A Silverchair Covers Album Is Being Made By Bands Such As Northlane, In Hearts Wake, The Amity Afliction And Many More

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Silverchair’s second album Freakshow comes a heavily anticipated covers album entitled Spawn Again featuring some of the best bands in the Australian Metal scene such as; The Amity Affliction, Tonight Alive, Northlane and many more.

The first single to come from this cover’s album is Northlane’s version of Anthem For The Year 2000. Guitarist John Deiley said to Australian music site themusic.com:

Anthem For The Year 2000 was the first Silverchair song I ever heard.

“To me as a young kid, it was intense and heavy and it wasn’t til a few years later that I really began to appreciate the impact their music had on me at an early age.

“I think Australia’s love for Silverchair runs deep and their influence on Australian music is still felt today. There’s very few bands who can bring together artists to celebrate their work, and Silverchair is one of them.”

Spawn Again: A Tribute To Silverchair is scheduled for release on 17th November via UNFD Records.

1. The Amity Affliction – Tomorrow
2. Void of Vision – Israel’s Son
3. In Hearts Wake – Freak
4. The Brave – Cemetery
5. Northlane – Anthem For The Year 2000
6. Hands Like Houses – Ana’s Song (Open Fire)
7. Ocean Grove – Spawn (Again)
8. Storm The Sky – Emotion Sickness
9. Tonight Alive – Without You
10. Columbus – Straight Lines

The Amity Affliction Join Pop Goes Punk

Aussie metalcore outfit The Amity Affliction have jumped on board Pop Goes Punk Vol 7 with their cover of The Weeknd‘s Can’t Feel My Face. This is the second single to be released from Fearless Records upcoming compilation album which is set for a release date of the 14th July. Check out the video for the single below:

Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7 Tracklist:
1. State Champs – ‘Stitches’ by Shawn Mendes
2. Dance Gavin Dance – ‘That’s What I Like’ by Bruno Mars
3. New Years Day – ‘Gangsta’ by Kehlani
4. The Amity Affliction – ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd
5. Andy Black (feat. Juliet Simms) – ‘When We Were Young’ by Adele
6. Grayscale – ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber
7. Capsize – ‘Fake Love by Drake
8. Boston Manor – ‘Heathens’ by Twenty One Pilots
9. Eat Your Heart Out – ‘Shape Of You’ by Ed Sheeran
10. The Plot In You – ‘Let It Go’ by James Bay
11. Ice Nine Kills – ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ by ZAYN, Taylor Swift
12. Seaway – ‘Closer (feat. Halsey)’ by The Chainsmokers
13. Too Close To Touch – ‘In The Name Of Love’ by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha

The Amity Affliction + Guests: Live @ O2 Academy Bristol (4/12/16)

It’s time to enter a sea of black clothing, a ruffling of push pits and an all around enjoyable night, we got the chance to have a fun party with The Amity Affliction and all of their friends.


Starting off the night with some very strong blend of modern hardcore and metalcore, the five piece knew how to hit the right amount of heaviness with touches of melody seeping through. Tracks like ‘The River’ and ‘Alive’ showed off the bands versatility with the sound of the guitars and drums coming through just as violent as they do on the record. Both Briton and Cody’s vocals have such emotion ringing out that on their closer ‘Twenty One’, everything came together for the groups final few minutes of bringing some strong heat and giving them their second stint in the UK an even better one.

Rating: 8.5/10


Firing on all cylinders and showing they’re not here to mess around, the Long Island hardcore group tore the roof off the building immediately with their powerful and gritty style of powerful and outspoken music. Smashing through songs new and old, ‘Negative And Violent’ sounded just as destructive and mosh-heavy as ‘D.I.E.P.I.G’ and with the band being as unfiltered as they are, it makes them that so much more enjoyable to know they wont be quiet about certain issues. Flowing through such a powerful set and closing on ‘First World Problem Child’ cemented themselves as a band that could handle academy sized venues by themselves with great ease.

