Live: The Gospel Youth/Milestones co headline – The Key Club Leeds 24/9/17

As the co-headline tour with The Gospel Youth and Milestones comes to a close. The final date is held at The Key Club and pop punk fans are out in force tonight. The room began filling up as soon as doors opened.


The first band to hit the stage is Homewrecked hailing from South Yorkshire these guys are no stranger to playing Leeds. The band’s influences are abundantly clear with singer Joe showing off his tattoos of Neck Deep and Blink 182. Although the crowd seemed quite unresponsive during the beginning of the set this changed quite quickly when the band announced the next song was Never Say Never. A group of fans began shouting every single lyric back to the band for the remainder of the set and the band responded by keeping their high energy performance going throughout. Joe even jumping into the crowd for a couple of songs and lending a hand with singing from some members of the audience.


Next up are local lads Vexxes, they’re definitely not the first band that springs to mind for this line up but that doesn’t stop them giving it 110%. Kicking straight in with their huge riffs and heart pounding drums, you knew this was going to be a great set. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t seem too interested, except for a few people nodding their heads down the front.

Now for the first of our co-headliners The Gospel Youth, they enter the stage to the roar of the crowd. They greet the crowd and kick off their awesome set to the screams of their lyrics back at them. Their emotional Pop Rock has everyone off their feet and the band don’t hold back with a huge energy performance. Introducing every song with a little back story for the crowd to understand the meaning of each song and to involve them in the performance. The band are not usually accustomed to crowd surfers due to the more emotional side to the music but this doesn’t stop people getting involved.


To finish off this incredible line up we have Milestones, although these guys only have 5 songs released they have managed to gain a loyal following. Some of which are down at the front shouting back at the band. Unfortunately, a good portion of the crowd seemed to leave after The Gospel Youth, it may have been a better choice to have Milestones on third instead but nevertheless the guys put on a great show. With their unique heavier pop punk sound these guys will definitely be going places. Half way through the set they announced that they would like to do something they’ve done in every single city and every country they’ve played and asked the crowd to get on the floor. Everyone obliged and once the song kicked up everyone was in the air jumping along.


The Gospel Youth – Interview

We caught up with The Gospel Youth before their final date at The Key Club on their co-headline tour with Milestones. 


For the people who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?


Samuel – We’re trying to be a band, We’re emotional pop rock with a hint of soul. Trying to make a living.


How has your co headline tour with Milestones gone so far?


Samuel – 50% of it has been great, the other 50% with Milestones has been terrible but our bits been great.

All – (laughs)


Samuel – It’s been wonderful, they’re great guys and it’s been cool to see people turning up for two small UK bands and the response has been incredible.


What are you expecting from tonight?


Kurtis – I don’t know, every time we’ve played Leeds it’s always been really good. Last time we had our first mosh pit. We sing sad shit and it’s really cool to see.


The last time you were at The Key Club you were supporting Seaway, now you’re here headlining, how does that feel?


Samuel – It’s pretty cool, we’ll see how it goes, we might be headlining to 10 people. It’s cool to see the progression and it’s been really beneficial to us to realise that people are paying an interest and we’re not just doing it in vain I guess.


Where would you like to go from here?

Samuel – Japan….Home first, then Japan. We’ll always keep working and pushing. We’d love to do huge shows but as long as we’re still doing this in 10-15 years’ time, that’s kind of where we want to be, we want the long game.


What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on this tour?


All (splitting story telling between them) – The funniest thing that happened was when we were walking through Leeds before our show today and we were approached by an elderly woman. She was mumbling something under her breath all we could make out was “die”, “over” and “end”. It was really weird and we asked if she was okay, she then began shouting at us. She began stating “Everyone will die, the world is over, in the end there is only blackness”. She then walked away, we stood there stunned, we’re still unsure whether this was a threat or some form of prophecy.


You seem to have been blowing up recently, what is it like getting so much recognition for all your hard work?


Julian – It’s quite hard to see from the inside. This tour we’ve been finding out where we’re at. It’s hard to gauge how much recognition we’re getting.


