The Parasite Syndicate – The Parasite Syndicate [REVIEW]

Bringing you an old school sound of metalcore mixed with some strong heavy metal influences, This new album from The Parasite Syndicate will hopefully show you a more nostalgic take on what you might have heard from the genre.

The first track ‘Breathe You In’ is a five minute slobberknocker of riffs that shows you their sound from top to bottom. Whilst the vocals are punching through and the entire instrumental is coming through nicely, the whole emphasis of the track can make you lose interest after the first few minutes. Unfortunately that is what seems to make quite a few of the tracks on this record feel a bit dragging to get through. With the production and mixing sounding pretty solid at times, with the bass being a highlight in ‘All That We Have’ in small and specific sections as well as the time signature changes, the album does have structural integrity. As the album pushes further forward, the record keeps up this his and miss mentality, with one point being the vocals that come across as either exciting or wincing to listen to in ‘Red Sky’.

Instrumentallly, the record hits more positives towards the second half of the record, utilising a lot more cleaner guitars, such as the intro in ‘Origin’ and ‘Chakra’ which helps pace the album that little bit more and not feel stagnant in a sea of distortion. The overall riff structure that is present throughout the record is a strong reminder of what the older age of metalcore and heavy metal was able to produce with their album closer ‘The Illusionist’ showing off more of a lead atmosphere aside from the occasional guitar solo that the album showcases. The most unique track on the record has to be the shortest one. Titled ‘Animus’, the track uses a bit of electronic drums and a lot more of the clean guitar/vocal combination to create something really heavenly and something unlike the rest of the albums creation.

Like quite a lot of records of its nature, its strong push of the longer tracks tends to be more of a hindrance, but within the 9 tracks with 40+ minutes of material, you will most definitely find parts of songs where you feel at home with your metal self.  The Parasite Syndicate have brought something exciting in their repertoire, but there are areas for growth and expanding. Otherwise, a above average debut!