Rating: 9.5/10


Then on another scale level, Northlane brought something different from the first two acts that played and that was an undeniable shift in musical capability. Whilst the first two bands were on their own levels, this shattered the glass ceiling and brought something full of theatrics and crushing sound. Whilst the lights got a bit blinding, the colour schemes within them for tracks like ‘Aspire’ and ‘Dispossession’ during their tracks helped add a nice vibrance to them all and have you know which songs stand out. It took a small while for Marcus Bridge’s vocals to flow within the sounds of the PA, but by the end of it, there where a lot of satisfied fans and more newer ones to add to their collection.

Rating: 9/10


Whilst the headliners brought everything to the table and then some, it seemed apparent that their set didn’t have as much grip as it should have done. Maybe it’s because people were tired from the first three acts, but the atmosphere had changed quite a bit and whilst it worked on some levels it fell flat in others. The screams from Joel Birch came through as somewhat unintelligible and the flow of the set felt more like an alternative rock show than it did for their genre. The rest of the band nailed every single note and hearing tracks like ‘Open Letter’ and ‘Death’s Hand’ smash through the crowd and maintain some sort of energy was a sight to behold. A great band who brought a hell of a stage presence with them, just tonight didn’t feel like the best of nights for them.

Rating: 7/10

The Amity Affliction release new music video ‘All Fucked Up’

If you haven’t heard of The Amity Affliction before, then the real consensus might be how come you’ve been sleeping on one of the biggest metalcore/post hardcore bands in the world today. Once you’ve thought about that, maybe you should check out their latest music video for the song ‘All Fucked Up‘ below!

Once that is sorted and you have fallen in love with them, probably the next step is to purchase tickets to the upcoming UK tour the band are headlining, featuring NorthlaneStray From The Path and Wage War. Have a look at the dates below!



Saviour releases new music video for ‘The Quiet Calm’

Australia brings out some of the best heavy artists to date and this band might be the newest one to take a spot on that list.  Australian melodic metalcore group Saviour have just released a new music video for a brand new song titled ‘The Quiet Calm‘ which will instantly get you hooked. Check it out below!

They will be doing a weekender in Perth this November with metalcore group Void Of Vision, to which you can see the poster below!14462949_10154121607834601_305203067462156942_n

The Amity Affliction – This Could Be Heartbreak

This Could Be Heartbreak is the fifth studio album from The Amity Affliction, following the sensational Let The Ocean Take Me. With their previous album, The Amity Affliction re-established their style to a more dynamic metalcore with prominent use of rhythm guitar. This Could Be Heartbreak further establishes this sound with very similar production to Let The Ocean Take Me.

Opening with the moody tolling bell of lead single I Bring The Weather With Me, it’s a strong showcase of what the album has to offer: the iconic dichotomy of the smooth and harsh vocals of Ahren Stringer and Joel Birch respectively, the poignant lyricism and intricate riffs laid over rhythmic sections. This is The Amity Affliction as we came to love them with Let The Ocean Take Me.

Title track This Could Be Heartbreak follows on well, with a pop-like chorus hook “I think this could be heartbreak now” which works excellently, but the track equally has a strong dose of Birch’s raw vocals. It’s a delicate balance that the band have become proficient in managing effectively. Nightmare contains some of the most supportive lyricism on the album, something that The Amity Affliction are well known for, and it’s sure to become a fan favourite. The themes of This Could Be Heartbreak are familiar ground for the band: death, depression and loneliness; and whilst they may sound like a dire concoction, it’s a mixture that The Amity Affliction handle delicately.

In fact, it is impossible to ignore the similarities between This Could Be Heartbreak and Let The Ocean Take Me. Stylistically, the albums are almost indistinguishable, which is not inherently an issue – this is the sound of a band that are confident and comfortable in the style they have developed. Fans that are looking for something new from the band may find this album disappointing however.

