UK Tech Fest announces second lot of acts for festival

The next announcement has come from UK Tech Fest and boy are they pulling out the big guns! With new UK exclusives joining the fray such as The FacelessBeyond Creation and Humanity’s Last Breath joining other heavyweights such as Chelsea GrinUneven Structure and Ghost Iris, its shaping to be an amazing four days.

You can check out all the additions as well as listen to one of our favourite exclusives, Beyond Creation, below.

New additions below:

Chelsea Grin
The Faceless (UK Exclusive)
Beyond Creation (UK Exclusive)
Uneven Structure
Humanity’s Last Breath (UK Exclusive)
Exivious (UK Exclusive – Final UK Show)
Panzerballett (UK Exclusive)
DSME (Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors)
Virvum (UK Exclusive)
Ghost Iris
James Norbert Ivanyi
Sleep Token