Baby Names – The Days Have Gotten Brighter

Baby Names are a duo from Leeds touting the latest brand of ‘twinkly emo’. Aidan Coull and Kieran Alexander are introducing Baby Names to the world with a three-track EP called The Days Have Gotten Brighter, produced by Tim Andersson of Pet Library.

The EP begins with North Hill, and a slightly distorted and noodling guitar riff. It swiftly becomes apparent that ‘twinkly emo’, though seemingly odd, is a great way to describe this music. It’s downbeat and lo-fi, but full of sweet guitar trills and drum licks. The vocals are not too distinct, almost layered into the backing of the song and they soon fade away for a rhythmic instrumental section. It’s a smooth introduction to Baby Names.

You Still Grab Me Sometimes starts with a quick sample before launching into a more front-loaded structure. The vocals are a shade harsher at the beginning, infusing the track with more strength. The guitar patterns are similar, noodling with a touch of flair. The pair change the pace a few times within the song, keeping the formula fresh.

The third and final track is Till We Can’t Sleep, a jaunty and nostalgic ditty about chilling out and drinking coffee. Lyrically the track reflects the emo influences of the band with unapologetic self-deprecating themes. Closing off The Days Have Gotten Brighter with a gang-vocal style call, it’s a celebration of the simple things.

Baby Names are putting forward an EP of none-too-great complexity, but a good deal of heart. Whilst The Days Have Gotten Brighter is not musically innovative, it never fails to be charming. The length of the EP is slightly lacking, giving the listener a very brief injection of the twinkly emo style these gentlemen are purporting. There’s a lot of potential in Baby Names, and with any luck we’ll see some more of that next time around.