Samuel – It’s probably quite transparent but we’re all quite self-deprecating when it comes to it. We’ll walk off stage and even in London when there was 150 people singing the words back to us. We’d walk off and be like “We could have done better”


James – It’s hard to realise how it’s doing when you’re in a band yourself. When you first start being in a band you’re just playing shows but you don’t realise that what we were doing, not a lot of people can do that.


Samuel – This is 24/7 for us. If we’re not doing thing all the time, we feel bored and we feel like we’re not doing enough. But to people externally it looks like we’re doing loads. I guess it’s a good way to be as we’ll always be working our hardest.


Always progressing is good.


What are your plans following the release of your latest album?


Julian – We’re trying to stay as busy as we can, without touring too much at the minute. Kind of take things steady.

Samuel – We’re going to do some live studio sessions which are going to be cool, we’re really excited for that. A lot of people on this tour have been like “we didn’t realise you would be as good live as on record” because I guess some bands aren’t as good live as they are on record. So I think to do a little studio session for the people who can’t get out to a show and see us will be really nice.


How did you get started as The Gospel Youth?


Julian – It started with me and Sam, we were working shit jobs a couple of years ago and got bored and started writing music for fun.


Samuel – I was listening to a lot of Dashboard Confessional and was recording with Jules and I was like “ I want to record something like this”. Then a couple of days later I had the demo for Kids sitting in my inbox and was like “This is sick!” and then we recorded it.

Julian – We never really intended for it to be a band, we just did it for fun.

Samuel – When we put Kids online we never thought anyone would care and it was just for our friends and family then we had emails from around the world who were like “What’s happening with this? Who are you guys?” Then the boys in ROAM hooked us up with our first show, which was awful.

Julian – The show was great, we were awful. They were amazing.


Samuel – 9 billion line-up changes later, here we are.


What would be your dream venue to play?


James – Brixton Academy.


Kurtis – There’s loads in London, Shepherds Bush Empire


Samuel – I’d love to play KOKO.


Kev – The Greek Theatre and Red Rocks


Samuel – We’ll play anywhere


Is there anything else you’d like to say?


Kurtis – Thanks for checking us out.


Samuel – Thanks for listening and supporting this crazy little dream of ours. We’ll hopefully see you at a show soon or you can tweet us funny puns about dogs and cats

The Gospel Youth sign to Rise Records

Theres a new signing to the alternative label Rise Records family by the name of The Gospel Youth! Bringing a blend of post hardcore and pop punk with a few shades of alternative rock, This band will hopefully be making waves with their new material this year and with a label like Rise backing them, it won’t be hard not to.

They will also be on tour with Seaway in a few weeks, to which you can see the dates below.

Jan 25 The Fleece Bristol, United Kingdom

Jan 26 The Key Club Leeds, United Kingdom

Jan 27 Stereo Glasgow, United Kingdom

Jan 29 O2 Academy 2 Newcastle Newcastle, United Kingdom

Feb 01 Epic Studios Norwich, United Kingdom

Feb 02 O2 Academy3 Birmingham, United Kingdom

Feb 03 The Underworld Camden London, United Kingdom

Live Review : Trash Boat, Corporation Sheffield, 25.09.16

Its a cool autumn eve and Sheffield’s Corporation has a sell out show on its hands tonight. It’s unsurprising though, as the level of talent on offer tonight is second to none, with up and coming acts playing alongside some of the more well known bands in the UK pop punk landscape.

West Yorkshire is currently home to a vibrant punk rock scene, demonstrated admirably by Leeds crew These Minds. They roar through a set of exuberant tracks, clearly taking props from the current crop of US bands and surprisingly, on faster numbers, coming across like an updated version of melodic hardcore veterans The Movielife. The promising set ends with a couple of stage dives for good measure, from a crowd who are lapping up the electric atmosphere this eve. [8]

The Gospel Youth know how to show the crowd a good time. The Brighton lads duck and dive around the stage like lightning, coming across like an amped-up cross betwreen Deaf Havana and Fireworks. Even more impressive are the vocals of frontman Sam Little, who makes anthems such as the punchy Hurricane sound like they could fill stadiums. They certainly won the audience over here with canyon-sized hooks and a magnetic energy that puts them miles ahead of the pack in terms of their live game. [9]

