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The Ultraviolet premiere ‘All I Need Is To Be Needed’ Music Video!

The Ultraviolet are an alternative rock band hailing from the East Coast of the UK. Pulling from an eclectic blend of genres including pop punk and anthemic classic rock, the quartet have been described as “probably the liveliest band you will ever see” by BBC Introducing.

These gentlemen recently announced their new EP The Tales of Our Youth which will release on March 21st. The latest single from the EP exclusively premiering here on Musicology is All I Need Is To Be Needed. Vocalist Ben Thorn recounts choosing the song as a single through its virtue as one of the strongest songs the EP has to offer, and it being “shorter and more poppy” so as to make an instant impact, which it certainly does.

“The song is about being in love and learning to accept any issues, annoying habits and quirks your partner has,” states Thorn, “You can argue all the time, get upset and do stupid things, but in the end it all works out.”

The Ultraviolet have toured with an impressive roster of acts such as Lonely The BraveHunter & The Bear and more, refining their exciting live performance.

Guitarist Sam Beck described how recording the song with their longtime friends as actors in the school they met in meant a lot to them, adding a sense of poignancy to the video. “We filmed the video over a weekend back in October, and we had the entirety of Kirton Middlecott school at our disposal to make the most of the time we had available to us. We dressed up the main hall in the style of an old fashioned prom and set up different scenarios all around different areas of the school to try and tell a visually appealing and focused narrative.

In a way this single is a small departure for the band as Russ Smith, the band’s drummer explains. “While we usually like to write about serious matters and issues, this song has a happier message and style that mixes things up a little bit.

Without further ado, here is All I Need Is To Be Needed.

The Tales of Our Youth will release on March 21st, keep your eyes peeled for the latest news and reviews!

You can pre-order the EP via iTunes here, and follow the band on Facebook or Twitter.