The 2017 Download Festival Preview

Download has come back round once again. It is indeed that time of year again, when the people begin to pray for sunshine and salivate over the once again stacked line up for the Donnington weekend. If you are struggling to find all the bands you should be seeing, that’s understandable, the line up has something for everyone and even some hidden gems as well, that’s why we’re here to help! We’ve got a list of all the bands we are gonna be seeing over the weekend with a few words to help sway your decision. These are in no particular order cause there are quite a lot of bands we wanna go see…

Main Stage 

A Day To Remember 

In the middle of a world tour it’s surprising that A Day To Remember have found time to perform at Download this year. The festival regulars should find a great crowd responding to their strong setlist, if the rest of their tour is anything to go by. A Day To Remember represent the heavier side of pop-punk in a very mixed line up for 2017, and performing on the headline stage should be fantastic exposure for their latest album, which peaked at no.6 in the UK album charts back in September. Supporting them on tour were Moose Blood, who are also performing on Sunday on the Avalanche Stage.


The Swedish power metallers are making a pit stop in the UK for Download, before continuing on to France for Hellfest. Also performing on the headline stage on Friday alongside the likes of Mastodon and System of a Down, it’s great to see such an underrated band do so well in the UK. The group are currently coming off their USA/Canada leg of their world tour, which will end in August with the Sabaton Open Air festival.



Having silently dropped an absolute belter of an album in Mesmer, Northlane swiftly reminded everyone why they are such an exciting band. Bringing their sound to the main stage this year, it’ll be the perfect litmus test to find out just how capable they are to take that next step towards the bigger stages. Expect huge choruses, oddly timed riffs and a lot of energy.


Orange Goblin

Riffs, beers and a lot of smoke is just a few of the key ingredients that make Orange Goblin such a formidable yet hugely enjoyable band. Their stoner metal roots mean that there is always a strong groove present but the pace that Goblin put into their music means its just a cut above the rest. If you like having fun and headbanging till your can’t look up any more then be sure to see Orange Goblin.


Mastodon are a tricky band to pin down. Across their lengthy career the group have been many things; heavy, progressive, intricate, and always impassioned. From the cryptic notes of Crack The Skye through the rock-driven power of Once More Around The Sun to the impressive new album Emperor of Sand, they have more than enough material to drive a whirlwind set. The band are no strangers to Donington Park, and they will be returning to the main stage to deliver their craft to the masses. Those who have seen the band play live before will know there is something for everyone in their performances, from the most dedicated fan to newcomers who will revel in the power of these experienced musicians. Don’t skip on Mastodon.



The last year or so has seen Creeper move from shock-rock wannabe’s to a sensational crowning jewel of British alternative music. With their self-identified cult following, the band have developed a spellbinding, ephemeral live performance which cannot fail to draw in the listener. Their recent debut album Eternity, In Your Arms saw the Creeper play their largest shows to date and make each stage their home, and Download’s Main Stage promises to be no different. With a powerful concept weaving through their discography, catch Creeper on Saturday to watch a story come to life in an awe-inspiringly powerful way.

Zippo Encore Stage


Being one of the most consistent brilliant bands on the circuit today, Baroness bring a beauty to their often monolithically heavy sound, and with their most recent album Purple they were able to prove once again why they’re just utterly fantastic. Expect their set to be deafeningly loud but still not to be missed as the band display their incredible tightness as a band and also their stellar back catalogue.


Suicidal Tendencies

The hardcore punk rock legends released their 13th album World Gone Mad last year and are still very much in the swing of touring it. With their trademark energy and attitude coupled with classic tracks like Institutionalized and War Inside My Head it’s likely to go off like stale milk, so don’t miss out.


Hailing from Norway, Kvelertak fuse together the party attitude of old school rock and roll and fuse with the seething anger and intensity of black metal for a frighteningly potent mixture. Sure to be bringing all the riffs they can muster along with a few owls for good measure, check them out for something a little bit different in your weekend.


Suicide Silence

Maybe a controversial one, but despite their huge flop of an album that resulted in massive backlash back in February but you cannot forget that this band is still a ironclad behemoth of the metal world. With a back catalogue as fierce as any of their stable mates, their added fuel from the controversy seen earlier this year could result in an incendiary performance.



