The Sesh – Static [EP]

The Sesh’s latest EP Static gives us a glimpse into what this alt rock five-piece band have to offer. The five tracks take you on a journey of the message that they want to get across and show moments of real promise along the way. This EP is good beginning for the band in marking their way in the competitive rock world.

The intro track to Static gives the album a promising start. It shows slick guitar riffs from the outset and a heavy edge on top of a more classical rock feel. There are teasers of the vocals to come from Kieran Donald and, although he his tone does not create a spine tingling anticipation, he does entice the listener somewhat. A solid start for the band from Dundee.

The second track Ascension can only be described as a song with potential that just is not met. As a listener you can sense where the track is wanting to go and you are willing it to get there. Unfortunately, it does not. The track does have a slight saviour in form of its breakdown. The drums and guitar work particularly well together in this section to create a really nice sound. Other than that, the lack of chemistry between the members and their instruments in this track is disappointing to say the least. Donald’s vocals leave a lot to be desired, making you almost wish the song would just be over.

Third track, Shizoswitch starts off a million times better than its predecessor with a good guitar riff that hooks you in. Shizswitch experiments more with different layers building up the piece. This gives for an overall better sound setting up a nice base for the vocals – which have significantly improved by this point. There is another pretty epic breakdown in this song allowing for listeners to experience what The Sesh are really capable of again. Declan Brown’s drumming is the most stand out element on this track, being the only instrument to give it depth and diversity.

This well-established drumming is continued through to the fourth offering, Infamous. This song is a bit of a mixed bag because it is a solid piece and works very well at points, however gets lost at other points. Yet again, it includes a fantastic break-down – the best of the entire EP in fact. The break-down has a mouth-watering guitar solo full of skill. Infamous is a track of two halves with the second half being by far, the best.

Static is wrapped up with the final track, Sky Giant. Sky Giant has a slow and gloomy start with a melancholy guitar riff that has a slight wild west undertone. This kicks into a heavy more positive sound met with dark vocals. It is hard to decide whether Donald’s vocals really work for this song, there are moments where it’s dejected tone fits well with the theme of the song, however, it is at risk of falling out of tune on more than one occasion. His singing style does not have the melodic side to them that would have turned this song into a great one.

Static shows that The Sesh could be masters of the break-down if they continue to work hard with their music. The instrumental parts of these track were definitely the highlight of the whole EP. The band have a lot of improving to do before their next release if they want to grow into a serious competitor in the rock genre. The EP has an obvious sound that the guys are going for and they successfully make this clear. As long as they stick to this established sound and work on progressing and growing it, they are sure to create very good work in the future.


Check out Infamous below and listen to the entire Static EP here.