Alter Eden – Tigers And Lambs EP [REVIEW]

Giving off a strong alternative rock vibe are upcoming alternative rock/post hardcore group Alter Eden who are looking to make a big impression with their latest EP. Working with some bigger UK names in terms of their production and mixing, it’s time to see how it plays out.

It starts off strong with the opening title track of the EP, with the band definitely living up to the genre they have been placed in. With the bouncy feel in the guitars, the drums helping elevate it and the vocals powering through over the mix, the track is a surefire way to open the EP up. Sometimes Nick Pilgrim’s voice feel a bit out of place with the track, but when you move further into the EP and go into the next track, ‘Colourless’ definitely perks up that Black Peaks influence with its technicality and certain math rock flavours that seep through the track whilst having a very catchy chorus. The third track ‘Resent/Relent/Repeat’ invokes a bit more melody in its guitar work with the bass having a strong and gritty grumble in the backing. It has a feeling of older works of Soundgarden with its glimpse of grunge elements that ride through and these added influences bring such a different dynamic to the release.

The second half of the record push the instrumentation even further and test a few more patterns in its wake. The vocals, whilst bringing a new element of power to the recording, can feel more comfortable on a hard rock/power metal vibe than in comparison to this track. The screams however are a really nice addition to ‘Only Human’ when the time is right on the track to do so. ‘Count Your Sins’ invokes a lot more of a tremolo picking standpoint with its guitars and in doing so, brings out a small, but different side of the band that you wont have heard on this EP so far and as the track pushes forward, the band produces a lot more of a heavier route than before. As it reaches its end, the EP closer ‘We’ve Had Enough’ brings the bounce back again and sounds just like an emotionally charged pop punk record at points. Whilst this ends the recording on a moderately high note, the band seem to have left themselves open to more interpretation.

As this EP goes, it is definitely a step in the right direction from their previous record. The band have nailed their sound even further and the band are showing off what is enjoyable about this record. It wont appeal to everyone, but it will definitely bring an immeasurable amount of positivity their way.