In The Spotlight: COPE

After catching COPE opening for Blood Youth in October and being absolutely blown away (read the full review here), we thought we’d catch up with them to have an insight into their world.

Basic Info

Josh Bowles (guitar): “Our band is made up of myself, Adam Bates (vocals), Ross Long (guitar), Florian Labour (bass) and Ed Thompson (drums). Our home town is London, however 3 of us are from the West Country, Florian’s from France and Ed is from Slough, but is half French, so you could say we have the ‘French connection’! We’re aged between 25 & 31. The name has 2 meanings; the first being the obvious, and the second being an acronym, standing for ‘Challenge Oppression, Pursue Equality’, which is also the title of our debut EP.”

The Past

Josh: “We met on an online forum for people who’re looking for other musicians to start a band. Myself and Ross had both posted similar ads, and when we all met up, it turned out me and Ross already knew each other, and me and Adam had loads of mutual friends. So from there, we starting putting together what we had written separately, and wrote Here’s Hoping, the 3rd track on the EP. We then self-released our first single, Now Or Never, 5 months after we’d formed.”

The Present

Josh: “Right now, we’re kinda winding down for the Christmas period. We’ve just released our debut EP a couple of weeks back, so we’re still riding the release wave and will have a couple more shows before the year’s out in support of that. It’s been a long year – there’s a lot of work to be done when self-releasing music, so we’re excited to have a short break! That being said, we have some stuff planned for early next year, so we can’t rest on our laurels for too long, there’s always more to do!”

The Future

Josh: “We’re currently planning a string of dates for the first quarter of next year, so that’s our main priority for the minute. We’re also just confirming some festival dates too, so we’ll be hitting the stage a lot more and will be way more active in 2017. We’re almost done with the writing process for the follow up to Challenge Oppression too, so you can expect new music in the Spring time. I’m super stoked with what we’ve written so far, so if you liked COPE, just wait and see what we have in store for you next year! There’s never any let up, the world’s still fucked and we’re still angry, so we’re not going anywhere any time soon.”


Check out the COPE‘s new EP Challenge Oppression, Pursue Equality here and find them on all social media @copetheband. See the new video for Seasons Ending below:

Within Shadows

In The Spotlight: Within Shadows

With the return of the In The Spotlight feature comes an introduction to an extremely hardworking band called Within Shadows. The band originate in Canada and currently consists of Sean Farias (vocals), Jordan Heffernan (drums), Brad Tiessen (guitar) and Jacob Bailey (bass).

The Past

Sean Farias (vocals): “Within Shadows started in 2012, founded by me alone. I began this band as a solo project and I worked on songs by myself in the early days before releasing a few instrumentals in 2014. Since I had just recently left a band I was dedicated to at the time, The Culls, I wanted to keep pursuing music on my own. During that year, I met Jordan (Heffernan, drums) because we ended up working at the same workplace together. We both connected since we both have a passion for music and many bands like Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold among others, so I invited him over to try recording some improvised sessions together. This quickly turned into an improvised EP which we called Release the Disease.  Everything fell into place perfectly, and the songs basically wrote themselves since they were all on-the-spot performances. We then decided to keep the project progressing forward and became a duo officially in 2015. That summer, Jordan suggested to work with his friend Brad Tiessen (guitar), who has always been a close childhood friend. We all hit it off and then became a trio. With the EP released and being sold, we made a $500 profit from the sales and donated that money to our local food bank. The rest of the year and first half of 2016, we began working on our full length album Mind = Enemy, this time as a trio. During summer 2016, another close friend of the band named Jacob Bailey began playing bass for us. He filled the position perfectly and now has finalised the four-man band Within Shadows is now. Throughout the last 2 years of the band growing, we have held practices once a week to keep ongoing progress.”

The Present

Sean: “Within Shadows is currently putting the finishing touches on our upcoming album and to get ready for the release. The album will consist of 11 new songs and 4 remakes of our EP songs. We have just filmed our very first music video for a new song called Get Up, which will be the lead single to begin our new era.  We have also had band photos done by Zeebrahmedia recently. We are currently planning out showing bookings and getting our name spread more throughout the media in preparation for the album.”

The Future

Sean: “We have have aspirations to take Within Shadows as far as we can go in the music industry, as any band does. We are working hard every day towards the possibility of being able to join a record label and doing music as a full-time job. Touring and releasing more music is a dream of ours that we are very much determined to make a reality. We plan on releasing more music videos in the coming year, playing a lot of shows and sending our new tunes out to radio stations and labels.

If you interested in new unsigned bands and hearing new music, please check out our band. Any form of support is greatly appreciated and helps us progress further to achieve our dream of doing this for a living. From every share follow, listen to post likes, we are so thankful and will keep producing more content in return, not to mention the fact that we love interacting with our fans. You can message us anytime on any of the platforms we have and we will respond to you. We are always here, and supportive people like you all are the reason why we enjoy doing what we do so much!

Visit Within Shadows‘ socials on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, email them at or visit their website here. You can also support the band on: iTunes, BandCamp, SoundCloud, Spotify and buy their merch here.

Photo and video credits go to Ryan Brougj (Zeebrahmedia), who is on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you also to James Maddern and Musicology for this opportunity!”

