Live: Our Hollow, Our Home, The Key Club Leeds – 27/3/18

As The Key Club opened their doors on a brisk Tuesday in March, the turn out looked underwhelming but as time passed before the first band was due to take the stage the room began to fill out.


First up on the bill are local West Yorkshire lads Isolate who hit the stage with some force with their anthemic backing tracks slowly easing the crowd into their set. As they took to the stage I couldn’t help but wonder if they can truly fill the sound out without a bass player but they quickly proved me wrong. Their two guitarists both fashioning 8 string guitars showed they don’t need a bass to blow the crowd away. The whole band were extremely energetic throughout the whole performance, frontman Jamie even jumped into the crowd for a period of time to ensure everyone was awake. A friend of the band even took the mic and belted out a verse.



Next up we have York based Invisions who had almost as much merch worn by the crowd as headliners Our Hollow, Our Home. Easing into this powerful set with a smooth hip-hopesque track didn’t show us what we were about to be hit with. Providing a set full of intricate guitars and heavy riffs, these guys were out to prove a point. From the first song the spin kicks were flying in the crowd from their dedicated fans. Vocalist Ben showed throughout the set how insanely good his vocal range is by flicking between smooth vocals, high pitched screams and deathcore growls with ease. The crowd were clearly as impressed with Invisions as we were as they sang along to almost every single song including the new track Parasite which was dropped around a week before the show.



Finishing off this powerful line up we have the always great Our Hollow, Our Home bringing their tour to The Key Club was a great choice after the carnage last year. The band kicking off their set with one of their most well known tracks Loneshark, the crowd loving it from the get go. By the time the band had taken the stage The Key Club was packed with everyone waiting patiently (or impatiently for some). Our Hollow, Our Home proved throughout their set why the traction they’re building up is deserved with their huge riffs echoing throughout the venue. The great contrast in smooth vocals and deathcore growls adding something special to their sound. The set never seemed to let up and the crowd didn’t either, with mosh pits and spin kicks flying throughout.



Live Review, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Key Club, 16-12-17

Kill the silence

Our first band of the night, coming out of Leeds, post-hardcore band, Kill The Silence. Opening straight away with some heavy catchy riffs, helping keep things intriguing from the offset. These guys clearly have a lot of energy to give, interacting with the crowd and giving us plenty of reasons to interact back. And in a genre saturated with rather similar sounding music, they manage to theirs feel like it stands out with solid song structures and strong vocal work, their particular sound was rather refreshing to the ears. There was great musicianship from four band members, even with a new to the band bassist and certain instrument malfunctions about halfway through, Kill The Silence performed an incredibly tight set, this combined with the rather welcoming atmosphere the audience was giving off made for a solid baseline for them to rest easy on. 7/10.




Next up in our lineup from the night is Veridian, a six-piece rock formation from Reading, only formed in 2016 and only a year it seems like they are making great progress in their scene, and it is easy to see why. Giving off similar vibes to bands like Young Guns/ Mallory Knox. Their chilled back, high energy style of music helps it feel very accessible to all audiences, their overall sound felt unique for the genre, with each individual band member instrumental parts standing out, solid vocals, unique guitar tones, and intricate drum work. Their overall energy from the set was fantastic, they know exactly what to to do to get the audience interested, giving us plenty of reasons interacted, and along with a packed out house made for a great atmosphere. 8/10.



The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The last band of the night, our headliners, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, on their 10th-anniversary tour of “don’t you fake it” which they played all the way through during their set. The incredibly intimate venue mixed with a sold-out show made for an incredibly fun and intense atmosphere throughout. My first impression of Red Jumpsuit is that their unique style of highly energetic pop punk/ pop rock seems to be a great crowd pleaser and along with great crowd interaction from the band members, and in turn which got a wonderful crowd reaction from everyone and made for a really engaging environment.
And this mixed with their great musicianship and a strong dialed in sound, which utilizing solid song structures, gripping guitar work and strong vocals just made for an honestly just great overall performance. 9/10


Live: The Gospel Youth/Milestones co headline – The Key Club Leeds 24/9/17

As the co-headline tour with The Gospel Youth and Milestones comes to a close. The final date is held at The Key Club and pop punk fans are out in force tonight. The room began filling up as soon as doors opened.


