LIVE: Yellowcard – Nottingham Rock City 17/12/16

First on the stage at a very early 6:30pm (considering the entire gig was marketed at 7-10pm) were the UK’s very own The Kenneths, who seemed a little confused about where they were, first greeting Nottingham as Leeds, and then later on as Sheffield and even Great Yarmouth. However respect had to be given to the drummer, Aicha, who had broken her foot in the last few days, but was still drumming like nothing was wrong.

The Kenneths have been touring in support of their EP Double N which was released at the end of September. The punk trio was a great choice to support Yellowcard, as their obvious stage presence and energetic punk songs helped to pump up the audience in anticipation. Their music progressed through the set to show that they were not just a typical punk band.


Next up were Swedish group Normandie, who seemed to have a few fans in the crowd. Their songs were heavier than a typical Yellowcard crowd called for, however it appeared that all sorts of fans were in the audience. The crowd was jumping, the group were having great fun on the stage and the singer’s charisma really helped sell Normandie to those who weren’t previously fans.

Normandie had an entirely heavy rock set list that really showed off the individual musicians talents to the crowd. It seemed that they were continuing in the same vein as The Kenneths, helping get the crowd warmed up for Yellowcard. They were also chatting to the audience in between songs, and they seemed like a down to earth group who were stoked to be performing in a new city.


Finally, at 8pm, the crowd were more than ready for Yellowcard. The sound guys were pumping tunes like Sugar We’re Goin’ Down and All The Small Things over the PA, and the audience were singing along. Eventually the lights went dim and an announcement about mobile phones was played… and then out they came. Launching straight into Believe and then Lights And Sounds, the guys looked at home on the stage and really happy to be playing. Violinist Sean Mackin was constantly jumping up and down and moving around in excitement, something which is difficult while playing a violin!

In between songs vocalist Ryan Key chatted to the audience, announcing a proposal that had occurred (to audience cheers), and talking about the fact that this was going to be their final tour (aptly named The Final World Tour) after 20 years of Yellowcard. The group had great presence on the stage and were obviously having a lot of fun. There was no bitterness about this being their final tour, or their final gig at Rock City. They were also incredibly supportive of their The Kenneths and Normandie, several times mentioning how great they thought they were.

There was a great variety of music varying from Yellowcard‘s very early songs, to songs off their most recent album, The Final Record. Different genres within the Yellowcard bracket were played too, all the way from Lights And Sounds to the acoustic Hang You Up.

The final track before the encore was Hollywood Died, and then after very short break, Yellowcard reappeared to play Only One and Ocean Avenue. It was a real goodbye, and there will be a hole in the music industry where a cheery rock band with a violin should be.



The Kenneths – Double N [EP]

The Kenneths are a trio hailing from London, forming in January 2015. Their EP Double N is due for release on 30th September 2016, and does not disappoint.

Clearly taking influences from different types of punk from Green Day to The Sex Pistols, the trio are musically talented individuals, writing original, catchy music that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Opening with a bass riff, All Cried Out is the debut single from the EP that was released in June 2016. The band took a theme for All Cried Out and the second track, Fucked In Love.

“There are so many songs about how great being in love is. For me, love has always been fucking horrible. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you become the worst version of yourself. You become completely consumed by this feeling you have no control over, that’s what ‘Fucked In Love’ and All Cried Out’ are about.” – Josh Weller, vocals and guitar

Fucked In Love launches the listener right into the song, with a contrastingly cheerful musical backing to the vocals. The chorus goes “I’m fucked and I’m in love again”, which is something most people can relate to.

Hollywood is the second single to be released, and the third on the EP. This is an altogether more cheerful track, described by Weller as the “sunshine” track, where the band are fantasising about making it big in Hollywood.

The final track of the EP is I Can’t Focus, describing the vocalist’s “ADHD and inability for concentrate on anything for more than ten minutes”. The track is short, fast and exactly how you’d imagine someone with ADHD’s brain would flick from one thing to another at top speed.

All in all, Double N is a great EP, exploring different subjects and putting them firmly in the punk genre. Although all the songs on the EP are fast and loud, it is an enjoyable listen and one can only imagine their live energy just from a single listen to their Double N.

The Kenneths are co headlining with WACO from the end of September all the way through October, and supporting Yellowcard in December.

SEPTEMBER – Co-headline w/ WACO
28: KINGSTON UPON THAMES New Noise @ Bacchus (18+)

OCTOBER – Co-headline w/ WACO
03: LONDON The Black Heart (18+) *
04: MILTON KEYNES Crauford Arms (14+)
05: NORWICH The Owl Sanctuary (18+)
06: MANCHESTER Factory (14+)
09: GLASGOW 13th Note (18+)
10: NEWCASTLE Think Tank (14+)
12: YORK Fibbers (14+)
13: BIRMINGHAM The Asylum (14+)
14: SWANSEA Sin City (16+)
15: SOUTHAMPTON Aftershow @ WTF Fest (18+) *
* The Kenneths only

DECEMBER – w/ Yellowcard
07 – AMSTERDAM Melkweg OZ
08 – COLOGNE Live Music Hall
09 – COLOGNE Live Music Hall
11 – BRISTOL Academy
15 – LONDON Shepherd’s Bush Empire
17 – NOTTINGHAM Rock City
18 – BIRMINGHAM Institute