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stage, one of, if not the reigning champions of British pop punk. It’s Trash Boat time and the boys kick things off with a spirited Tring Quarry, provoking the crowd into a frenzy early on. The audience eat it up, making the singalong-friendly likes of Perspective and even slow-builders like Brave Face so much more fun to witness live. The band bring the intensity on the Gallowslike hardcore of Pangea, complete with squalling lead guitars, all the while showcasing huge hooks with a rousing rendition of Second Wind.  Trash Boat, not unlike their DIY-punk cousins Gnarwolves, are the kings of understated stage presence, frontman Tobi Duncan leaping around the stage one minute and coming across as modest and almost shy the next. No modesty is shown by those in attendance tonight though, as the band rip through The Guise of a Mother with the crowd screaming the chorus right back at the band word perfect.

For a small room, the venue captures the band’s energy to awesome effect, even pacier tracks like Eleven coming across joyously audible. The band close proceedings with an exhilarating Strangers, The Gospel Youth’s Sam playing the role of Dan “Soupy” Campbell, making for a thrilling end to the band’s set. Surely more Warped Tour success beckons for the Saint Albans mob, but for tonight, Trash Boat ripped Corporation’s small room a new one. [9]

All you need to know about Seasick Festival 2016

Seasick Festival is a day of metalcore vs pop-punk held at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea, Hampshire, UK. It will take place on Saturday 19th August. The festival aims to raise awareness for Diabetes UK. It will be free to enter the festival and donations will be collected throughout the day. The excellent line-up will guarantee a fantastic day, so without further ado let’s introduce the bands.

In team pop-punk corner.

High Down an obvious contender will be joining the SeaSick Festival line up this year. Originally from Portsmouth, the lads have been described to showcase and explore a ‘new wave’ of pop punk. Already breaking through the masses of home-grown pop punk, High Down were voted by fans to play the introducing stage at Butserfest festival, where giants Mallory Knox and Young Guns are set to headline. Apart from playing kick ass pop punk the band has collaborated with Thai street wear Effort Never Surrender.

Facebook: HighDownUK

Home For The Weekend are a 5 piece band from the South Coast of England. They are a fresh band having only been founded in January 2015. They are also set to play Butserfest alongside High Down.  They have said that their style is hugely influenced by the likes of Neck Deep, Wstr and New Found Glory. The band continue to expand their reach, playing lots of shows and rapidly growing their fan-base.

Facebook: HomeForTheWeekendBand

The Gospel Youth hail from the South Coast and after releasing their EP Kids at the end of 2014 they haven’t stopped. 2015 saw them share the stage with the likes of We Are The Ocean, Mallory Knox and Deaf Havana as well as releasing new music along the way. In 2016 The Gospel Youth decided to start releasing a single every month via their fan club. They have also toured with Hands Like Houses this year. And now they are gracing Seasick Festival with their pop punk awesomeness.

Facebook: TheGospelYouth

In team metalcore corner.

Prolong The Agony are a band that come from Portsmouth and are signed to In At The Deep Records. Their most recent EP is entitled All We Are released in 2015. The band released their debut EP Make Me Feel Alive in 2011. Following this they were put on Van’s US Warped Tour in 2012 as an unsigned act which is a huge achievement. The band have also previously supported bands including IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, Tonight Alive and Crossfaith. As far as new bands go this is a group that are promised big things and with plans to record their debut album, the skies the limit. Catch them at this year’s festival, as they’re almost guaranteed to get a big reception from the release of their debut album.

Facebook: ProlongTheAgony

Networks also come from Portsmouth and are signed to Viper Trail Records. Their new EP Enough To Save Us, released in 2015, has launched the band to critical praise. This is the debut record by the band and thankfully one that has pushed them leaps and bounds amongst the rest of the scene. This is a group that look set to create a stir within Portsmouth’s scene and with a headlining show at The Talking Heads with support from Vera Grace this looks like a group that can spread to the wider range of UK Hardcore.

Facebook: NetworksBand

Sleepwalker are a five-piece band that feature members of Kill Em Dead Cowboy, The Obsolete and Bare Your Scars. This is a band that have a real sense of mystery about them as they have not officially released any material. However, they have teased what their performance at Seasick Festival will hold with multiple Facebook posts and a short video of their final rehearsal before tomorrow. Last month they played along side Diabolus, Harbinger, Incarcerate and Heritage at Al’Burrito in Portsmouth.