The first band to hit the stage is Homewrecked hailing from South Yorkshire these guys are no stranger to playing Leeds. The band’s influences are abundantly clear with singer Joe showing off his tattoos of Neck Deep and Blink 182. Although the crowd seemed quite unresponsive during the beginning of the set this changed quite quickly when the band announced the next song was Never Say Never. A group of fans began shouting every single lyric back to the band for the remainder of the set and the band responded by keeping their high energy performance going throughout. Joe even jumping into the crowd for a couple of songs and lending a hand with singing from some members of the audience.


Next up are local lads Vexxes, they’re definitely not the first band that springs to mind for this line up but that doesn’t stop them giving it 110%. Kicking straight in with their huge riffs and heart pounding drums, you knew this was going to be a great set. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t seem too interested, except for a few people nodding their heads down the front.

Now for the first of our co-headliners The Gospel Youth, they enter the stage to the roar of the crowd. They greet the crowd and kick off their awesome set to the screams of their lyrics back at them. Their emotional Pop Rock has everyone off their feet and the band don’t hold back with a huge energy performance. Introducing every song with a little back story for the crowd to understand the meaning of each song and to involve them in the performance. The band are not usually accustomed to crowd surfers due to the more emotional side to the music but this doesn’t stop people getting involved.


To finish off this incredible line up we have Milestones, although these guys only have 5 songs released they have managed to gain a loyal following. Some of which are down at the front shouting back at the band. Unfortunately, a good portion of the crowd seemed to leave after The Gospel Youth, it may have been a better choice to have Milestones on third instead but nevertheless the guys put on a great show. With their unique heavier pop punk sound these guys will definitely be going places. Half way through the set they announced that they would like to do something they’ve done in every single city and every country they’ve played and asked the crowd to get on the floor. Everyone obliged and once the song kicked up everyone was in the air jumping along.


Our Hollow, Our Home & Guests – The Key Club, Leeds – 25/3/17

LIVE: Our Hollow, Our Home & Guests – The Key Club, Leeds 25/3/17

The Key Club was the chosen venue for Our Hollow, Our Home’s Leeds leg of their UK tour. The relatively new venue has already held some great shows in its short life such as Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Hellions and The King Blues.

First up we have Follow The Wolf, they started off very strong with the full band giving it their all. Unfortunately, this was Follow The Wolf’s final show and they definitely went out with a bang. Even though they were the first band on they still managed to involve the crowd in their incredible performance. They also had a curve ball for the eager audience with a track they have never played live to celebrate their final show.



Next up we had the incredible Suffer in Anguish, equipped with two eight string guitars they blew the roof off The Key Club with their huge riffs and heart pounding basslines. Frontman Olli used his astonishing stage presence to keep the crowd in the palm of his hands which showed with the crowd chanting their name and jumping along to almost every song.



Headlining tonight’s show was the amazing Our Hollow, Our Home, with half the crowd wearing their merchandise they were clearly pumped for tonight’s show. With Connor and Tobias both on vocals this provided a great contrast and proved the melodic edge to the Metalcore sound. The whole band had amazing stage presence and provided a great show for all in attendance. The band looked to be finished for the night, the crowd however, were not, they began chanting for “one more song”, the band happily obliged and decided to finish the night with a track taken from their new album, although it was a relatively new song the crowd seemed to know every single word and sang all the way through. This just got the band more excited but sadly this was their final song of the night.



Hellions, Acres & Cold Summer – The Key Club Leeds

Hellions and Acres brought their tour to The Key Club Leeds with support from local band Cold Summer. Check out our photos