Alter Bridge Announces EU Tour

After recently announcing their Royal Albert Hall shows, Alter Bridge are back with another announcement. This time its a full European tour, dubbed The Last Hero Tour. Beginning in Paris, the band head across the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. The setlists on this tour will vary greatly from the tracks they played during their summer shows, so this will be a very different experience from their recent shows.

Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

After their massive success with the critically acclaimed Fortress back in 2013, Alter Bridge are back. Their follow up album The Last Hero is everything you want it to be and then some. Powerful, soul touching vocals matched with impressive riffs and emotive themes makes this album simply brilliant.

The opening track Show Me A Leader has over a minute and a half of instrumental introduction that cultivates and sets up for an epic five-minute track. The pure genius of this piece raises any expectancy and sets the bar extremely high for the rest of the album. It takes on elements of classic rock and thrusts them into the modern music scene. Certainly a good choice to start this album with.

There are a couple of standout tracks on this record, the first being My Champion. This song is a voyage to discover/remember what makes a great rock anthem. The lyrics send you on an expedition of self-empowerment and focus. “The world’s gonna try and knock you out, just pick yourself up when you go down. You’ve gotta keep fighting and get back up again, my champion.”

Another highlight of the album is You Will Be Remembered. This one is impossible not to sing along to at the top of your lungs. There is just something about this song where the guitars, vocals, bass and drums all complement each other fantastically well. Every layer displays the rock genre at its finest establishing a moving and passionate track. It also includes one of the albums best, most face numbing guitar solos.

The record ends with the title track The Last Hero. This is a piece that flawlessly rounds up an excellent album. The most impressive component to this track is the guitar composition. The riffs and chord progression keeps the listener hooked on every bar throughout. The heights and depth that are reached by the outstanding guitar work in this track cannot be ignored. The overall product of this song enables the album to finish on a well-deserved high and ties a neat bow on top of Alter Bridge’s musical present to the world.

The Last Hero is a huge step up from their last album and thrusts Alter Bridge into a whole new league. Although Fortress was a very good album, this record breaks through onto a level that was not expected. Every single track is a masterpiece in its own right and each has something different to offer than the one before. The end product of this album portrays hard work, dedication and pure talent. So, for epic introductions, commanding vocals and just good rock music, put the rood down on your car and sit back to this influential piece of art.


The Last Hero will be released on October 7th. Check out the opening track and first single from the album, Show Me A Leader below.