Thy Art Is Murder announce UK/EU tour w/ After The Burial + more

Ready to come back to our mainland and destroy everything, Australian deathcore titans Thy Art Is Murder have announced a UK Tour for this October featuring After The BurialOceano and Justice For The Damned. You can view the dates as well as the headliner below!

3rd October – Cardiff – Cardiff Uni
4th October – Leeds – Key Club
5th October – Glasgow – Garage
6th October – Manchester – Club Academy
7th October – Birmingham – O2 Academy 2
8th October – London – The Electric Ballroom
9th October – Nottingham – Rescue Rooms

Impericon Festival – Line Up Run Down

Giving you some of the best in all worlds of metal and hardcore, Impericon Festival are back and in a big way with ten acts from all over the globe that are giving you some of the heaviest, emotional and dance filled tracks to put you on your radar. Here is our rundown of all the bands playing this years Impericon Fest.


Putting the groove back into your hardcore, Leeds based Higher Power are here to showcase their ever-growing talent as the festival openers this year. Whilst being quite unconventional with their approach, their material still hits hard with their ‘Space To Breathe’ EP being a great exhibition of their styles as well as their latest single ‘Can’t Relate’ being a sneak peek into their upcoming release. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, this band will make you proud of UKHC and UK music in general.


It’s time for your first section of an emotional whirlwind with South Wales post/melodic hardcore rising stars Casey and their beautiful approach to the genre. Having released ‘Love Is Not Enough’ back in September last year, the album gives you an amazing understanding of the different approaches the band can take with their experience and cult status around the world. With their strong melodies in ‘Haze’ to the punchy aggression in ‘Little Bird’, if you’re looking for a new band to add to your favourites, this will be it.


The technicality of this next band will send your brain into a loop as Napoleon are here to give you a lesson in fast paced technical metal that will leave you with a smile and a puzzled look. ‘Newborn Mind’ has been out for almost a year and it has been perceived as their best material to date with the addition of Wes Thompson providing you a different take on the band with his blend of clean/screams overtop the intricate instrumentation that is provided from the pounding of the drums to the clean cut precision of the band in each section, it will be a nice slice of variety in this years festival running.


Another band from Wales but with a totally different musical view that gives you something destructive in its wake. Showing you the heavier side of hardcore blended with black metal/death metal undertones that gives you something full of fury that is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, the band are setting their sights with their upcoming album release ‘In Dark Places’. As well as a career expanding discography which helps you give an idea how evil and ruthless this band can get, you can immediately get the notion where the crowd will get more involved in the pit.


Speaking of hardcore bands with massive pit action, nothing could be closer to the truth than with the homegrown lads in Broken Teeth who look to make a massive statement with a hometown festival slot. Their debut album was one that pleased a lot of the hardcore community with their pounding riffs that plow through the mix and the distinct vocal pattern that adds much more raw emotion into the bands work. With growth being shown in their work from their early classic ‘My Law’ to the two step jam from ‘Show No Mercy’, the natives are looking to give you a great representation of a hardcore band pushing themselves and their boundaries.


The first of the international bands coming out of the woodwork are bouncy metalcore group In Hearts Wake waving the first flag for Australia. The band are making more waves with their live presence and infectious music that if you are a fan of bands such as Of Mice & Men, this will be a band that you don’t want to miss out on. Their two latest record ‘Earthwalker’ and ‘Skydancer’ are prime examples of their new work at hand with tracks such as ‘Badlands’ being a forefront of their powerhouse of discography. With excitement for a new album looming and already reaching the halfway point of the night, this will lead you into new acts of awesome to follow.


Having been quite a few years since this band have come to the UK, it looks like Miss May I have a lot to prove when they take to the stage at Manchester Academy2. The heavy metal vibes were stronger than ever with their latest record ‘Deathless’ that channels all those thrash vibes but still keeps to their metalcore routes. With all the flavours of a modern metal band and, once again, an extensive discography that shows off the highs and lows that the band has gone through, its time for the group to step up once again and give you a fresh taste of what you’ve been missing for so long.