Now it is fair to suggest that ‘bad song’ or ‘poor performance’ are phrases that Clutch are completely unfamiliar with. With their infectious bluesy groove and bloody marvellous song writing, Clutch will inevitably tear the house down and deliver a set of the weekend.


Having a history of writing flawlessly brilliant death metal before open their wings and proving to be brimming with melody and intelligent proggy goodness, Opeth are a band that will always be counted on to deliver stunning music. If you are unfamiliar with the Swedish legends, find yourself a copy of Blackwater Park and listen to the perfect marriage of brutality and gentle calm.



Almost Britain’s answer to Opeth, Anathema went from being a punishingly heavy doom band to opening up to more gorgeous soundscapes that have resulted in a varied and epic back catalogue. If, by the Sunday of the weekend, you are tired and require something soothing, beautiful and played with surgical precision, go listen to anathema and rest your weary eyes.


Avalanche Stage

Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong have been touting their easycore style for years now, which means they’ve become damn good at it. The band recently embarked on an extensive tour to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their timeless record Rise or Die Trying. It is quite possibly impossible to avoid having fun with Four Year Strong on the stage. They’re buoyant, energetic and entertaining with some crushing breakdowns. The band’s most recently self-titled album dropped in 2015 boasting huge songs like We All Float Down Here and Go Down In History and the band are just as comfortable with them as they are with the tracks they’ve been playing since they started. Whether you’re familiar or not, rock up to see Four Year Strong blow the crowd away.

Every Time I Die

There isn’t an argument that exists as to why you shouldn’t go watch one of the best hardcore bands on the planet tear the stage a new asshole. Seriously, the moment the Buffalo boys walk on stage that whole tent is erupt into glorious, glorious chaos.


Dinosaur Pile-Up

Dinosaur Pile-Up a band that created from the ashes of frontman Matthew Bigland’s former band Mother Vulpine, their named taken from a scene in the 2005 adaptation of King Kong. They have an incredible post-grunge sound with influences such as Smashing Pumpkins, Slayer and The Beach Boys which makes their sound one of a kind. Their third album Eleven Eleven was released in 2015, the title track is filled with heavy riffs and heart felt lyrics. The band are currently on tour in the US supporting  on the first half of their tour before heading back to finish it off in July.


Grove Street Families

The Grand Theft Auto-based hardcore act are looking to bring the streets to the big stage! With their main discography being based around strong EP presence, the band have built a strong UK following through the hardcore scene with their boisterous live crowds and with them able to switch up their structure of flows in between songs, whether it be the heavier beatdown style section of Street By Street or the anthemic choruses in Big Smoke And Mirrors, it will showcase something fun and, most importantly, enjoyable about your last day at Download.

Code Orange

Releasing a brutal yet strangely easy to get into album with Forever, the Code Orange kids will be bringing their branded of anxiety inducing hardcore to download. Code Orange are a dominating outfit and their live shows are pretty counter intuitive to dental welfare so watch yourself in the pit.



Not three months on from supporting Yellowcard on their Final Tour, Normandie are currently still touring through Europe. Dropping in on Download before heading back to the Netherlands, Normandie deserve their slot on the Avalanche Stage on Saturday. The heavy alternative group are hugely talented and hopefully performing at Download will give them the exposure they deserve.


The King Blues

The King Blues are an interesting group, a true punk vibe mixed in with the political hatred makes them a popular choice for shows and festivals. With their latest album The Gospel Truth covering subjects like mental health, Brexit and politics – it’s easy to see why they’re doing so well for themselves and why their shows always sell out so quickly. If you fancy getting out some anger or having a sing-a-long then go and check them.


Astroid Boys

Astroid Boys bring nothing but a giant party. The Cardiff based grime/hardcore collective mix dirty beats and heavy instrumentals layered with a duo of vocalists. With just finishing a headline tour and heading back out again in the autumn with Enter Shikari, it shows that they bring something for everyone. With a new album bound to be announced soon, you’ll most likely get the chance to see a couple of new songs played!


Knuckle Puck

Arguably the best pop-punk band on the planet at the moment, Knuckle Puck write impassioned and clever music for a genre that has been stagnating in creativity for the past few years. Their Copacetic record represented a band that possessed the talent to take the genre to the next level it has been looking for, so be sure to check out the very possible future leaders of an entire genre.