In The Spotlight: Love Buzz

Basic Info

Tom, 19 (vocals/guitar), Tim, 17 (drums), Alex, 17 (guitar and occasional vocals), Luke, 16 (bass), Lloyd, 17 (guitar)

Find them on Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp and Tom on Soundcloud

Alex: “I’d say our main image influences at the moment are Milk Teeth, Allusondrugs, and we love all the projects Frank Carter has done through his time so the whole hardcore unpredictability thing is something we play on a lot. Musically though, we take Citizen and Basement as our main inspirations and it’s a nice blend with our grunge feel

Tom: “We pretty much cover anything we like on stage, normally we don’t even know until about two minutes beforehand what we’ll be playing [laughs]. Recently we’ve played Nirvana, Frank Carter and Gallows covers which were our best but we’ve had a couple of s*** ones too [all laugh]”

Alex: “The name actually comes from Nirvana’s first single of the same name, and it’s one of our favourite songs as a band. It was the start of something huge and we were hoping we would go the same way, though hopefully not with the way things ended but who knows [laughs].”


The Past

Alex: “Tim, Lloyd and I were in another band before this but we pretty much knew it was falling apart at the seams, so we asked Tom to come and join us for a new project and we needed a bassist, and Tom’s last band was melting down too so he brought Luke with him and here we are.

Luke: “Our first show was a bit crazy really. We didn’t have much of a plan because we hadn’t been together long so we went into the loo to learn the set and Alex had a minor meltdown [laughs]. We’d written a couple of our own songs before the show but we more or less rewrote them as we played them onstage and they evolved into what they are now.

Tom: “We’ve played six shows in total: four at The Swan in Berkhamsted including our single release show for Sallowed, one at The Horn in St Albans and one at the Pioneer Youth Club in St Albans too.


Alex standing on a sofa in The Swan, Berkhamsted, screaming Gallows’ In The Belly Of A Shark


The Present

Alex: “Our debut EP is coming out at some point, we don’t even have a name for it yet. It’s five songs long and the first single Sallowed came out on Friday [27th May] so the next steps are to decide a title for it and get it out. [Interviewer James suggests calling the EP Self-Titled] Yes, I like that! Kind of a joke about the way every band runs out of ideas so makes a self-titled album.

Tom: “The EP was actually recorded at the studio in the XC centre in Hemel Hempstead and was produced by yours truly [laughs]. I was actually taught to do production and stuff by Steph Carter from Gallows so I’m pretty happy doing it in general. It comes with a slowing of the process for vocals and my guitar though but I’ll be redoing vocals soon, and then the mixing needs doing before we get it out then it’ll be hitting the web around late June/July time.

Tim: “For the moment though, we’re just looking for more shows because we haven’t actually been paid for one yet so we need to start doing that as soon as we can!


The Future

Tom: “Obviously we’ll be playing shows if we can actually get some booked but we haven’t got any specific plans except more slots in The Swan that they’ve offered us for the future. Then recording-wise, we’re looking at a full album late this year or early next year for sure [the rest of the band look at him shocked]. Well, we have to make plans at some point so now is as good a time as any!


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In The Spotlight: Fresh

This is a new section on Musicology by James called In The Spotlight, aimed at exposure for new and smaller bands of any description and the first band into The Spotlight is UK punk band Fresh.

Basic Info

Kathryn, 19 (guitar & vocals), James 23, (guitar), Daniel, 29 (drums), George, 32 (bass and vocals)

Kathryn:I can’t remember where the name “Fresh” comes from. We’ve stuck with it because it’s an obvious kind of band name, so it stays with you. Plus, it’s fun to say “hey, we’re fresh” on stage. We all live in London, but only I’m from there. James is from Kent, Dan is from Essex and George is originally from near Bristol. We’re inspired by feminism and friendship so that’s also hopefully what people think of when they listen to [our songs] and see us. I want people to think of us as an inclusive band that write honest songs which are fun to sing along to.

The Past

Kathryn: “I played bass in a band with James that didn’t work out, so we started Fresh up as a two-piece. We had another bassist and drummer before Dan and George but both of them couldn’t tour for various reasons. I met Dan and George at a Power Lunches show. They play in a band call Sad Blood and we were supporting them. I thought they were amazing. We planned a Sad Blood and Fresh weekender for January and, because our bassist and drummer at the time couldn’t travel, Dan and George offered to do double duty and learn the songs for the three shows. 

That weekend was so amazing and we all clicked so well that they joined the band! It was a no-brainer. They’re perfect for Fresh as musicians and they’re the kind of people that you can spend long amounts of time with and not hate, which is important.

Besides that weekender, we just finished four dates in the south west with a really great band called Murderhouse. They’re the only two “tours” we’ve done (if you can call them that) but we often drive to nearby cities like Brighton and Southampton for standalone shows.


The Present

Kathryn: The most pressing thing for Fresh right now is to get writing and recording. Our last release was an EP in November so it’s probably about time.

The Future

We have a couple of tours tentatively planned later this summer that’ll be fun if they work out. Other than writing a really good release, we want to do longer shows and branch out a bit. We’ve never played up north, and we’ve never left the UK. I’d love to go to Ireland, and eventually I’d also be well up for Europe. In the grand scope of my life, I’d like to play music and not have to hold down a job. I’m not the “job” type. I can confidently speak for all of us and say that we just want good times and good shows from this band. There’s nothing funner than playing a good set with bands you like. That’s what it’s all about.

Huge thanks to Kathryn and the others in Fresh for this interview, and High Tides Photography for the pics.

To check out the band’s music go to their Bandcamp, and to follow their progress go to their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter (@freshpunks) or follow them on Instagram (@freshpunks)

To check out High Tides’ photos, go to the Facebook page.

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