The first of two deathcore giants to take to the floor comes in the form of american made brutality known as Carnifex. As the band have progressed from a deathcore sound that seems to be all so familiar with the upcoming bands that come through, they’ve matured and honed their craft to create some annihilating releases such as their latest album ‘Slow Death’ which incorporates a bit of death metal influence. Having just been over to the UK and slaughtered the crowd as part of the Impericon’s Never Say Die tour, its starting to look like they’re going to finish what they started with Round 2.


As a nice melodic hardcore filler for the deathcore sandwich, Being As An Ocean became a household name with their first record ‘Dear G-D’ and since then they have been making waves all over the world with their infectious lyricism and intricate creations with their latest self titled being another impressive listen to as well as their latest material that has been released over the year. ‘OK’ and ‘Dissolve’ are a perfect example of the band progressing with their sound and the fact that Joel Quartuccio gets very involved in the set and with the crowd, the main support for the night will no doubt be something that will leave you talking about the band and wanting another headline UK tour.


Closing the night with a massive smattering on unadulterated deathcore are Australian juggernauts in Thy Art Is Murder ready to tear the entire venue down. With this being the first show on UK soil since CJ McMahon’s much loved return to the band and the release of their latest single ‘No Absolution’, the band are looking more fired up than ever to bring their craft to Manchester with a vengeance to people who may have forgotten. Now it will be the time for fans to hear more of their favourites from ‘Holy War’ with a familiar face as the headliners for this festival date is set to go off with a huge band.

With this looking to sell out, you best get your tickets now you know that all the bands will be awesome! You can purchase tickets HERE.

Belial – Nihil Est EP [REVIEW]

Being dark and mysterious, the band known as Belial are here to show off how they can bring something exciting and pounding to the technical deathcore genre with their upcoming EP ‘Nihil Est’. Featuring their older tracks off of the debut EP and instrumental tracks of the new EP tracks as a massive bonus towards this, we are here to see if the new tracks hold any extra levity compared to their beginning material.

Opening up with ‘In Extremis’, the brooding intro that could be used as part of a pivotal point in a movie, throws immediately into a crushing low end from the guitar that is provided from beginning to end. Whether its through simple chugs that provide something booming or the lead guitar melodies that throw your head in a circular motion, the EP is definitely not calming down on the punches already. Next comes in ‘Eon’ which brings out the lead guitar out of the gate and a bouncy low end from the rhythm structure that is fuelled even more from the drums elevating the sound. The production element on this EP is definitely a focus point on this EP as with every gloomy chug-filled section is mixed with the more reverberated lead picking and guitar solos. The progression from this band is starting to show a lot more.

The first single ‘Ø’ comes up in the middle of the record with a perfect placement that brings you everything you enjoyed about that track. Fast paced sections all rounded together with a very boisterous sound and a new flavour of picking style that highlights the bass playing a little bit more during elements of the song. ‘Odium’ mixes the playing style up a bit more with something with more of a metalcore twang laced in its walls and it one of the more enjoyable tracks produced in the new five shown, but doesn’t showcase off anything that could be deemed surprising. Closing the EP with ‘In Origin’, the band show even more of their dark and maniacal power with the track and fully captures what Belial are bringing to the genre. Something that isn’t afraid to be somewhat stand-out from its predecessors with a definite throwback to genres such as a black metal influence with the blast beat areas.

As the genre grows ever quicker, its great to see bands like this that can still make their mark and shine through some of the sea of similarity. Belial are giving you everything they have and are showing you that size doesn’t matter in the genre world.


Boris The Blade release new song ‘Misery’ ft. CJ McMahon

The heavy is coming back again with Boris The Blade bringing some unadulterated deathcore your way! This time they bring ex-Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon onto the scene with their latest track ‘Misery‘. You can check it out below!

The special guests for the album have also been announced, featuring vocalists of Carnifex and Within The Ruins. Check out the tracklist below!

