William Control – Revelations Part 1: The Pale [REVIEW]

With a different concept in mind of splitting up an album into four EP’s, William Control have released their first instalment to the ‘Revelations’ series. The first EP released most recently, titled ‘The Pale’ will hopefully give you an insight into where the band are going with this and how they will use this to their advantage of bringing you in.

The first half of the EP shows off their true electro-rock side, but the first track ‘The Monster’ sounds immediately like something out of a cyber-goth rave. The vocals come through with soft piano with the lower octave singing voice being a nice fit for what is coming across. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really show off much other than William’s vocals and the underwhelming backing track. The second song has a new wave feel towards its presentation. Much like Depeche Mode had for their infectious electronic programming, WC manages to bring that a bit more with this track. It would definitely have its place in a dark, artsy film or as a AMV on YouTube.

Following this, the second half of the album follows this stride and produces more synthpop on a more darker scale. Its wobbling melody lines and more focus on the vocal harmonies are pushing this EP a little bit better, but other than hearing the main structure of instrumentation for a few bars, it just doesn’t feel as exciting as you feel it might be. Closing on the fourth and final track titled ‘Mother Superior’ which could transport you straight back to the 80’s with its synthpop/new wave grasp with feeling like something David Hasselhoff would sing along too. A good track nonetheless, it closes this average album on a teensy bit of a high note.

A lot of people would wish that William Control should have stayed with the punk side of his music with bands like Aiden and after this EP, some peoples arguments could be backed even further. Even though he might not enjoy that style anymore, it’s much more captivating and exciting piece of music he has created and disappointingly, its not going to do him any favours.


Release: 14th October 2016
For Fans Of:
Depeche Mode / New Order
Label: Control Records