Albums That Changed Our Lives: Musicology Staff Edition

We all have that one album that defined us; the one that shaped our tastes in music, our perspectives or that we simply have just really liked for a long time. Here is the list of albums chosen by Musicology staff; some of us had loads to say about these albums and some only a few words, but there is a huge variety in genres at play here that makes up the Musicology staff.

American Idiot – Green Day

American Idiot - Green Day

Chosen by Fiona

Fiona says: American Idiot was the first rock album I ever bought, listened to and actually really liked. After I became a fan of Green Day it was my dream to see them play live, and finally, in 2013, I did. Before I saw Green Day live my favourite band were Muse, but Green Day put on a much better show, interact with their audience and generally just look like they’re having a great time. I saw the American Idiot Musical in late 2012 too and it was fantastic to hear some of my favourite songs in a real, gritty, story setting.

The Young & The Hopeless – Good Charlotte

The Young & The Hopeless - Good Charlotte

Chosen by James M

James says: The Young & The Hopeless taught me that music can be rough and unpolished as well as brutally honest.

Dookie – Green Day

Dookie - Green Day


Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing – The Wonder Years

Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing - The Wonder Years

Chosen by Tom

Tom says: Dookie influenced me on a musical level, but Suburbia influenced me on a more personal level.

All Hope Is Gone – Slipknot

All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot

Chosen by Bradley

Bradley says: All Hope Is Gone was the first metal album I ever listened to. I heard Snuff and thought “what’s this?” and then got into heavier music from there on.

The Hope Division – Stick To Your Guns

The Hope Division - Stick To Your Guns

Chosen by Josh

Josh says: The Hope Division is the first album that got me into the hardcore genre and helped me expand on those horizons.

The ’59 Sound – Gaslight Anthem

The 59 Sound - Gaslight Anthem

Chosen by Coops

Coops says: This record opened some many doors for me musically and turned me on to so many killer bands. They tell stories, write catchy tunes and they are such mellow dudes…

Riot! – Paramore

Riot - Paramore

Chosen by Victoria and Jade

Victoria says: Paramore are my favourite band of all time, and Riot shaped me. It’s easily a staple in alternative music.

Jade says: Riot was the first rock album I ever listened to.

Common Courtesy – A Day To Remember

Common Courtesy - ADTR

Chosen by Sam

Sam says: This album was my first encounter with A Day To Remember, and they are such a groundbreaking band with so much musical talent. This album helped me through my first major break up and introduced me to heavier music, teaching me how well emotion can be used in songs. Although I feel that Homesick is the best A Day To Remember album, it did not shape my musical influence like Common Courtesy did.

Sports – Modern Baseball

Sports - Modern Baseball

Chosen by James L

James says: The main reason for this choice is that Sports inspired me to listen to more of what I listen to now, and it also it is a massive reason I play my music the way I do. From the soft strumming and plucked patterns or the sometimes more aggressive style, but also from a lyrical sense and the way in which vocal patterns can affect a songs feel and emotional power.

The Poison – Bullet For My Valentine

The Poison - BFMV

Chosen by Lauren

Lauren says: The Poison came out while i was in my first year at college and really shaped my taste in music, and myself. My best friend bought tickets to the tour which also happened to be my first gig without my parents and in this genre, seeing the album played live made me fall deeper in love with it. Everything about it pretty much summed up being a teenager at the time. It’s still an album I can happily go to and listen to.

Lauren also recently took photos of Bullet For My Valentine in Manchester on their 10 year Poison tour!

Bullet For My Valentine

Stick To Your Guns drop ‘Better Ash Than Dust’ music video

Bringing something completely moving and heart wrenching, the band Stick To Your Guns have released a music video for ‘Better Ash Than Dust‘ which a dollar of each share of the video going to the front line warriors of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Their vocalist Jesse Barnett wrote a statement about the video below

“With the eyes of the world on what is happening in North Dakota and the Dakota Access Pipeline, I think this a perfect time to release this video, So much of what is happening to the indigenous people of what we call America is not only horrifying, but down right unacceptable. This is not just an injustice against these people, their land and their water, but it’s a perfect example of how what we call a civilized society can, more often than not, be barbaric and disgusting. The support that the whole world has shown for Standing Rock has been and inspiring thing to watch and this band stands in solidarity with them.”

