A Silverchair Covers Album Is Being Made By Bands Such As Northlane, In Hearts Wake, The Amity Afliction And Many More

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Silverchair’s second album Freakshow comes a heavily anticipated covers album entitled Spawn Again featuring some of the best bands in the Australian Metal scene such as; The Amity Affliction, Tonight Alive, Northlane and many more.

The first single to come from this cover’s album is Northlane’s version of Anthem For The Year 2000. Guitarist John Deiley said to Australian music site themusic.com:

Anthem For The Year 2000 was the first Silverchair song I ever heard.

“To me as a young kid, it was intense and heavy and it wasn’t til a few years later that I really began to appreciate the impact their music had on me at an early age.

“I think Australia’s love for Silverchair runs deep and their influence on Australian music is still felt today. There’s very few bands who can bring together artists to celebrate their work, and Silverchair is one of them.”

Spawn Again: A Tribute To Silverchair is scheduled for release on 17th November via UNFD Records.

1. The Amity Affliction – Tomorrow
2. Void of Vision – Israel’s Son
3. In Hearts Wake – Freak
4. The Brave – Cemetery
5. Northlane – Anthem For The Year 2000
6. Hands Like Houses – Ana’s Song (Open Fire)
7. Ocean Grove – Spawn (Again)
8. Storm The Sky – Emotion Sickness
9. Tonight Alive – Without You
10. Columbus – Straight Lines

The Brave – Epoch

In Brisbane, 2013, Nathan Toussaint (vocals), Kurt Thomson, Daniel Mead, Brent Thomson (guitar) and Daniel Neucom (bass) coalesced to form a hard-hitting Metalcore/Hardcore with the desire to produce such a musical identity and lyrical poignancy to move people from all over the world; the band we now know as The Brave. 

The Brave dug deep to create something of true power that has resonance beyond its own borders. The songs themselves might have been drawn from Toussaint’s own experiences, but there’s a universality to them that shares DNA with everyone from Bring Me The Horizon and Architects to Deftones and Northlane.

Their 2014 EP Endless turned heads nationwide, and since then they have been refining their aspirant melodies and thudding riffs into what is now Epoch, what the band describe as “a significant thing that has taken us from just being a local band having a bit of fun to a signed band with an album we are truly proud of.”

An Epoch is a beginning of a period in the history of someone or something… A fitting theme for The Brave as this will definitely be the beginning of big things for them.

The album opens with the incredibly sharp-edged Searchlights (which actually surfaced as the first single from the album). Toussaint dubs Searchlights as “Probably one of the more personal songs on the album”; being written about the loss of a family member, this heavy-hearted and hardcore display of the singer’s journey through his experiences succeeds to showcase and forefront what is set to be a well-impassioned and cathartic collection of dauntless hymns to hope and love.

Such an energy runs on a full tank of thuddy metal riffs and melodically-shapen hits that relentlessly reverberates during the course of the album with the likes of Break Free, Escape and Dreamless managing to follow suit.

Thanks to their truly collaborative writing process, every member of The Brave has their finger prints on each track, hence the whip-lashing switch from catchy to heavy.

With that in mind, we shed light on a darker, far gloomier area of songs that take the shape of Eclipse, Ignited Youth and the apocalyptic Legacy.

Legacy is socially intriguing and introspective in the light of who we are and what it is we’re doing to eachother, powerfully contextualised by the epic chorus “Don’t let this be the legacy we leave behind. How long will we keep walking blind? Don’t let this be the misery we leave behind, a world that’s ruled by dollar signs”

This interchangeability is shown once more in the form of two far less heavy, but still just as brilliant, songs that take the shape of Undone and 1945.

In conclusion, Epoch is a hard-hitting, emotionally provocative little gem that offers continuous timeless messages and experiences, veering through the grief of loss and the state of society.

The only setback, however, is that some songs can sound very similar to the last, and those last songs sound like those that featured on Bring Me the Horizon’s 2013 album ‘Sempiternal’, but that’s not to take away from a blend of raw vocals, inspired lyricism and unrestrained guitar riffs that generate a good listen and an even better mosh-fest.


The Brave reveal new single ft. Marcus Bridge of Northlane

The Brave have today released their newest single Dreamless from their upcoming debut album Epoch. The song features Northlane’s Marcus Bridge who The Brave’s frontman Nathan Toussaint said was “a natural fit for Dreamless with his his incredible vocal range.”

Toussaint continued to explain that he wrote the song during a bout of insomnia: “I wrote Dreamless about when I was going through a pretty tough time in my life and sleep pretty much became a non existent thing for me. When I finally did get some sleep I was still waking up feeling as if I hadn’t slept in days… It was just adding to the issues I was already trying to deal with and was just building up . I didn’t feel like the person I used to be, I felt like a bit of a zombie just walking around aimlessly.

“When Dreamless started to really come together I knew straight away that was the song for Marcus to feature on,” Toussaint continues. “It was amazing to watch him do his thing in the studio, I’ve never seen someone just come in and nail take, after take, after take and then bust out all these amazing harmonies at the drop of a hat… It was crazy!”

Check out the video for Dreamless below. Pre-order The Brave’s debut album Epoch which will be released on 5th August here.