Ho99o9 Announce UK Tour

Following a sold out show at London’s Underworld this past May Ho99o9 (pronounced as Horror) have now announced their first headlining European tour. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am.

The band have now played at various festivals from Glastonbury to Gathering Of The Juggalos, Reading and Leeds to Download Festival and have supported various artists including The Dillinger Escape Plan, Faith No More and Ghostface Killah. 

The tour will be in support of the band’s debut album United States Of Horror which was released earlier this year.

Combining elements of Punk, Rap. Hardcore, Industrial and Metal together this is a group which is damn near impossible to describe the genre of but one which has laid waste to many a festival stage. Make sure to catch Ho99o9 at the following dates:

Nov 24 Paris, France – Les Inrocks Festival
Nov 28 Brussels, Belgium – Botanique
Nov 29 Orleanse, France – L’Astrolabe
Nov 30 Bordeaux, France – Rock School Barbey
Dec 01 Toulouse, France – Connexione Live
Dec 02 Bern, Switzerland – ISC
Dec 03 Milan, Italy – Magnolia
Dec 04 Munich, Germany – Strom
Dec 06 Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
Dec 07 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Bitterzoet
Dec 08 Brighton, UK – Haunt
Dec 09 Bristol, UK – Fiddlers
Dec 10 Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute
Dec 11 Glasgow, UK – Stereo
Dec 12 Leeds, UK – Brudenell
Dec 13 London, UK – Electric Ballroom

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Manchester Academy 2 – 20th January 2017

Coming into a gig like this, of a last show and a band that means so much to the world of a Hardcore fan, it seems stupid that any support could amass to this. Thankfully Primitive Weapons (7), took this opportunity perfectly and delivered an intense Hardcore delivery. Though this band might not have been known to the British audience due to coming from America and only being on their debut record, the group impressed amazingly and certainly gave fans enough to talk about coming from their set. For starters the band’s infectious frontman busted out great moves flailing his arms to the intensity caused from the rest of the band, causing the mood of an already intense gig to seem uncontrolled from the start. The best moment however came from a track from their debut album The Future Of Death, entitled Panopticon Blues, with lyrics such as “we’re locked, we’re trapped, we’re never alone” dedicated to new American President Donald Trump. If this band carry on releases like this and touring in the UK, we could see the next big hardcore band to take the reigns from the retiring Dillinger Escape Plan and this can only be good for the scene.

Coming up next was Ho99o9 (pronounced “Horror”) (8) with an intense sense of Punk, Rap and Dub within their musical sensibilities, made obvious with frontman Eaddy‘s choice of a Bad Brains T-Shirt which the group were hugely similar too. Placid and static would not be the right words for this group as with the band only having 3 members they caused intensity right from the off. In truth the way they acted on stage made Dillinger reserved, which for most is no easy feat to pull off. After throwing popcorn, cornflakes and Eaddy climbing on the shoulders of one of the crowd members to add chaos to the moshpit, this was a band security had to be there to deal with. The other frontman and DJ theODG  had a one man mosh-pit controlling the soundboard that accompanied Ho99o9‘s intense sound. With tracks such as No Regrets taking an intense electronic and rap spin through to the intense hardcore shouts of Twisted Metal, this is a true underground band that needs to be pushed to more people.

Finally the main event of the evening came from The Dillinger Escape Plan (10) who gave a set that few others could even try to compete with. What was good to note was that out of the 16 songs they played, 9 came off their last two albums. This shows that the band are hugely proud of their most recent material and rightly so. Playing tracks such as One Of Us Is The Killer, set opener Limerent Death and Symptoms Of A Terminal Illness, all sounded perfect live and up to the quality of the rest of their material. This is a band that it is sad to see go, but to know they did it on their terms in a set choice that screams out for modern material this is only the best way to summarise a quality band that is Dillinger.

For the rest of their time on stage however, hits such as Milk Lizard, Black Bubblegum and Prancer made the crowd go ballistic. From front to back the arena screamed out every lyric to every song, and the room came alive for what was considerably the best band to have come out of Hardcore/Metal in the past 20 years. From what was seen on pictures from this tour (of the band jumping from balconies) and their history from shitting in a bag at Leeds 2002 or climbing the rungs of the tent at Download 2014, this was a more reserved and more focused Dillinger we saw tonight. Not too dissimilar from your average metal band they seemed on point, focused and in touch with the music. What was different was their technical proficient ability and the crowd’s reaction to this insane band. As Dillinger have always been shrouded in controversy their last Manchester gig was no different as their encore was stopped halfway through Sunshine The Werewolf and just before 43% Burnt (as seen from the sets on the rest of the UK tour) due to an injury in the crowd. With this talking point however, this gives a great memory to this show, and puts them out there as a band whose existence has been a controversial talking point, right until their very last tour. It’s a shame that The Dillinger Escape Plan are choosing to retire, but what an amazing way to do so.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Dissociation [REVIEW]

It’s always sad when you hear that a band you really like is going to be releasing their final album and going to be breaking up, especially when they are as innovative and destructive as The Dillinger Escape Plan. Bring a chaotic sound ever since their inception, they’ve been a very big part of the genre, continuing to grow and elevate their sound, reaching new heights as a band. Now we reach their swan song and this will be their last chance to make the biggest bang in their career.

The album as you would expect it to starts off on a very strong note. Destructive drums and you spending most of the track trying to keep up with the track itself, ‘Limerent Death’ gives off many of these sections and whilst the lead riff sections can be drowned out in areas, the whole chaos of the track excuses this by throwing in more nuts moments and a heavy toned bass guitar before going back into the same riff from the beginning. This seems to take a totally different dynamic than the next track does at ‘Symptom Of Terminal Illness’ which invokes a lot more clean vocal attitude with it, being a much more beautiful stance in the albums early hours.

More on the experimental side of the group, they know when to add their own personal touches with oddly timed clean guitar sections before throwing into an absolute warzone of fast-paced guitar picking and drum pounding. They are able to take the same style of riff in the same song and make it sound undeniably different at points. The album seems to take a turn for the weird and if you’re a new fan, hearing ‘Fugue’ might not be the greatest track to get you started, especially with it being a near 4 minute instrumental, but the electronic drum section is an oddly nice touch and brings out something you might not have know from the band.

The jazz parts come out in ‘Low Feels Blvd’, you get undeniable progressive mathcore in ‘Honey Suckle’ and sometimes you even get the symphonic orchestral ballad elements thanks to Greg Puciato’s voice in ‘Nothing To Forget’. This album is a complete mind boggle to all of the senses, but this is what makes TDEP. If you’ve ever gone through a record of theirs and noticed all these little attributes and niggles that you felt made that track so positively special, its because of things like this that take you on an oral whirlwind. Even with the album title track closer, the atmosphere in this track followed with the low grumbles of programming lay down that final coffin into the ground as tears are shed and roses laid down on this final resting place.

At the core, The Dillinger Escape Plan were always full of chaos and absolute aggression which this underlining of experimental beauty. This album is no exception to the rule as ‘Dissociation’ is a near-perfect final hurrah they could, or any band in this field, could have had. You will forever be missed, but with albums such as these, you’ll never be forgotten.


Released: 14th October 2016
For Fans Of: Anything and everything
Label: Party Smasher Inc.

Petrol Girls stream new song ‘Deflate’

Something new that we are throwing straight into your laps to have a bloody good time with! Strong chaotic post-hardcore group Petrol Girls bring you something maddening and beautifully constructed to your eardrums. Check out their latest stream for their song ‘Deflate‘ below.

Their new album ‘Talk Of Violence‘ will be hitting its release on November 18th via Bomber Music Ltd.