Balance and Composure to Release New Album

US Alt-Rockers Balance and Composure are set to release new album Light We Made this November. The album is the band’s third release and was produced by Will Yip (Pity Sex, Nothing.) Light We Made follows hugely acclaimed US Billboard Independent album The Things We Think We’re Missing. The first single from the record Spinning has received airplay on The Radio 1 Rock Show.

Following the band’s second album, a car accident involving drummer Bailey Van Ellis took its toll on the band, Van Ellis mentioning “We realized we almost died and thought maybe we should chill on the touring thing for a bit” as well as admitting the event effected the recording process – “It was definitely an eye opening experience, and it had an effect on the time we took with this record.”

Balance and Composure will be touring the US through October and November, with UK and European live plans to be announced very soon.

Light We Made is out via Big Scary Monsters on November 4th and the tracklisting for the record is below.

1. Midnight Zone
2. Spinning
3. Afterparty
4. For A Walk
5. Medicore Love
6. Postcard
7. Call It Losing Touch
8. Fame
9. Is It So Much To Adore?
10. Loam