1. Warpath
2. Backstabber
3. Misery (feat CJ McMahon)
4. Nihilist
5. Omens (feat Scott Lewis)
6. Paralysed
7. Thorns
8. Devastator
9. Elixir (feat Tim Goergen)
10. Solace

Thy Art Is Murder and others announced for Impericon Festival 2017

Four bands have now been set in stone for next years anticipated Impericon Festival in Manchester.

First up you have Australian deathcore powerhouses in Thy Art Is Murder, then we go to the USA for metalcore veterans in Miss May I, staying over there for melodic hardcore troopers in Being As An Ocean and then flying back over for post hardcore/metalcore slayers in In Hearts Wake. This is shaping up to be a great festival.

You can look at the poster below whilst listening to Thy Art as well!


Face Your Maker – Ego : Death [REVIEW]

It’s time for some heavy ass deathcore to burst onto the scene from Los Angeles own Face Your Maker. Their upcoming release is set to burn a fire under the up and coming deathcore scene with newer bands now having a target to hit thanks to this new record.

Already with the first track they know how to make their presence. ‘Rubicon’ starts off with an eerie guitar lead much like Thy Art Is Murder did with ‘Reign Of Darkness’ before throwing in the rhythm with a choppy and chuggy riff to bring that well known deathcore open note carnage. The bass guitar grumbles through at some points with a higher end tone than usual right near the end before they fly into ‘Kings Amongst Thieves’ and go on a breakdown bonanza! Some of the guitar patterns follow that of slam with the slow paced guitar pattern followed by a blast beat on the drums, showing they can incorporate any heavy style they need be. It’s definitely a great way to get you into this band as around halfway, they throw in such a disgusting breakdown its reminiscent of the 00’s era deathcore intertwined with the destructive showings of grindcore.

It seems their goal with this album was simple; Bring something heavy and bring something violent, to which they’ve achieved those goals tremendously. Track titles such as ‘Assassination Proclamation’ you should feel come with a warning sticker for what you’re about to witness as the band aren’t afraid to throw anything and everything at you to show you how they’re going to make a name for themselves, whether it be from powerful speed to sections that would fit in nicely at an Oceano show. Then you have tracks that seemingly take on a sort of downtempo persona with ‘Dark Daze’ for the most part going as slow as a snail, but being more violent than ever! You can see that this album isn’t afraid of pushing itself out there to have something that could be added to a gym playlist as well as dubbed over a video of people fighting.

Some great highlights on the record are the songs that seemingly take its on trend and separate itself quite nicely and give the album such vibrance. ‘Trauma’ has a really nice bounce to it and doesn’t try to go out of its way to be extreme in parts, especially when the more melodic lead comes into play and gives the whole track a new lease on life. Also what was a nice surprise was the instrumental album closer that sticks out like a sore thumb. Titled ‘Reflection’, the instrumentation don’t try and destroy you, but more give you a nice way to calm yourself right at the end. It was a weird pleasure hearing this and wouldn’t feel out of place if the band decided to attempt some clean vocals cover the track.

Overall, an amazing and crushing debut record which caters and provides for many fans not just in the deathcore scene, but for those who stray outside those boundaries and look for something a bit more than what they usually expect. A superbly heavy album to end your 2016 with.


Impericon Never Say Die 2016 – Live @ The Marble Factory, Bristol (9/11/16)

The time has come for Impericon to bring their year round Never Say Die tour to its final UK showing this year. Closing off with what could be considered one of the heaviest EU/UK tours this year, its time to show what culminated in the send off show before they go back into Europe once more.

Opening the night screeching onto the scene is UK homegrown lads Polar (7) who plant their feet firmly down and get their fingers in the door. Bringing that sound that could be reminiscent to bands like While She Sleeps, the band didn’t let the slow emergence of the crowd bother them as tracks like ‘Blood For Blood’ careened through the speakers. Whilst it took a while for the crowd to pick up bit by bit, their set closer brought the room together for that for that final push of crowd interaction. With the room starting to pick up a bit more, Make Them Suffer (8) burst right onto the stage with an early number to get the old school deathcore heads moving. ‘Widower’ kicking out with the piano coming straight through, the rest of the band followed suit with something hard hitting and violent in its wake. The more melodic track, as well as their latest one, ‘Ether’ got a great reception and cements their new path in the movement. Unfortunately, the drums didn’t have as much oomph as it should have took away from a very great set.

