King No-One – The Church – 14/10/17

Live: King No-One – The Church, Leeds 14/10/17

A church is not the first place you think of when you hear three indie bands are playing. But as soon as you walk into this incredible venue you’re greeted with beautiful stain glass windows and a massive stage to go with them.


First up we have the incredible Honey Arcade, these local lads may be the first on the bill but with an already packed room they weren’t about to disappoint. The crowd began screaming as they entered the stage, with a loyal fan base shouting almost every word back to them the night was off to a great start. Harry (lead singer) was charismatic as ever wearing some questionable sunglasses and interacting with the crowd in the front row extremely well.  With a unique gritty indie sound these guys have got something special.


Next up we have The Indigo Project whom were also on their own mini tour to promote their new track By Your Side. With three guitars adding a huge kick to each song these guys went all out. Frontman Joe had a slight stumble while rocking out but that didn’t stop the show, they simply shrugged it off and continued their amazing set. The crowd singing along to 99% of the set proving the traction these guys are getting recently is definitely deserved.


Finally to end the night we have the incredible King No-One, the screams of the adoring fans began as soon as a stage tech began placing bottles of water on the stage and didn’t end until the music began. This is the biggest show to date for the band and they can’t help but show their appreciation throughout the set. Their cool indie sound echoing out throughout this amazing venue. Stopping before each song to explain what they were written about definitely helped the crowd empathise with the band. Frontman Zach stopped occasionally to read hand written notes from the devoted fans stood at the front, and also used a borrowed rainbow flag as a symbol to introduce the song Antichrist, which as he mentioned, was probably the first time a song named Antichrist was played in a church. They ended their set after playing every single song they have but the crowd wanted more, they returned to the stage and explained they don’t like encores when they’re faked but as they have no more songs they will replay a couple more as requested.


Sucker Punch Festival Photos- Leeds 8/4/17

Sucker Punch Festival Preview

Sucker Punch Festival is a brand new Leeds based event showcasing Yorkshire’s finest unsigned artists. The festival will take place on the 8th April at the remarkable Temple of Boom, located just outside Leeds City Centre. Temple Of Boom has a whole load of character, with the smallest of two stages being fittingly named The Meatlocker this place is definitely one of a kind.

Sucker Punch hosted by the guys over at Puzzled TV will have two stages, the main stage, sponsored by Distort will host acts such as As Sirens Fall, Dire Bloom, Atlas and Your Illuminations, check out some tracks below from the festival headliners As Sirens Fall and Dire Bloom.

As Sirens Fall: Spotify

Dire Bloom: Spotify


The second stage (Puzzled TV introducing stage) will host some of Leeds’ favourite acts, such as The Indigo Project, Ormstons, The Elephant Trees, plus a secret act, yet to be announced,


Check out some tracks from The Indigo Project, Ormstons and The Elephant Trees below:

The Indigo Project: Spotify

Ormstons: Soundcloud

The Elephant Trees: Spotify


We also premiered The Elephant Trees debut single, check it out here


We had a chat with Tyler, the founder of Sucker Punch about the festival

What was your main reason for creating Sucker Punch?

Leeds has a great amalgamation of local bands that are thumping around the scene. So why not put them all under one roof and on the same stage(s). I wanted to showcase Leeds’ talent and prove to everyone that the local scene isn’t dying. But in fact – it’s only just started.

 What was the process in selecting the acts for Sucker Punch?

There are some bands in Leeds that are comfortable with where they are. I wanted the ones that were hungry for more. Hence the amazing live shows that each and every band puts on.

Who are the secret act?

John Lennon playing the inverted saxophone

(We tried)

Has there been any other bands that aren’t playing Sucker Punch Festival on your radar you think people should check out?

 Sounds Like A Storm, Jabawoki, Mint and Your Life & Mine

 Is there any other projects you have been working on other than Sucker Punch?

 There will be a brand new management and record label coming out of Leeds via the Sucker Punch team. Watch this space!

Any bands you have in mind for the management and record label?

 Sounds Like A Storm, The Hyde, In Your Prime, Jabawoki and Chxney

 What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

I will be recording and mixing bands of the local scene, directing a few music videos (The Hyde’s music video is gonna come out in May) and I’ll be putting shows and tours up and around the country!

Anything else you want to add?

 Sucker Punch Festival is only just the start of something big. I, along with my team, will put Leeds at the top of the chart for local musicians. I will get venues pumping and of course. I will show case top quality acts via the label and for the next festivals to come!

Thanks for your time, we can’t wait for Sucker Punch festival and everything to follow, good luck with the future.


As Sirens  Fall will headline the Distort stage at this year’s Sucker Punch Festival.



As Sirens Fall have blown away everyone who has ever seen them live, with their emo/pop sound, they have gained a loyal following in the Not Dead Yet family.


Check out the video for As Sirens Fall’s track State Of The Artist below:


As Sirens Fall Facebook page: Facebook


The Indigo Project will headline the Puzzled TV introducing stage.


The Indigo Project on the back of their sold out show at The Wardrobe they will bring their high energy performance and huge riffs to Sucker Punch Festival. The Indigo Project will also be one of the support acts for the upcoming Maximo Park show at 02 Academy Leeds alongside Little Comets, Spector and High Tyde.

Check out their best of 2016 video below:

The Indigo Project Facebook page: Facebook


You can pick up your tickets for Sucker Punch Festival below along with your festival Tshirt:

Social media links for bands and Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch: Facebook

As Sirens Fall: Facebook

The Indigo Project: Facebook

Dire Bloom: Facebook

Ormstons: Facebook