Stick To Your Guns release music video in support of Standing Rock

Stick To Your Guns are some of Orange County’s finest, and the hardcore crew are known for their blatant political statements.

Their latest video is from Better Ash Than Dust‘s title track, and comes at a poignant time. Jesse Barnett commented:

“With the eyes of the world on what is happening in North Dakota and the Dakota Access Pipeline, I think this a perfect time to release this video. So much of what is happening to the indigenous people of what we call America is not only horrifying, but down right unacceptable. This is not just an injustice against these people, their land and their water, but it’s a perfect example of how what we call a civilized society can, more often than not, be barbaric and disgusting. The support that the whole world has shown for Standing Rock has been and inspiring thing to watch and this band stands in solidarity with them.”

In line with this, the band and their label with be donating to Standing Rock with every sale, defending the rights of indigenous populations. Stick To Your Guns are truly a band we can all get behind for raising significant awareness in social and political circles.

LIVE REVIEW: Architects with Bury Tomorrow and Stick To Your Guns, Bristol 17/11/16

Photos by Joe Sheridan for Musicology.

Architects’ All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us tour was destined to be a difficult, and emotionally tense set of shows for both band and fans. Founding member and creative mastermind Tom Searle very sadly passed away earlier this year, but the band have held to their touring commitments to perform the music he worked so hard on. Thus, with Bury Tomorrow and Stick To Your Guns in tow, Architects hit Bristol for the penultimate date on the UK leg of the tour.

Stick To Your Guns opened the show with Nobody, a strong choice from their 2015 album Disobedient. They clearly had a respectable presence of fans in the audience, as the pit immediately swelled the floor with bodies flying in all directions. The band paid respects to some of their earlier discography in the set, playing a surprising number of songs from 2012’s Diamond. Tracks like We Still Believe struck a chord, with the band being perfectly able to rely on the crowd for a strong vocal presence.


Frontman Jesse Barnett took the time to discuss current issues, predominantly within America. This is somewhat a staple of a Stick To Your Guns set, as the band strongly believe in their responsibility to use the stage as a platform to open a discourse about global issues. Whilst some members of the audience might not have appreciated this interlude, it didn’t detract from the set as the ideology is very much in line with their musical themes. Nevertheless, when set closer Against Them All kicked in, the room was united once more in the ecstasy of heavy music. [7/10]


Up next were Bury Tomorrow, treading the footsteps of Architects as pariahs of the British metal scene. Their recent album Earthbound provided the majority of their set, though that didn’t stop the boys throwing it back to songs like Lionheart. The floor was packed out for Bury Tomorrow‘s set, a reassuring sight for British metal, and the garnered a strong response from the crowd. The majority of the crowd, whether they were singing along or not, were off of their feet and moving.


The end of Bury Tomorrow‘s set was definitely the stronger half, though that’s no disrespect to the first section. Closing songs 301 and title track Earthbound were huge, and as heavy as you like. If the audience hadn’t been warmed up by Stick To Your GunsBury Tomorrow had everyone raring for more. Vocalist Dani Winter-Bates is known for his antipathy towards paid meet and greet packages, and didn’t fail to express that here, along with the band’s desire to meet as many people as possible at every show. Providing a powerful set but keeping it personal, Bury Tomorrow were a great addition to this tour. [8/10]


After Bury Tomorrow‘s set, a black curtain dropped and ‘ALL OUR GODS HAVE ABANDONED US’ was emblazoned upon it from a projector, greeted by a cheer from the eagerly awaiting crowd. This meant, of course, that Architects‘ set began with a curtain-drop into the blisteringly heavy Nihlist. It’s what everything had been waiting for, and it was more than clear that Architects are on top, top form. Nihlist followed into Deathwish, the second track from their recent album. Both were performed as if the band had been playing them for years, and the stage show accompanying the set was impressive.