It’s surprising to think that a band with the musical style of Fallujah (6) would feel like the most stand out band on this tour, but with their focus towards the technical death metal side of things when the rest of the bands go more in your face they had a lot more style to show off and boy did they do that. With a sense of beauty hitting with their more technical lead prowess, it was a bit of a bummer that the guitars didn’t have as much noticeability as the bass pedal did throughout the set. The highlight of the set was the newer material such as ‘Amber Gaze’ pushed through and the heavier sections had a lot of ferocity to them. Then things started to really heat up with the crowd as Obey The Brave (9) just tore the room apart. Bringing out the big guns with ‘Get Real’ to a thunderous pit opening and the breakdown. One of their guitarists had a few technical difficulties for a few tracks, but it didn’t take away from the sheer force their sound had for songs old and new, especially the newer track they threw out there.

The last three bands were all rounded with one genre in mind; Deathcore. Completely obliterating their sound was Carnifex (10) who were definitely the fan favourite for the night. Starting off with their newer material, the more death metal influence comes to life and tracks like ‘Slow Death’ come through with such a gripping take on their newer and more mature material. Closing their set with the older tracks like ‘Lie To My Face’ make the more casual fan of the band power through and make the 2007 track sound that much more vibrant and special. Up next were for the main support were Australian powerhouses Thy Art Is Murder (9) and from the moment the fill in vocalist Nick Arthur (Molotov Solution) laid his first scream down, you knew that this guy was a great replacement to pick for the tour. Powering through tracks off of ‘Holy War’ to a thunderous ovation, the band knew how to hit key points with fans and bring a crushing sound throughout. The audience weren’t able to catch a breath as they smashed into songs from ‘Hate’ to a thunderous pit and headbangers galore.

After a mini speech from Hope For The Day before the main event reaches, it was time to face the what everyone was here for and it was clear that Whitechapel (9) were not here to play any games. Opening right out of the gate with ‘Mark Of The Blade’, the newer material definitely goes down really well with the crowd and the roars of the audience blast through at the end of every song. The older era of the bands discography came through with tracks like ‘Vicer Exciser’ bringing that old school deathcore vibe alongside ‘Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation’ which no doubt made the death metal heads scream with joy. A very nice touch was hearing his cleans, albeit a bit quiet, during ‘Bring Me Home’ which showed the softer and more groove side of the band which not many people are used to. The guitars rang through proudly, the drums were on point and closing their set with the encore of ‘The Saw Is The Law’ was a great cap-off for a near-perfect set and very enjoyable evening!

UNDISCOVERED – Outlines + Fangs

We know that the upcoming and just starting out bands are just as important to cover than the bands who have been around for many years, that is why we have two bands who are just starting out of two different styles you should check out!


Genre: Melodic Hardcore
For Fans Of: Casey / Hundredth / Counterparts

First up we have this Midlands based group called Outlines. Providing a strong riff structure for their first song released, both guitars work really well together and the vocal line provides a chill down your spine with the emphasis and emotion produced in the track. It has the taste of something that will no doubt get better and mature of the years to come and this first track is their placeholder for what to expect in the future from these guys.


Genre: Metalcore / Deathcore
For Fans Of: The Ghost Inside / Thy Art Is Murder / Whitechapel

After their average release of their EP, they felt like something was missing from their whole musical piece as a whole. Now they have downtuned their guitars and brought something out of the woodwork that might be a surprise to those who are fans of the EP. This new single brings a medley of guitar riffs, powerful low screams and a few breakdowns for the easily pleased. Whilst the clean vocals waver between good and bad, this is definitely an enjoyable start and something different for the group.

Give these guys a check out on their Facebook/Bandcamp links below: