Sunbather – Everything That Went Away

Sunbather are a grunge-rock oriented emo trio from Northamptonshire in the UK, on the cusp of releasing their second EP Everything That Went Away. The EP follows their debut EP Tomorrow Will Be Better which released just earlier this year! Everything That Went Away will be released on August 12th through Shot Blue Records.

The EP opens with Dreaming, and a heavily distorted riff before Aidan Coull’s understated vocals break through in a tryle somewhat similar to SeahavenEverything That Went Away continues Sunbather‘s atmospheric style, featuring intricate guitar riffs and modest bass lines. Dreaming explores themes such as regret and longing, which are fairly familiar ground within the genres that the band operate, but Sunbather successfully sidestep mediocrity.

All For Show is equally downbeat, and a minimalist guitar section with reverbed vocals builds on the sense of loneliness which pervades this EP. Everything That Went Away has a very tight sound, highlighting a band confident with what they’re producing. Reflections opens with a simple yet effective chord progression before stripping it back again as the lyrics lament the narrator’s current situation. It’s heavy stuff, but likely to be relatable for the demographic that classically enjoy the emo genre.

EP closer Since Then opens on a distinctly grungier riff, but the song soon drops back into the familiar structure employed by Sunbather. Whilst it is effective, it would be good to hear the band switch up their song structure somewhat, so that each song is more distinct. Whilst the tight musical style is a sensible production decision, there is still some room for deviation in Everything That Went AwaySince Then ends abruptly, but in a rather appropriate fashion for the EP.

Everything That Went Away is a confident stride for Sunbather, progressing and refining on the formula they etched out in Tomorrow Will Be Better. The tracks in the EP are solidly written and dependable, if a little uniform. Sunbather have yet to write a disappointing release, and are on track to becoming one of the UK’s best up and coming acts within the emo / grunge community.