Tearing Me Apart climaxes in a spoken-word style section which is refreshing, and All Fucked Up switches up the pace for a slower track. OMGIMY ends on a answer-phone machine voice sample of a male voice begging to talk to someone. It’s chilling, and a nice touch. As the album progresses, it is generally hard to find flaws with This Could Be Heartbreak, but equally there are few sections which are particularly innovative. Fight My Regret is an anthem for keeping your head high and moving forward, and it’s the burning passion with which The Amity Affliction deliver their message that make this band so powerfully endearing.

Some Friends opens with an upbeat riff on the rhythm guitar, but soon breaks down into the classic style of This Could be Heartbreak. This riff resurfaces a few times throughout the song, showing again some of the pop-structure influences on the album.

This Could Be Heartbreak moves towards its close with the same deliberate intensity that has maintained the album throughout. Final track Blood In My Mouth is supporting by some interesting synths which switch up the formula somewhat, and it’s great to listen to. The fast-paced electronic tones heighten the potency of the song, and leave a sense of regret that they weren’t used more through the album. It’s understandable that The Amity Affliction didn’t want to rely on synths to differentiate the album from Let The Ocean Take Me when that was never their goal, but they work so well! Perhaps we’ll see more of them in future music.

In all, This Could Be Heartbreak is the sound of a band having established their style and their ability to perform it on top form. There’s not much new ground here, but the sound of The Amity Affliction doing what they do best is a good one. This Could Be Heartbreak won’t surprise you, but it’s still an enjoyable ride.


Check Out This Documentary from UNIFY Festival 2016

This year, UNIFY Festival played host to some big name bands, including Parkway Drive, Tonight Alive, The Amity Affliction and In Hearts Wake etc.   With the closure of Soundwave Festival, it looks like UNIFY could very well take it’s place as Australia’s prime and number one music festival.

Check this documentary which tells the festival’s origins, as well as hearing from the above mentioned bands, and others who hauled ass to make this year’s UNIFY festival an unforgettable one.



Slam Dunk Festival Interview with THE AMITY AFFLICTION

We were lucky enough to sit down and talk to Ryan Burt, the drummer of The Amity Affliction. Here’s what we talked about.

You’ve got the new album, ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ coming up and you’ve been making albums since 2008 – is there anything you’ve learned from the past that you’ve applied to this one?

There’s too many things to learn (laughs) I don’t know, we’ve all just matured over the years. It’s been eight years now since the first album so we’re a little bit older, you just get better every time I think. If you don’t get better, then what’s the point?

Do you feel like it’s become easier to write songs together?

We don’t really write together, Ahren and Dan kind of write songs by themselves and then we input at the end. It’s a weird way of doing it but it works for us.

What can fans look forward to in particular on the new album?

There’s one really weird song for us, it’s an acoustic one, we’ve never done that before. It’s probably my favourite song on the album to be honest. We’ve wanted to do an acoustic song for years but we never have, so I’m excited for everyone to hear it.

So you felt like the time was right now to do an acoustic song?

Yeah. It’s our 5th album, it’s about time.

Why did you guys call it, ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’?

Erm, Joel writes the lyrics.
So blame him?

I blame Joel. (Laughs)

Will you be playing any songs from the album today?

We’re playing Bring the Weather with Me, the first single which came out two weeks ago. There’s nothing else out yet so we’re keeping it secret.

As you’ve got so many, how do you choose which songs you’re going to play at festivals?

It’s too hard, for this run we had to change up all the times, so we’ve got like three different sets to choose from. We just pick whatever songs we think go down the best and then we’ve got the new one as well. It’s hard to fit it into like 40 minutes or whatever it is, to pick between five albums, it’s hard.

For one of your previous tours, you did a fan poll to decide which songs you played. Would you think of doing something like that again?

Yeah that was a long time ago! But yeah I think so. It depends ‘cause sometimes they pick songs that we’re not gonna play again, like songs from our EPs and stuff that other people just don’t know. So we’ll see, we’d probably do it again but to an extent.

Obviously the big question is, will you be touring the album in the UK?

Yes. I can’t say anything right now but the news will be out very soon.

But it’s a definite yes?

It’s a definite yes.