LIVE REVIEW: Simple Plan, The Ritz Manchester 23/03/16

For an effective and virtuous warm-up band look no further than The Bottom Line, a three-piece pop punk band from London. Made up of Matt on drums, Max on bass and Callum on guitar and vocals TBL managed to captivate The Ritz. Their set consisted of popular songs and audience interaction that set up for the party night that was ahead. Callum set an energetic vibe by crowd surfing on a mattress, making for a memorable performance and foreshowing the excitement that was to come from the remaining bands.




Who are Ghost Town? This is fucking Ghost Town. The guys burst onto stage and for those in the crowd who didn’t already know who they were, did now winning over all Simple Plan’s fans from their first song. Vocalist Kevin McCullough had a cool yet humbling presence on stage at The Ritz which went down well with everyone there. GT definitely proved themselves worthy of opening for pop punk giants Simple Plan. They are a band to look forward watching grow, the passion they portrayed on Wednesday night will undoubtable secure a triumphant future.




Pierre, Chuck, Jeff, Sebastian and David appeared to an excited and vibrant audience that cheered and clapped with eagerness. Their anticipation was met with the nostalgic sound of 00s pop punk. Simple Plan played songs from both past and present including, I’d Do Anything, I’m Just a Kid, Opinion Overload and the one that sent people crazy, Boom. The already lively crowd went insane to this perfectly executed hit and no, the floor is not a trampoline but it definitely felt that way when every single person was bouncing up and down on The Ritz’s famous flooring.


Along with their own well known tracks, SP did a mash-up of Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars) and Can’t Feel My Face (The Weekend). A party on stage is the only way to describe what they created as the support bands joined them to dance and have a good time which was mirrored by the crowd. This theme continued into Summer Paradise with giant Simple Plan beach balls jumping round all over the place. It was impossible for anyone to not have fun and smile at this gig.


Their 15 years of experience was clearly evident because the audience were in the palm of their hands. Unfortunately, their age also showed on stage as it was apparent all the guys were starting to tire toward the end of the set. However, this didn’t take anything away from the experience of the show as they still continued to give 100% momentum and effort. The chemistry on the stage was phenomenal, which was to be expected of a band that have been playing together for so long. Their ease and comfort of performing radiated and made the entire night fun, entertaining, diverting and comical. [9/10]


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All images by : Lauren Stead  Photography