With spotlights flying and CO2 cannons firing, Architects kept their set intense throughout, and in Sam Carter’s screams it is impossible not to hear the pain and anger the band are still experiencing from the loss of Tom Searle. It’s undeniable, however, that the band are putting on performances that pay him the respect he deserves. Architects largely played songs from their recent two albums, but they didn’t miss out the monolithic These Colours Don’t Run with it’s insurmountable breakdown. Hollow Crown also gave it’s fair share, with long time fans screaming back to Early Grave and Follow The Water.


After playing the brutal NaysayerArchitects left the stage… But not for long. With time to kill and some monstrous tracks still to play, the band were back. Launching into premiere album single A Match Made In Heaven which received a massive response from the crowd, pounding out every word. Following this, however, Carter called for silence. It is very rare for any band to have such command as to completely silence a venue, especially one so large as Bristol’s O2. The huge respect the fans have for Tom Searle was evident here, as Carter delivered a difficult, emotionally laden speech about their late band member. Describing Tom as the mastermind of Architects, Carter reminded fans “Every lyric you hear tonight, every riff, was written by Tom.” Some fans stood in stoic silence, fists raised, others understandably shedding a tear. Throughout the room, remembrance reigned.

With this, Carter introduced the final song – Gone With The Wind. Without playing the expansive Memento Mori, this is the most poignant ode to Searle the band are capable of, though he reminded fans that henceforth, every song the band will ever play is dedicated to the man. Gone With The Wind was met with unprecedented reaction, fuelled by the passion fans felt following Carter’s speech. It was a painful, yet triumphant end to a gig; part of a tour that can be described in just the same manner. [9/10]



Trade Wind Release Free Single

Post-hardcore supergroup Trade Wind have recently released debut album You Make Everything Disappear. The band, made up of members of Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path and Structures, have released free single Grey Light as a taster for fans as they hit Europe this month and you can find it here.

You Make Everything Disappear is out now on via End Hits Records and you can catch the band at the below dates.

09.10.16 – Germany München @ Feierwerk
10.10.16 – Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff
11.10.16 – Germany Karlsruhe @ Alte Hackerei
12.10.16 – Belgium Antwerp @Kavka
13.10.16 – UK London @ The Camden Assembly

Stick To Your Guns Stream New EP

California Hardcore mob Stick To Your Guns have put their latest EP Better Ash Than Dust up for streaming. The follow up to 2015’s debut LP Disobedient, is brimming with politically charged tracks, a treat for fans of the band’s melodic hardcore stylings. Head over to our friends in Rock Sound here to listen to the full EP stream.

Better Ash Than Dust is out on the 23rd September via Pure Noise Records and you can catch the band on their UK tour at the dates below, with more US dates to follow.

11th November BIRMINGHAM Institute
12th November MANCHESTER Academy
13th November GLASGOW ABC
15th November NOTTINGHAM Rock City
17th November BRISTOL Academy
18th November LONDON Brixton Academy

Stick To Your Guns premier new song

Stick To Your Guns have only gone a released a new song for everyone! The song is titled Universal Language and sees the band tackle the idea of equality and racism within America currently.

Dedicating it to those who got shot unjustly by american police officers, the song is as angry as it sounds

‘This song is for Alton Sterling. This song is for Philando Castile. This song is for the individuals who were killed in Dallas. This song is for the 215 people who lost their lives in Baghdad on July 3rd. This song is for the people of Oaxaca, Mexico. This song is for the world who only communicates with violence and to those who only open their mouth when things get bloody. There is a better way and I am confident we will get there some day.” Says frontman Jesse Barnett as he explains the meaning behind the new song.

Read the full statement here


Trade Wind – Why They Deserve Your Attention

Whilst everyone else is busy releasing genuinely high profile releases, the underground remains ever active. It’s important to not forget about the underground music scene especially whilst this year continuously plays host to a growing number of amazing albums. Last year was also excellent for albums, with Stick To Your Guns releasing the brilliant Disobedient and Stray From The Path also weighing in with Subliminal Criminals. What most people probably didn’t notice was that members of each of these acts quietly started a group called Trade Wind, which features Jesse Barnett and Thomas Williams from each respective band. Read more