EP REVIEW: The Pariah – Divided by Choice

Divided By Choice the new EP by German melodic hardcore newcomers The Pariah was released on July 22 on Redfield Records. The first single Absence featuring Tobias Rische of Burning Down Alaska is already out with a music video on YouTube.

Melodic hardcore newcomers The Pariah aren’t an unknown quantity anymore. Since the founding in 2014 the guys were able, even without the support of an official release, to make a name for themselves and, next to festivals as well as support for leaders of the genre like Shai Hulud, Landscapes, Capsize and Napoleon.

The EP opens up with Compliant, raw and raspy from the start the opening track only gets heavier. The pounding of the bass drum keeps everything in line and is the backbone throughout the entire song. The melody and rhythm ticks all the boxes, pulling in the listener. Next up is their single, ‘Absence’ which features Tobias Rische of Burning Down Alaska. This track is noticeably faster than the others, however the melody and chorus are stronger with lyrics that capture emotion and provoke the listener. Halfway through the song, the tempo slows down into the bridge, with all guitars working together to create an eerie sound before it makes its way back into the chorus

Veteran is the third song on the EP, again fast, but the grating and throaty vocals bring out a lot of the band’s essence, the vocals really build the exciting melodic hardcore essence of the band on top of hard-hitting riffs. Average doesn’t start like the others, it’s slightly gentler and demonstrates the bands ability to slow it down noch. On this track every instrument is given some space to shine, it is home to some deceptively technical guitar work especially halfway through the song when everything stops and the guitars make a come back. Sentenced is the last track of the EP, which is quite similar to the first track, but includes a wicked breakdown where the vocals sound distant and the guitars take over. Overall, As a debut from such a young band, this album is solid and has enough musical stamina to stand toe to toe with it’s contemporaries.


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