LIVE: Feeder – Rock City, 14/10/16

The Virginmarys

The Virginmarys, hailing from Macclesfield, Cheshire, launched straight into their set with I Wanna Take You Home, supporting Feeder at Rock City on Friday 14th October. The Virginmarys are signed to Wind-up Records, and have been supporting Feeder for the third leg of their tour.

When The Virginmarys  began their set there was only a small crowd present, but they raised a large cheer. However, by the end of their second song, Halo In Her Silhouette, more of a crowd had drawn. Although there were some fans present at the beginning of the set, there were clearly more by the end.

Rock City, for a small venue, has a great sound. The sound technicians really make amazing use of the space, and the balance between instruments was great, everything could be heard clearly. The lighting was also great, although the light technician favoured yellow and blue for The Virginmarys.

The Virginmarys had excellent stage presence, moving around on stage and talking to the audience. Although they played heavier music than Feeder, the mix worked quite well as Feeder‘s new material is more musically explorative and less heavy. However, it was a shame that they didn’t perform Motherless Landthe first single to be released from their latest album Divides.



By the time Feeder were due to appear, a massive crowd had appeared. Lots of people were sporting merchandise. Space Oddity by David Bowie was playing over the PA, and the crowd were singing along.

Straight after the end of the song, the backdrop lit up to show effects similar to those that were seen in Windows Media Player for MP3 files. There was a huge buzzing effect, and the crowd screamed when Feeder came out.

At first, the crowd didn’t move much, even for heavier songs, but still cheered extremely loudly. There were clearly crowd favourites such as RenegadesHigh and Buck Rogers. However, by the end of the gig, lots of the crowd were checking their watches and phones.

Feeder clearly draw crowds of all ages, from students to middle aged men and women were seen. They have 24 years worth of material, and had to balance songs from their new album All Bright Electric. However, material from this album did not seem to go over as well with the audience as their old classics.

However, Feeder have been gigging for a long time, and their shows have been honed and perfected over the years. The fact that they’re still touring and releasing new material really shows that their fans are loyal, and they’re obviously a great band. However, the show felt a little too polished and it would have been great to see more improvisation from Feeder because they’re such a talented group of musicians. It may have excited the crowd more too, as they stood still for the majority of the concert.