A Thousand Horses – Bridges

Modern country seems to splinter into almost as many camps as metal music in some ways. On one side you have the traditionalist old time heritage sound; on another you have the folksier chapter who embrace lyrical depth and musicality. There is also the area of the genre that embrace a far more mainstream sound, using country’s down home lyrical topics yet openly embracing modern pop trope’s to appeal to a wider audience. Nashville’s own A Thousand Horses fall into the latter domain, and on EP Bridges, they draw on widely used aspects of both southern rock and country in an attempt to put their stamp on an already overflowing segment of American music.

Blaze of Something attempts earnest with galloping acoustics and lyrical clichés about leaving your mark on the world. The song reaches it’s apex on its larger than life chorus with vocalist Michael Hobby’s southern drawl packing enough of a punch to resonate with whiskey soaked fans of the genre.

Honestly speaking, there really is nothing fundamentally wrong with the above track or in fact many of the other’s on display here – Weekends In A Small Town swings with its lilting country soul and the blissed out title track could fit comfortably in the Top 40 – it’s more a feeling that music of this ilk is being produced in such vast quantities at this moment in time, that despite momentary popularity, this is not country music that will remembered alongside the heavyweights of the genre.

Despite its ‘moulded for chart success but not longevity’ sound, Bridges works as a record that facilitates the band with the music they need for their reputable and noteworthy live shows. It’s stomping southern charm and ultra-relatable lyrics will no doubt appeal to many show-goers and in that light Bridges, as well as previous release Southernality, can be seen as solid selling points for the real action.

At its best Bridges makes the most of its player talents to produce a fun if somewhat unoriginal take on southern fried country rock.

Bridges is out now

He Is Legend – Few

Returning from their very own Cabin In The Woods experience, North Carolina’s He Is Legend are back with fifth album Few. Retreating to a remote location in Carborro, NC – the band locked themselves away, far from phones signals and as frontman Schuylar Croom explains “Rather than turning on the TV at night, we’d be sitting around a fire to stay warm drinking wine. It brought an element of darkness out of me”. It was truly do or die during the almost entirely crowdfunded record too ; the band declaring that if they reached their target, Few would become a reality and if not, the record would not see the light of day. Luckily fans responded in droves, easily exceeding the band’s desired amount. So with all of the energy and motivation of knowing just how much their audience wanted another record, could He Is Legend build on the acclaim that 2014’s Heavy Fruit saw them receive?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Early singles Air Raid and Sand were impressive in their scope and impact ; the former a winding, trippy intro launched head-first into pummeling low-slung riffery and the latter a punchy groove-metal assault complete with as catchy a chorus as you would hope to find. Two tracks in and the band have already demonstrated most of the key elements that fans have come to love about them and guess what… they aren’t about to stop there.

Throughout their musical tenure, He Is Legend have found ways to wrap up big-time melodies in burly guitar riffs and on Few they have damn near perfected this art. In parts, the record plays as part deux to their previous effort, albeit alot heavier in places. The sinewy rhythmic funk of Alley Cat and acid-trip fever dream of Gold Dust recall the dramatic yet hooky vibes of their predecessor. Part of what made this dramatic feel work on previous outings and certainly what aids the band’s overall sound this time around is Croom’s lyrical output ; maturing from the twisted story-book fare of Suck Out The Poison to the cryptic but no less spellbinding imagery of Air Raid here, which Croom explains “It’s about how the earth wants humans to be gone”.

For fans of their earlier outings, there is nothing quite as erratic as The Seduction here – in it’s place jagged southern-rock ala Beaufort and the lumbering Down-esque grind of Jordan. Thankfully, alongside the more experimental and indeed heavier moments, the band don’t forget to suck the listener back from oblivion with hummable melodies, as can be heard on the previously mentioned Sand and the alluring yet grimy Silent Gold.

Morphing from post-hardcore sensation into southern metal purveyors to mention but a few of their incarnations, He Is Legend have pooled their collective résumé into a sound that is uniquely them. It’s what makes Few such an fascinating listen as unlike the foggy brilliance of Heavy Fruit or the jittery fun of It Hates You, Few not only has something for most every fan of heavy sounds, but it twists and pushes each one of these elements, in turn getting the very best out of each track. Nearly fifteen years in the making, He Is Legend might just have put together their most cohesive record yet and no doubt an early contender for album of the year.

