Our Hollow, Our Home & Guests – The Key Club, Leeds – 25/3/17

LIVE: Our Hollow, Our Home & Guests – The Key Club, Leeds 25/3/17

The Key Club was the chosen venue for Our Hollow, Our Home’s Leeds leg of their UK tour. The relatively new venue has already held some great shows in its short life such as Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Hellions and The King Blues.

First up we have Follow The Wolf, they started off very strong with the full band giving it their all. Unfortunately, this was Follow The Wolf’s final show and they definitely went out with a bang. Even though they were the first band on they still managed to involve the crowd in their incredible performance. They also had a curve ball for the eager audience with a track they have never played live to celebrate their final show.



Next up we had the incredible Suffer in Anguish, equipped with two eight string guitars they blew the roof off The Key Club with their huge riffs and heart pounding basslines. Frontman Olli used his astonishing stage presence to keep the crowd in the palm of his hands which showed with the crowd chanting their name and jumping along to almost every song.



Headlining tonight’s show was the amazing Our Hollow, Our Home, with half the crowd wearing their merchandise they were clearly pumped for tonight’s show. With Connor and Tobias both on vocals this provided a great contrast and proved the melodic edge to the Metalcore sound. The whole band had amazing stage presence and provided a great show for all in attendance. The band looked to be finished for the night, the crowd however, were not, they began chanting for “one more song”, the band happily obliged and decided to finish the night with a track taken from their new album, although it was a relatively new song the crowd seemed to know every single word and sang all the way through. This just got the band more excited but sadly this was their final song of the night.