Evocation – The Shadow Archetype [REVIEW]

Giving you a strong death metal album with influences of thrash and hardcore slowly weaving its way through the course, then Evocation are looking to sway you with something gritty, destructive and above all heavy with their latest album release ‘The Shadow Archetype’ and give you another strong album to add to their collection.

The album opener sets the tone as the crackling and dense sound of the guitar tone for ‘Into Ruins’ set you up powerfully into ‘Condemned To The Grave’ brings in a massive tone on the low end that grumbles through and heightens the bass even more with cuts through on the higher end a bit more. The vocals sound fresh and fit really well as the band plow through this tracks marching sound whilst the guitar lead does its best to not overshadow the rest of the playing. The next track quickens the pace with ‘Modus Operandi’ going with a fastened guitar style and it sounding reminiscent as to what At The Gates would do in their ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ era which also seems to bring out the best in their abilities. The vocals start climbing the scale a little bit more and show of little bits of variation and heightens the enjoyability of the record.

As the record progresses further, the album continues the same aggressive themes that were continued at the beginning. ‘Survival Of The Sickest’ does a nice mixture of the two sides of the album with the guitar lead melodies making the track sound much more rounded, especially during the solo. The album definitely seems to come into its own more during the second half of the record with ‘The Coroner’ following suit with the guitar tremolo picking with the darker ending that seems to change key as well, enticing the listener. The album closer ‘Dark Day Sunrise’ brings the album to a really nice ending due to it not fully going balls to the wall, but providing that groove that makes things flow really nicely for the end of the record and have you wanting to come back for more.

With all eyes watching on you to see if your latest material with bands of their stature, many of the old school people will be pleased to see what this band have concocted with the five years of not releasing an album. They’ve pulled out something great and it’ll be exciting to see how the next few years treat these Swedish death metallers.