From Rust – Lost Sense Of Life [EP]

Emerging South West metalcore unit From Rust, reveal their explosive debut EP Lost Sense Of Life on Friday 25th November.

Somerset riff slingers From Rust were originally formed in 2014 by friends Jake Searle (Vocals) and Camden Gibson (Lead Guitar) who wanted to create music that pulled apart the usual formulae of metalcore, yet remained true to their influences and beliefs. After a prolonged search, the duo sought out kindred spirits – Tom Waters on Rhythm Guitar, Bassist Sam Elswood, and Sam Kellaway on Drums. The quintet honed in on their sound for many months before hitting the live circuit at the end of 2015 where they soon snared a series of impressive support slots with Despite My Deepest FearThronesValues and Materia. With an affection for the likes of Parkway DriveNorthlane, and All That Remains, the up-and-coming riff beasts continue to find their own characteristic voice in the alchemy of creating music.

The EP opens with Whispers, which is a great opening track to make even the most hardcore metal fans sit up and listen. The song switches between heavy chugging riffs to beautiful melodic guitar instrumentals, really showing off the band’s musical abilities.The middle of the EP is really where the vocalist, Searle, shows off his abilities, both by singing and screaming. Underneath his vocals in every track is the chugging of the rhythm guitar and bass, with the lead guitar sweeping in and out with melodies that just sit perfectly over the top of the tracks.

The listener can imagine a great light show behind this band live, and picture the mosh pit in front of the stage going wild. The EP ends with Gone Forever, which sounds like the perfect album ending track. The lead guitar has that epic distorted reverb sound that reminds the listener of the most polished albums. It’s clear that a lot of work went into this EP, and even the strongest metalcore fans won’t be disappointed.