Tool Drummer Suffers Serious Staph Infection

Drummer Danny Carey of the almighty Tool is currently suffering from a painful Staph Infection. As anyone who has had such an infection knows, this is an agonizing condition but regardless, Mr Carey ploughed on and made it through the band’s slot at Aftershock Festival in Sacramento.

 Great crowd at #AfterShock festival. Thank you Sacramento I truly have to respect Mr #DannyCarey who played the entire show with a very serious Staph Infection. At first on Friday morning he was misdiagnosed with a poisonous spider bite on his upper leg. Then later Friday night the quarter sized wound was cut opened & drained. By Saturday DC was still aching from head to toe & from what I heard the Local Doctor recommended we skip the show. But Dan with headaches and painful joints, played anyway.

Lets wish Danny a speedy recovery and hope and pray for a new Tool.