In The Spotlight: Love Buzz

Basic Info

Tom, 19 (vocals/guitar), Tim, 17 (drums), Alex, 17 (guitar and occasional vocals), Luke, 16 (bass), Lloyd, 17 (guitar)

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Alex: “I’d say our main image influences at the moment are Milk Teeth, Allusondrugs, and we love all the projects Frank Carter has done through his time so the whole hardcore unpredictability thing is something we play on a lot. Musically though, we take Citizen and Basement as our main inspirations and it’s a nice blend with our grunge feel

Tom: “We pretty much cover anything we like on stage, normally we don’t even know until about two minutes beforehand what we’ll be playing [laughs]. Recently we’ve played Nirvana, Frank Carter and Gallows covers which were our best but we’ve had a couple of s*** ones too [all laugh]”

Alex: “The name actually comes from Nirvana’s first single of the same name, and it’s one of our favourite songs as a band. It was the start of something huge and we were hoping we would go the same way, though hopefully not with the way things ended but who knows [laughs].”


The Past

Alex: “Tim, Lloyd and I were in another band before this but we pretty much knew it was falling apart at the seams, so we asked Tom to come and join us for a new project and we needed a bassist, and Tom’s last band was melting down too so he brought Luke with him and here we are.

Luke: “Our first show was a bit crazy really. We didn’t have much of a plan because we hadn’t been together long so we went into the loo to learn the set and Alex had a minor meltdown [laughs]. We’d written a couple of our own songs before the show but we more or less rewrote them as we played them onstage and they evolved into what they are now.

Tom: “We’ve played six shows in total: four at The Swan in Berkhamsted including our single release show for Sallowed, one at The Horn in St Albans and one at the Pioneer Youth Club in St Albans too.


Alex standing on a sofa in The Swan, Berkhamsted, screaming Gallows’ In The Belly Of A Shark


The Present

Alex: “Our debut EP is coming out at some point, we don’t even have a name for it yet. It’s five songs long and the first single Sallowed came out on Friday [27th May] so the next steps are to decide a title for it and get it out. [Interviewer James suggests calling the EP Self-Titled] Yes, I like that! Kind of a joke about the way every band runs out of ideas so makes a self-titled album.

Tom: “The EP was actually recorded at the studio in the XC centre in Hemel Hempstead and was produced by yours truly [laughs]. I was actually taught to do production and stuff by Steph Carter from Gallows so I’m pretty happy doing it in general. It comes with a slowing of the process for vocals and my guitar though but I’ll be redoing vocals soon, and then the mixing needs doing before we get it out then it’ll be hitting the web around late June/July time.

Tim: “For the moment though, we’re just looking for more shows because we haven’t actually been paid for one yet so we need to start doing that as soon as we can!


The Future

Tom: “Obviously we’ll be playing shows if we can actually get some booked but we haven’t got any specific plans except more slots in The Swan that they’ve offered us for the future. Then recording-wise, we’re looking at a full album late this year or early next year for sure [the rest of the band look at him shocked]. Well, we have to make plans at some point so now is as good a time as any!


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