Oceano – Revelation [REVIEW]

With the announced move that Oceano would be now joining the Sumerian Records label, the collective deathcore world jumped out of their chairs in excitement due to what would become of the group. Now the band are releasing their fifth studio record titled ‘Revelation’, its time to see what has become of the deathcore veterans.

The album opens up with an immediate punch to the groin with ‘Dark Prophecy’ giving you that classic sound you’ve heard from the band, right down to the sudden slowing down of the track and the low groans of Adam Warren being a great way to show you that they aren’t slowing down any time soon. ‘Lucid Reality’ picks up the pace even more with a more groove-laden track and utilising a lot more of the atmospheric and eerie cleans to provide much more depth of field for the track when you’re listening to it. That doesn’t mean the band don’t shy away from aggressive chugs and the blast beats as are very evident in the track. The following track unfortunately have the same gravitas as the previous tracks and whilst there are moments of notable quality, ‘Path To Extinction’ feels very basic in its approach compared to what you’ve heard previous. It will no doubt bring something to the live shows but feels out of place on the record where it is positioned. Comparing that to ‘The Great Tribulation’ which seems to involve a lot more of an all around influence and push themselves a lot more in speed and technicality, the band put the previous track to shame with its ability to go balls to the wall.

The record progresses a bit further when you get to tracks such as ‘Illusions Unravel’ and ‘The Event’ which showcase even more of the bands talent within the field. The downside of this project is that they’ve hit a certain box within the album where certain elements carry over from track to track and can make the record feel a bit monotonous in its approach. Whilst the instrumentation and brutality in its structure help exemplify the greater qualities of the band, the band heighten a lot of their approach on the same moments that ‘Ascendents’ did, making it feel like a spiritual successor and not its own beast. ‘Final Form’ is a great example of their musical quality in the guitars which stray from convention to give you something a bit more melodic in its wake. The groovier elements make more of a mark in the track ‘Majestic 12’ as well as the album closer, as well as the title track ‘Revelation’ that give the record some sort of new life, but as the album draws to its close it leaves you with a mixture of emotions to take home with you.

The new move will do wonders for the bands career, but as a standalone album that the fans have been waiting for it wont feel like its own unique beast of a record. Whilst it is most definitely a step up from their previous record, the band are still stuck in a place they need to find a little bit more freedom in and expand upon.


From Sorrow To Serenity announce UK headline tour for May

The Scottish technical deathcore group are back in a big way as they plan to go on a headline tour this May. Hitting up intimate venues around the UK, its going to showcase what the band are capable of doing.

Check out the dates below as well as listen to one of their songs!

Headline tour: (with support from Lotus Eater)
08.05.17 – Birmingham // Subside
09.05.17 – Newcastle // Jumpin’ Jacks
10.05.17 – Hull // O’Riley’s
11.05.17 – Manchester // Satan’s Hollow
12.05.17 – Edinburgh // Opium
13.05.17 – Glasgow // The Garage Attic

Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars [REVIEW]

Bringing the symphonic and technical death metal from the underground, Ex Deo are looking to make a massive statement with a powerful sound and crushing instrumentation on their latest record ‘The Immortal Wars’. If you’re a fan of bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse, then this band will be right up your alley.

Opening up with the strong build up, ‘The Rise Of Hannibal’ has a strong army marching quality with its tempo and beat that it will bring the head banging as soon as it enters the room. As well as this, the overall production on the album is phenomenal as every single instrument, whether it be orchestral or by the band comes through as crisp as anything. The breakdown smashes through the walls with the sudden shrill moments of the symphonic elements making you sound like you’re in the middle of a war. It picks up the pace a lot more with ‘Hispania (Siege of Saguntum)’ and with that, the album pushes itself up even higher with the sound and the overall tone of the record. With both guitars playing of each other really well whilst the drums provides a powerful and gripping backing for the chugging/tremolo picking that makes things just become quite overwhelming but with a notion that you cant turn away.

Their main theme throughout the entire album is on Ancient Rome and it sticks to those theme quite religiously. The entire concept helps add to the entire symphonic qualities as well as the lyrics, only making this album that much more unique and exciting. Tracks like ‘Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo)’ highlight the production on this record superbly as well as the follow up track ‘Cato Major: Carthago Delenda Est!’ whose introduction only pushes the enjoyment of the record, but doesn’t overshadow the destruction that the rest of the band bring throughout the record with the vocals telling a strong tale behind its screams. The album closer ‘The Roman’ opens on a sombre note before the rest of the band provide this devastating and clutching element with the guitars that help round out the track superbly whereas the track help bring the album to such a climactic close with the album feeling near perfect by the end of the 9 track onslaught.

With this album being 5 years after its predecessor, it was tough to see what would become of the record, especially with their hiatus. With a lot of blood and sweat going into this third album, the band have made something wonderful and full of life, showing that they aren’t to be looked over and their style is far from uncouth.