Facebook: SleepwalkerOfficialUK


As well as yours truly, Seasick Festival has the following sponsors.

Death Marks is an independent clothing line and graphic based store, as well as being one of the sponsors for this year’s Seasick Festival.   The company is only a year and a half old, and it’s already getting attention with over 1,500 likes on Facebook. All the prints and designs produced by Death Marks are hand drawn, as well being digitalised in shop. Be sure to check out all their products when you attend.

WANDERLUST will stand beside Death Marks as co-sponsors for this year’s Seasick festival. Originally formed in 2013, it underwent a refurbishment and re-launched last year between a group of friends who share the same love for music and street wear. WANDERLUST and Death Marks have teamed up to release a collaboration project which you will see in the near future, after forming a close relationship with the fellow clothing brand. Check out WANDERLUST’s collection at this year’s Seasick festival.

Wishbone Collective offer the following range:
Wishbone Apparel provides high quality apparel with custom hand drawn designs in house.
Wishbone Records is a competitive online vinyl record distro supplying an alternative music range.
Wishbone Promotions works with both new and established bands at venues based in the local area of Southsea.

Check out the festival’s Facebook event page here.

Hands Like Houses

LIVE REVIEW: Hands Like Houses – Islington Academy 3/6/16

Friday night and most people are at home getting ready for a night on the town. However, we all know the right way to start festivities, by heading down to your local venue and catching some live music.

Starting the night with an energetic burst are The Gospel Youth a band that show clearly through their performance that their music means something to them, getting lost within the songs on stage. With only a slight hiccup at the beginning of one song they put on an impressively together performance, for the band’s first tour. Guidelines is by far the track to get everyone’s dancing shoes going, along with DST and Resolutions. With very similar sounds to that of Natives and the now dis-banded Kids In Glass Houses they are pop-rock band tipped for big things in the future, as they improve with every release. [7/10]

Being the first UK band to sign to Infectious Music/BMG, and to Rise Records in the USA, everyone was expecting something bold from Dead! and they didn’t disappoint. Turning the heat and energy up by 1000% they sure know how to put on a show. Their drummer standing on his stall and  while their vocalist was sweating through his shirt making it plain to see just how much the band put into their live performances. Interacting with crowd members through well-loved songs Your So Cheap, Phantom and Skin it’s hard not to like their unique style and get enthused by their organised chaos. [7.5/10]

Next up were anticipated I The Mighty taking the stage for the last time on their first ever UK tour. As soon as the band hit the stage that the energy in the room changed, creating an electric atmosphere within the room. Their guitarist showed some huge skill playing his instrument at unusual angles, while their bassists pure enthusiasm for the playing live helped the audience keep on bouncing, clapping and singing along. Joined on stage by Hands Like Houses own Joel Tyrrell for Slow Dancing Forever, you could see just how much fun the bands had together on the tour. To finish an insanely interactive and energetic performance off the whole room joined together to sing happy birthday to drummer ? creating a pit in celebration. [8.5/10]

Lastly headliners Australian rockers Hands Like Houses were set to take the stage, with incense burning on top of their amps and an army of lights, everyone in the room was finally ready to endure the madness. With the show selling out just minutes before they hit the stage they were set to play their largest show so far, and they knew exactly what to do.

Right from the start their energy was clear to see with Joel Tyrrell swinging his bass around his body while making use of every inch of the stage humanly possible without falling off the edge. Everyone in the room couldn’t help but be involved with their set whether jumping, clapping, starting a pit or singing along throughout the whole set. The band were nice enough to invite members of I The Mighty to join them during a few songs in their set starting the joke that they should change their name to something along the lines of Might Hand Houses. Their set was scattered with songs from their latest album Dissonants such as I Am and Colourblind, released earlier this year as expected given the show was part of the Dissonants world tour. However they still to took the time to pay homage to their older material such as Lion Skin ending the rollercoaster ride with Introducing Species consequently seeing the loudest sing-a-long of the evening and the opportunity to watch vocalist Trenton Woodley be swallowed by the crowd while crowd surfing.  [9/10]

The night was filled with an incredible line up from start to finish and definitely had our dancing feet ready for the rest of the night ahead.