The Dogtooth Stage

Venom prison

If you fancy some death metal fronted by a female, you have to check out Venom Prison. Moving on from the hardcore Wolf Down, Larissa brings her absolute best brutality with Venom Prison and her vocals are second to none. Having just supported Suicide Silence and Deez Nuts on their UK tour, they’ve gained fans all around the country and it’s not hard to see why when you see the energy and passion put into their live shows.



Punk quintet IDLES will be showing their one of the best punk acts around at Download festival. With their passionately angry lyrics and ferocious guitar riffs these guys are bringing punk back. You thought these guys were angry already, depending on the election results on 8th June these guys may be 1000 times angrier. Their most popular track Well Done encapsulates the distain at the apparent class divide in England at the moment. The video for Well Done seems plain but captures the simplicity of the lyrics perfectly.

Fizzy Blood

On the back of a sold out tour with While She Sleeps, Fizzy Blood will be bringing their Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll to Donnington Park. Fizzy Blood aren’t strangers to festival appearances after performing at an array of England based festivals such as Sound City, Live At Leeds and Tramlines, as well as international renowned festivals such as SXSW and Korea’s Zandari Festa. Fizzy Blood’s latest single Pawn is jam packed full of everything great about this band, catchy lyrics along with head banging guitar riffs. With an incredible 80’s style music video filmed entirely on VHS this is a perfect contrast to this track. Be sure to catch Fizzy Blood at a number of festival’s this summer, including Camden Rocks, 2000 Trees and Tramlines.


Holding Absence

One of the fastest rising post hardcore acts of the last decade are starting to make waves in the festival circuit and with the hype already being around two songs released, the Welsh contingent are definitely turning some heads early before the release of any more material. Permanent and Dream Of Me showcases so far everything you need to know about the band and when you finally see them, you will want to know so much more about this five piece.


I The Mighty

Giving you some more post hardcore for your second day at the festival, this californian quartet are looking to make more of a presence with a new album on the way as well. Their latest album Connector shows off their musical prowess and technical capabilities with their older material as well emphasising what they’re about. The band are able to change from their elegant melodies within tracks such as The Lying Eyes Of Miss Erray that only helps elevate their songs that give more of a punch with aggression. If you have no other band on your schedule, this is a group that deserve your undivided attention.


Suicide Silence & Guests – Live @ Marble Factory, Bristol (23/3/17)

A night of deathcore with a little spice in-between was brought to Bristol as we are given many different flavours of the genre that brings the room together. Whilst the controversy still surrounds Suicide Silence, and you could somewhat tell it had affected with the small crowd in attendance, its going to be interesting to see how everything fairs out.

Bringing the local fire to the stage were Roads To Nowhere (6) who came to the stage in a fury. The crowd were focused on the bands powerful low toned sound, but it was hard to distinguish certain parts due to the fact that the band came through the speakers like a busy construction site. The instrumentation became clouded and the certain electronic elements that came through pierced through, especially during the breakdowns. The vocals, when they started to cut through, sounded meaty during the lower tones and heightened more of the below average experience. The band shows off the great things about Bristol, it just became the sound that unfortunately put a dampener on their 30 minutes of fame.

Changing the whole vibe to a death metal extravaganza, Venom Prison (8) are another showcase for the UK for the entire tour and with such an eclectic music flavour in their sound, it’ll be interesting to see how they fair. The sound comes across as more balanced and refined than the local act and and the crowd seemed more receptive towards them. There was a bit of hit and miss points during their set, but for the majority of the time on stage the band nailed you with song after song full of vibrance and variety. Showcasing their newer material from their latest album ‘Animus’, the band pushed themselves further and being in a venue like this supporting a band as universally known as Suicide Silence are, it’s a massive step in the right direction for them.

Deez Nuts (8) might seem like a band who you would question being on a lineup around this particular genre, but it just means that the band have to step up and make themselves more know and boy did they do that. Breaking out with tracks ‘Word’ and ‘Popular Demand’, the band threw themselves into their hardcore niche perfectly and the crowd started to warm up a lot more. JJ Peters comes across as a strong frontman for his band and it brings the life of the band and whilst the technical issues of the guitars threw a bit of a wrench in an otherwise really solid set, the band gave everyone a nice change up and a chance to boogie along to something else.

