Bungler – The Nature Of Being New [REVIEW]

Giving you something that is somewhat chaotic but for all the right reasons, Bungler are getting ready to turn some peoples heads into a different way of looking at hardcore. ‘The Nature Of Being New’ is their latest release and it looking to show you more of what they can bring to the table and make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Coming straight out of the gate with ‘Finders Keepers Takers Leavers’ which heightens quite a bit of bounce in the first few moments of the track, but that doesn’t hide away the aggression that is still very poignant from the front to the back of the track thanks to the entire band making every section its own nuanced, fist pounding element within the vein of bands such as Foundation and Vanna. As you move into ‘Ex Wheels’, it keeps this momentum up fully with more bounce being added and even has this southern twang that you would hear from artists such as Blood Youth and Every Time I Die, showing off their ‘throw around’ sound and the same goes for ‘Double Glare’ which not only heightens the emotion surrounding the track, but gives you more of what they’re able to show off really well. The hardcore vibes also comes through splendidly and gives you a lot to work with as it pummels through your speakers.

As the record pushes forward even further, the same themes carry through the entire record and whilst it brings something new every once in a while, the same aggressive and bouncy nature that was present at the beginning is very much there. ‘Drowning In Oil’ does nothing but bring a very violent sound to your ears with the production on the track being full of a lower end and adding much more ground and pound momentum. As you progress even further, you’re treated to even more near three minute jams. The album does tend to feel very well rounded with the mixture of bouncy, fast paced destroyers like ‘Smooth Hysteria’ as well as the more fist pounding ‘Closet Confident’ to make the album give you something that will make you jump off your feet or use them as a weapon against the unsuspecting crowd.

From front to back, the album Bungler has created is a slobberknocker of an album that know where its main points are and focuses on them very strongly. With a little bit of vibrance that is found in sprinkles across the record, it gives you some unexpectancy when entering the record, but by the time you leave, you will have a smile on your face.