Halfnoise Release Music Video For ‘Someday’

Halfnoise otherwise known as Zac Farro has just released his newest music video Someday from The Velvet Face EP. As You’d expect from Farro, the video for the track is comprised solely of footage shot on a vintage camcorder with analog effects added in afterwards. It’s been a busy year for the multi-talented musician, after releasing his previous EP Sudden Feeling, he toured the US and UK, before releasing The Velvet Face. He then rejoined his old bandmates in Paramore for their recent release After Laughter and ongoing tour dates.

This is definitely the most important piece of music, to me personally, that I’ve ever written or worked on to-date with HALFNOISE. Not only was it special for me as an artist and writer but from my friends who played, collaborated, and shared with me in making something so special. – Zac Farro

The Velvet Face EP

1. Scooby’s In The Back

2. French Class

3. As U Wave

4. Someday

5. Velvet Face

Zac has also recently teamed up with Vienna-based analog camera company Lomography for a new series of photo features, along with a signed vinyl and camera giveaway.