It has definitely been an interesting few weeks with Suicide Silence (9), but now it comes to crunch time within their headline set. Opening with the ever swaying ‘Doris’, the new album makes so much more sense when hearing the new record in a live setting as the sounds flow much more than it does on their album. They don’t shy away from their older discography as tracks like ‘Unanswered’ and ’No Pity For A Coward’ immediately brought the crowd to life and whilst there were points where the crowd almost got physical, it was overshadowed by the bands overall performance. The bands attitude now of not giving a hoot about what everyone thinks of them transcending to their live set brings out so much more out of them and no matter what you think of their latest status in the world of deathcore, their live show still hasn’t changed, giving you everything they have and then some.

Deez Nuts announced to support Suicide Silence on UK tour

Deez Nuts have been announced as the main UK support for Suicide Silence on their upcoming tour. Playing alongside both bands will be Venom Prison.

19.03.17 Southampton – Engine Rooms
20.03.17 Manchester – Club Academy
21.03.17 Glasgow – Garage
22.03.17 Birmingham – O2 Academy 2
23.03.17 Bristol Marble – Factory
24.03.17 London – KOKO

The tour is just a few days prior to the release of Deez Nuts‘ upcoming album which is set for a worldwide release on 7th April.

suicide silence

Interview: Suicide Silence

With only a week left in February, deathcore fans all around the world are getting excited for one of the most anticipated albums of the year – Suicide Silence’s self-titled. Due out on the 24th, Suicide Silence fans are intrigued to know what the new album is going to sound like after the singles Doris and Silence took a different path musically so we got the chance to speak to lead guitarist Mark Heylmun about everything going on in the camp.

Firstly, are you looking forward to the release of your new album?
“Of course!”

We can imagine it’s a lot of stress writing and recording a new album as a band of your size, do you have any rituals when in the studio to keep focussed?
“Not exactly anything has been a main stay. If anything we are always trying new methods to up our creativity. Everyone in the band is different, so we all just do our own thing, try not to party the night before studio seasons, keep a clear head, encourage each other and listen to each other.”

A lot of fans were surprised when Suicide Silence released the new tracks and they were completely different to what they’d heard before. They’ve progressed from their old sound and changed up a few things and included some surprises. Mark spoke about the choice in progression “I think we made the choice mid last record? It wasn’t a sudden decision by any means. We have always been wanting to do something different and test ourselves. This place in time felt the most fitting”. When speaking about exploring the path of clean vocals, he went on to explain “A large portion of our favourite music isn’t death metal. We love it and aggressive vocal styles but for the most part there are death metal bands we love but overall there’s more music out there that influences us. We also don’t want to be the one trick ponies, we can do more than just what’s expected of us”.

Talking of clean vocals, as you’ve seen the ‘teehees’ in Doris have been discussed about a lot on social media; what do you think about this?
“I think the main thing is that if people don’t like what we’re doing then hopefully we inspire them to make something they are proud of or inspire people to do something that expresses themselves freely. I think the music I didn’t like when I was young probably shaped and inspired me as equally as the music I loved”

Carrying on with social media, it’s been seen that there’s a lot of tension online between yourselves and other deathcore bands, especially Thy Art Is Murder. What started this, and why is it carrying on?
“Eddie used their name in a general way basically saying that deathcore is a tired sound. If someone gets butt hurt because of it that’s their fault, it wasn’t even the band that got offended it was a kid on the internet. Internet kid hit up Marshy and he hit up Eddie, Shaun hit me up, and CJ went on the internet and fed into the beef. There’s no real beef and if they wanna call us sell outs so be it. They can “make deathcore great again” or whatever… but the way we see it is we don’t wanna “‘make deathcore the same again”. We helped shape the deathcore formula over a decade ago and we’re just trying to push the boundaries of it, we’ll never quit pushing ourselves.”

Are you looking forward to touring the new album? What do you think the general response will be?
“We’re leaving tomorrow for tour, everyone is pumped. The new songs sound amazing. I honestly think when people get this record and listen to it as a whole they’re really gonna dig it. It’s really hard to hear a band do something so different and appreciate it based off two songs. All reviews and responses from magazines and anyone who has listened to the whole record are blown away and are really wondering why the responses is so array on the internet. Plus, live – these songs sound amazing”.

