smalltime doublet hailing from Blackwood in Wales. Dane Lloyd & Taylor Jones coalesce to form the newest and rawest delicacy in the form of folk, soul and blues intricately and effortlessly mixed together to create a pure and resonant breath of fresh musical air.

The band have recently been picking up speed on a tour through Europe, even earning a well-deserved media pit-stop in the Netherlands. To cap off those shows they featured at the Sanctum Soho Hotel in the glitsy heart of London’s capital.

Into the Ark opened with the song Better Than Never At All. The delicate and harmonious anthem seemed a very strong opener for the pair as it showed us very early on just what to expect throughout the evening, strong guitar playing, genius song-writing and a very strong set of lungs between them.

Secondly, the band unleashed their big new single My Ghost (to which you can find the video below). This proud and brazened foot-stomper surfaces as just about the best mix between Paolo Nutini and Maverick Sabre you’ll ever hear and you should be prepared to hear this on the radio in the big time.


The evening progressed with the unveiling of the to-be second single from the duo Brightest Creature (a single that you should be very excited to hear) and the balladic I’ll Be Gone Again, which had a very different twist to the rest of the night, feeling a lot more like a late Oasis-styled track.

Lastly, the band finished off with the utterly show-stopping No Place like Home. No Place like Home represents Into the Ark so vividly you can almost feel the boys’ history and the journey flutter through your ears. Of course, the lyrics were great, the singing was great and the playing was great but Into the Ark simply represent and stand for so much more than that.

This songs and all of it’s predecessors manifested as living, breathing proof that music still exists. The band use no synth, no effects, they don’t even use an electric guitar or a drummer. Into the Ark personify what music was and what music should be by sparing themselves the music tech and sticking to their heart and soul and that radiated off of a performance that held such magnitude to such a small crowd.

In conclusion, Into the Ark are and perform as two lads from a small village in Wales and successfully reproduce such a soul with gripping and catchy acoustic hits.

Be ready to hear a lot more of Into the Ark in the near future.


Childish Gambino Releases New Track

Hip-Hop artist Childish Gambino last night dropped a new track for his upcoming album Awaken My Love. The track, Me and Your Mama, that Childish Gambino has released is a slight change of pace from what was present on his last record Because The Internet, however it is a welcome change and is track that shows so much promise for his upcoming release. Check out Me and Your Mama below and pick up his album on the 2nd of December.

Pre-order the Childish Gambino record here:

The Marley Family to reissue ‘Bob Marley & The Wailers Live’ on vinyl!

For two nights in London back in 1975, Bob Marley & The Wailers were at one of their many peaks in performance. Now, the Marley family and UMe are going to be reissuing these live shows onto a 3LP set! Songs included in these sets are ‘I Shot The Sheriff‘ as well as tracks like ‘Get Up Stand Up‘ for both nights. The record will be out on December 16th of this year, and you can check out the full tracklist below!


Live at The Lyceum, London, July 17, 1975

Side One
1      TRENCHTOWN ROCK  5.10 +
2      BURNING AND LOOTING  5.09 +

Side Two
1      STIR IT UP  5.14 +
2      NO WOMAN, NO CRY  7.37 +
3      NATTY DREAD  5.27 +
4      KINKY REGGAE  7.55 +

Side Three
1      I SHOT THE SHERIFF  5.15 +
2      GET UP STAND UP  10.18 +

Live at The Lyceum, London, July 18, 1975

Side Four
1      TRENCHTOWN ROCK  4.23
2      SLAVE DRIVER  4.02 +

Side Five
1      NO WOMAN, NO CRY  7.06
2      KINKY REGGAE  6.42
3      NATTY DREAD  4.33 +
4      STIR IT UP  4.43 +

Side Six
1      LIVELY UP YOURSELF  7.49  ++
2      I SHOT THE SHERIFF  7.08
3      GET UP STAND UP  10.17 ++

+ previously unreleased performance
++ previously unreleased full length version