Catch Fire give you a taste of their studio experience!

Pop punk risers Catch Fire have released their latest EP ‘A Love That I Still Miss‘ and it seems that everything was golden when they hit the studio. Now, the band have opened up on their behind the scenes action regarding their latest release and you can read about it below! You can pick up the EP HERE.

How prepared were you when going into the studio?  

All the songs were pretty much concrete before heading into the studio, so we were very excited to hear them come to life. We did about 2 or 3 days of pre-production just running through the songs with Myroslav, ironing out any creases and adding little finishing touches. We’d spent a long time writing for A Love That I Still Miss, and everything came together naturally, which was great because we didn’t have to force anything. Everything just fell into place, and we all ‘understood’ each other and what we were trying to do.

Where did you decide to go to lay down ‘A Love That I Still Miss’ and why was that the case?

We recorded with Myroslav Borys-Smith at Artifex studios in Derby, UK. Having worked with him on our ‘Wild Things’ cover, we knew he was the obvious choice for A Love That I Still Miss. He understands us as a band and knows what we’re about, so he’s great with suggestions and getting the right sound for us.

Tell us about the recording process…

We spent 3 weeks in the studio with him, getting done what we could on the weekends and then cramming in what we could in the evenings after work. Some days we were all there, some days there were only one or two of us. We had to trust each other to do the best job we all could when tracking because we couldn’t all be there, which we weren’t used to. Any recording we’ve done as a band before, we’ve all been there together.

Did anything unusual happen during the process?

Miles and Joe set off the fire alarm in the studio by vaping!

And finally… what were your thoughts on the outcome?

When Myroslav sent us the first mixes, we were actually in the van as we were on tour.  We demanded that the driver ripped the aux cord out of whatever was plugged in, and we listened to the EP front to back in silence. I remember vividly, that we were all feeling relatively down from having a few shoddy nights of tour, but that went away instantly.  We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

blood youth

New Blood Youth is coming…

After a lot of teasing and mentioning it, Blood Youth are back in the studio.

A post on the band’s Twitter gives an update on their progress:

Two new tracks titled Parasite and Making Waves were played on their Closure tour in October. They told us: “Parasite really takes on the theme of the album we’re going to be recording soon. Parasite is a song that I wrote when I wanted to experiment with songwriting because normally I’d just go out and drink loads of coffee and do lyrics and that. Chris had this riff and this song written out and sent to me and I thought I’d try and write the song a bit intoxicated so I drank quite a lot this one night, wrote a load of lyrics, fell asleep, woke up the next morning and went over to Chris to put together the song. Parasite is all about the feeling you have of being invincible when you’re drunk but it’s a bit dirty as well, hence the name. Making Waves is just about being a rascal on a night out! You can take that as you want…” Read the full interview here.

Who’s excited? We sure are…