What do you think of the petitions against the album release?
“We aren’t fighting it, it’s pretty funny. I think if anything that site that posts that as news is a disrespect to the music world. They also post about Metallica having a bad time at the Grammys, dropping our name in a post about a missing person, people dying. They don’t seem to care about the well-being of artists or the music, they care more about trolling music fans to click their garbage headlines. It’s not journalism, it’s just another form of trolling – So they can fuck off!”

Going back to touring, do you find hardcore fans accept Eddie as a suitable vocalist for the band, or do you still find people that aren’t happy however support the band for the music?
“Overall people chant Eddie’s name at shows and give him praise. I think people who disapprove of him are more squeaky wheels and what they say resonates sometimes more, kind of gives the hardcore fans more reason to love him”.

suicide silence

How you feel about the fans that have stuck with the band since the beginning despite changes in both line-up and style?
“Well our true fans are the ones who are sticking with us, they’re all open minded and not fans of scene – they’re fans of music. They saw this coming and saw us changing over the years so subtly and I don’t mean the kids who think we’re ‘metal-core or whatever’; I’m talking about the fans who pay attention to us as individuals. We are not close minded elitists, we are all different musicians with a wide amount of influences. The people who are saying ‘fuck you’ for doing something different aren’t fans of Suicide Silence, they’re fans of a scene and a look they associate with us and they can listen to whatever they want, that’s all good. I still think they shouldn’t be afraid of change. It’s like they will hate your record if it sounds like the previous one and hate the next one because it’s too different”.

Talking about the release, aside from the implementation of clean vocals, how does this release compare to previous albums? Is the whole of the new album in this new change of direction, or do you still have some ‘classic’ Suicide Silence deathcore tracks.
“It’s closest to The Cleansing to be honest. We recorded it live and jammed these songs till they were something we were proud of. We ditched the click track and played like a real band again. We kinda lost that along the way trying to be perfect and we’ve always been a ‘love’ band, the feel of us playing together is exactly what we’re about.

‘There’s some really off the path tracks even further from our original sound and there is some extremely heavy ass shit on there. I promise that if you didn’t like ‘Doris’ or ‘Silence’ and you give this record a chance – there will some shit you love.”

What are the common misconceptions about deathcore as a genre?
“A big misconception is that deathcore wouldn’t even exist without Suicide Silence. We started out in 2002. More people are talking about deathcore now because we did something different than in quite some time, so deathcore can thank us for giving it more life than we already have been over 15 years”.

What’s the best show you’ve ever played and what’s your favourite venue anywhere in the world?
“I think the charity show we did for Mental Health America at the Observatory in OC in December 2015 was the best. There was great vibes and no pressure – just giving fans a show and raising some money for a great cause. I don’t have a favourite venue honestly.”


We thank Suicide Silence for taking their time to speak to us, especially with a heavy tour incoming. They release their self-titled album on February 24th on Nuclear Blast Records.

Read our full review on the album here.

Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence [REVIEW]

What is arguably going to be the most controversial record in its musical field, Suicide Silence are here to show off their versatility and show off something else that the fans will most likely criticise. With it now seeming the band going into a direction and create something they have always wanted to, have they made something that will good light or will it be just another backlash to add to their list?

The first two songs on the record are the tracks that people have already heard and are banging their heads against the desks in pain. ‘Doris’ starts off with a very strange intro to the album as a whole, but once the track kicks in it flows a lot more groovy in its album writing. The live recording of the entire album is a main feature throughout with the band having some off the cuff touches. Whilst the ‘tee-hee’ vocal parts can be a bit off putting, the more noticeable cleans have a decent tone on them and once the bass sections flows through, the sound on that is such a nice flavour to the song. The guitar effects can take away at some points with the flanger/phaser sound being a weird placement. As it flows straight into the next track ‘Silence’ the heavy intro is a mosh pit waiting to happen and gives a throwback to their older material. Then the verses have a distinct nu-metal sound within its walls and as the vocals flow really nicely on some of it, at points it can feel a bit off putting. With the KoRn/Deftones names thrown around as comparisons for sections, it does come off but at the same time it feels a bit upsetting comparing these disingenuous sections to those bands.