Few is out April 28th on Spinefarm Records.

Celeb Car Crash – People Are The Best Show [REVIEW]

If you like the sounds of bands such as Foo Fighters and Kings Of Leon, then you will definitely feel yourself being drawn towards the sounds of Celeb Car Crash. They have that alternative rock power mixed with a strong hard rock flavour to create something that might not sound new, but definitely sounds solid.

Their main punches come from the guitar and bass tone that comes through soundly on each track. Whether it goes for the full out with the low end bounce or it goes to focus on the chord progression in some of the choruses, it heightens the records senses a whole lot, especially when you hear the bass come through nice and tightly when it gets the chance to. From the simple sounds of ‘January’ which sounds like it was perfectly designed for headbanging and brings something more southern along with it to the more flavoured stylings of ‘The Whereabouts’ giving you that Stone Temple Pilots feel from start to finish, this record is a throw back to the 90’s alternative rock/grunge scene in a big way.

The vocals that pierce through the record work really nicely with every single track. Giving off a sound that would match Pearl Jam and Alter Bridge within the tone that he provides, tracks like ‘Hangin’ On A Rope’ have a certain tenacity brought along with it to give it such a great listen to. The last track takes the pace somewhere the record hasn’t been before, with the organ/piano intro taking the album on a very different close. The guitar goes through a clean sound and the whole track is one of the definitive highlights of the record. With a far too long silence near the end of the record before the final piano section, this record is a nice calming end to a very enjoyable record.

For those who are looking for something that reminds them of the artists mentioned, then this record should be treated as a ‘blast to the past’ for the modern age. Celeb Car Crash have pinpointed their sound and are using it to their advantage.


Shaman’s Harvest release music video for ‘Here It Comes’

Bringing that strong hard rock with a southern twang in their step, Shaman’s Harvest bring an A game of guitar riffs, a lovely bunch of vocal harmonies and a great music video for their newest single. Check out ‘Here It Comes‘ below!

They will be going on tour around Europe with Black Stone Cherry which you can check out the dates below!

Date Venue City Country Tickets
8-Jan Cooperative de Mai ClermontFerrand France AvosBillets
9-Jan Rocher De La Palmer Bordeaux France AvosBillets
11-Jan Kafe Antzokia Bilbao Spain Ticketmaster
12-Jan Sala But Madrid Spain Ticketmaster
13-Jan Razzmatazz 2 Barcelona Spain Ticketmaster
16-Jan Espace Julien Marseille France AvosBillets
17-Jan Zona Roveri Bologna Italy TicketOne
18-Jan Orion Rome Italy TicketOne
20-Jan Live Club Milan Italy TicketOne
21-Jan Arena Vienna Austria OETicket
22-Jan Theaterfabrik Munich Germany Ticketmaster
24-Jan Pratteln Basel Switzerland Z7
25-Jan Les Docks Lausanne Switzerland StarTicket
26-Jan Cabaret Sauvage Paris France Avosbillets
27-Jan Luxembourg Alzette Luxembourg E-Ticket
29-Jan Doornroosje Nijmegen Netherlands Doornroosje
30-Jan Live Music Hall Cologne Germany Ticketmaster
31-Jan Huxleys Berlin Germany Ticketmaster
3-Feb Train Aarhus Denmark Ticketmaster
4-Feb Rockefeller Oslo Norway Rockefeller
5-Feb Debaser Strand Stockholm Sweden Ticketmaster
7-Feb Amager Bio Copenhagen Denmark Ticketmaster
9-Feb Progresja Warsaw Poland EBilet
10-Feb Alibi Wroclaw Poland EBilet
11-Feb A38 Budapest Hungary A38

Lamb Of God release new emotional song ‘The Duke’

Every song has a story to tell, even when the topic is very emotional and can strike a chord with people listening. The latest Lamb Of God release titled ‘The Duke‘ is about one fan’s struggle and fight with cancer, honouring him with this incredibly touching song. Full of emotional cleans and a beauty unlike any other LoG song, this track is a perfect testament to remembering someone who had a strong impact on you. Check the song out below.

Rest In Peace – Wayne Alan Ford, 9/30/1981- 02/03/2015