Ocean Grove – The Rhapsody Tapes [REVIEW]

Giving you a taste of the weird and wonderful are Ocean Grove who are looking to push the envelope a lot more. With their first few EP’s help span their earlier notes of their career, ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’ is looking to boost out from the cobwebs and show off their maturity in spades.

After the intro that sets you up for a whirlwind of unexpectancy, you get thrown into the very punk filled track ‘Beers’, giving you a lot more modern flavour with a post hardcore twinge within it. The track doesn’t let up for one second as you are dealt with a barrage of non stop sound and a very decent production that will get you smiling. Going straight into some that might be unbeknownst to your knowledge of the band, ‘Thunderdome’ goes on a more softer route with a harsher tone on some of the singing parts, making it sound much more raw and intense. Already from the first three tracks you are being shown a very versatile side of the group and it works in their favour. Whilst it can feel a bit brash at times, they’re making sure that they stay in your head, whether it be for positive or negative reasons.

As the record moves on, it has that sense of nu metal/modern metal within its walls in the mindset of the bass being heightened a lot more and the vocals having a bit more structure and hip hop tenacity laced within their groundwork, with tracks such as ‘Intimate Alien’ that provide the album with a nice bounce before having a very Nirvana-esque feeling with ‘The Wrong Way’ due to the more simplistic guitar structure and the repetitive lyric structure that can be somewhat present and is one of the highlights of the record for the middle bracer. This album isn’t afraid to be out there in its approach and when you go further into the list and go into the more rap centric electronic songs such as ‘Slow Soap Soak’ and ‘From Dalight’, it has a way of breaking itself up into sections that gives everyone something they want. Whether you have the hardcore punk influences raining down from ‘These Boys Light Fires’ to the ever so metalcore flavoured ‘tratosphere Love’ and the booming guitar and drum sounds that crash through the speakers, give this album that much added breath of fresh air.

If you could equate this album into another, it would be the modern day ‘Chocolate Starfish & Hot Dog Flavoured Water’ by Limp Bizkit. It gives you something weirdly fresh and exciting whilst also taking on lives of many other bands and genres you enjoy, culminating in a record that will be seen as a great benchmark for pushing yourself musically. It might confuse you at first, but after the next few listens you will definitely be on the hype train!