ten tombs

Ten Tombs – Hiding From Sunlight [EP]

Opening track Into The Heart opens with a big sound of sliding bass and hard drumbeat combined with high lead lines, which continue through the verse into the chorus. The dual-vocal of octaves work well, and the added delay between them fill a fair amount of the space in the sound. Second track Saccharine begins with a drumbeat that keeps regular time and provides a good introduction to the song following. The rest of the intro is dominated by a high and often vibrato lead that establishes the key and feel of the song. The chorus here isn’t as big as elsewhere in the release but Ten Tombs manage to keep the funky beat going throughout which perhaps suits them better than the all-guns-blazing sense of the other tracks.

The opening of third track Death in Cali is smooth with a bare guitar intro leading into an overdriven second part and a bass-dominated verse. This comes before a very You Me At Six-esque chorus breaks out, which has the classic harmonised vocals at the end of the prechorus leading into the big sound in the body and dropping back out to the verse afterwards. The main inspiring moment of the 4 tracks is in this though, with a delay-riddled lead over the heaviest part of the EP. The song fades out into fourth track Hole In The Water which starts on a very Moose Blood-esque intro piece. This then ends for a fuzzy bass and vocal verse which progresses into a chorus with lots of “ooo” backing vocals that blend in well for a rounded vocal sound.

Overall, an improvement for Ten Tombs from their last EP but there is still a lot to work on. One issue is the fact all of the songs sound very similar which, while not a bad thing, is likely to see them grow more slowly than having some different flavours scattered throughout. A solid effort though.