Listen’ opens up the unheard songs with the bounce of the drum patterns and the distortion of the guitars, which at some point feel muddy at time. The bass and vocal heavy sections feel full of raw emotion and punch through, and feel when the guitars start chugging, it has that moment of feeling like some angsty metalcore with the high screams getting a bit eye wincing at points. Then there are these parts that have some uncouth chanting singing bits in the background with the more spoken word element having a sprinkle of seasoning to the otherwise already salty dish. The ending minute of this track feels ripped out of the ‘Issues’ era of KoRn music, dubbing a nice nostalgic feel. Arguably one of the better tracks on the record is most likely the softest song you’ll ever hear from the band. ‘Dying In A Red Room’ is beautifully written and gives a much darker tone without having to utilise so much of their heavier accolades. The Deftones influence is much more apparent in this track and even with a taste of the band Tool coming into full effect. The only downside of this song is the ending when the sound of Eddie’s vocals make him come across like a dying computer.

With the band asking for less feedback, ‘Hold Me Up Hold Me Down’ kicks off with some feedback before the guitars kick in and bring something that is an enjoyable listen, but as the song goes on, the bands structure seems to fall off the rails, with the style of vocals that Eddie does over one section feeling really out of place and makes you lose interest in the track and with an album that has quite a huge chunk of four and a half to almost six minute tracks, being something that grips the listener is something you really want. What might surprise a lot of listeners is that there is a monstrous breakdown with some of the most disgusting low vocals being produced and the guitar tone working effectively. The fact that this breakdown goes on for half of the song feels like a lack of creativity, which is amazing coming from an album that encompasses so much unique elements from so many genres. There will also be the fans who will get off on the pig squeals and blast beats, and rightly so.

Run’ is a definite throwback to the 90’s way of writing and music style with the structure of its guitars and drums with the clean vocals, like in DIARR, work a lot more as a whole when you think about how they are writing their music. The guitars are what make this track a more enjoyable experience with the tone that they use having such a great flow within it and overall becomes another enjoyable track. ‘The Zero’ uses key changes to a bit of its advantage, with about 3 different keys being used overall. The clean vocals start to fall off the rails again with the odd grunt addition and the pattern he uses not feeling like it flows with the track for most of the song. The panning of the guitars get a bit more of a pulsating motion in the verses and the instrumentation push a bit more, with the choruses being a very solid listen, especially with the screams. The ending of the tracks poses a bit more of an exciting side of the band, with the guitar buildups muted and tremolo picked with the selected drum pattern helping put a few more wheels in motion.

The final two tracks are the bands final clasps and with ‘Conformity’, it starts to show off the more enjoyable side of their softer material and with the addition of the acoustic guitars, it adds a more seductive element to it. Once again, the instrumentation builds so much around it being a great track and the clean vocals for 85% of the track really give an argument to them pushing more of that side of them and whilst the track has notions of the calmer side of Metallica in the linear parts of it all as well, unfortunately the time aspect of the track feels a lot more dragging than it does gripping. The final track goes on a heavier tirade and has a more death metal aspect to it much like ‘The Cleansing’ album era. The old school fans of the band will definitely be gripped to this track with its ferocity and its stylistic approach with the blast beats and pounding triplets. ‘Dont Be Careful You Might Hurt Yourself’ is undoubtedly one of the heaviest tracks on the record and closes the album on a very tribal note, with the whistling and the sounds of clinking instruments.

You have to applaud the band. They have made something that is the path they want to go and invoke a lot of stylistic endeavours that will no doubt be great in their future releases. The fact of the matter is though that the live recording, a certain amount of clean vocals, some parts of the guitar tones and the overall attraction of many influences turn this album into a bit on an audible calamity. The band have set a new bar for themselves musically, but it honestly won’t be hard to beat.


Suicide Silence postpone UK tour, release March 2017 dates

An upsetting occurrence has happened in the world of deathcore. Suicide Silence have announced that their dates this month will be postponed until March. On the bright side for those who have already bought tickets, the original tickets will still be valid for these upcoming shows. You can read their announcement regarding this below as well as the new dates.

“UK due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be moving our shows to spring 2017. All previously purchased tickets will be honored. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and will see you in a few months!”


Walking Dead On Broadway release new song ‘Haunted’

It’s time for some very angry deathcore/death metal with Walking Dead On Broadway. Hailing from Leipzig, Germany,  they unleash a torrent of aggressive and downright heavy in this new song ‘Haunted‘. The music video also fits very well with the music video and will definitely get you excited for their new record next month. Check out the new single/video below!

They have announced a new album, titled ‘Slaves‘ which will be released on November 11th via Arising Empire.