Tiger Army

Tiger Army release first part of documentary

LA rock band Tiger Army have released the first part of their documentary, titled The Road to V•••–.

The film shows the story of the recording of their latest studio album V•••– which hit shelves back on May 20th via Rise Records.

V •••- was produced and mixed by Grammy winner Ted Hutt (The Gaslight Anthem) and featuring Tiger Army vocalist/guitarist Nick 13, acclaimed bassist Dave Roe (Johnny Cash) and drummer Mitch Marine (Dwight Yoakam), V •••–  is Tiger Army’s first album since 2007’s Music from Regions Beyond.

See the first part of the film below:

Tiger Army are also out on tour as of Thursday:

17th November – Electric Ballroom London

18th November – G2 Glasgow

19th November – Sound Control Manchester

21st November – Klinker Aarschot

22nd November – Essigfabrik Cologne

23rd November – Backstage Halle Munich

24th November – White Trash Berlin

25th November – Conne Island Leipzig

26th November – Logo Hamburg

28th November – KB Malmö

29th November – Parkteateret Olso

30th November – Pustervik Gothenburg

1st December – Debaser Strand Stockholm

3rd December – Tavastia Helsinki

4th December – Pakkahuone Tampere

the brighter view

To The Wind – The Brighter View

To The WindThe Brighter View
Record Label: Pure Noise Records
Release Date: 7th October 2016

Inspired by groups such as Stick To Your Guns, Your Demise and even Bring Me The Horizon (There Is A Hell… era) comes To The Wind, a group which will most likely appeal to fans of these types of bands and add a distinct sense of quality within their sound.

Unfortunately what can be noted by the band, is a distinct sense of repetition. With an atmospheric intro on all but three songs, the tracks seem to aim to be radio friendly hardcore tracks. This is a style which can turn off the purists within the genre. They are a group with talent however, but not one that requires much thought and not one with challenges or that pushes the envelope, detrimentally to the band’s sound on some occasions.

There is one distinct song however on this record which will appeal to even the most purist of Hardcore fans with Hard To Live, Harder To Lose. This is a track which kicks in right away and has the most intense base sound on the entire record courtesy of Tom Laur. The track not only feels like it spits at you with some intense lyrics but also has a standard heaviness that is lacking upon the rest of the album.

To give the band credit, the guitars from Ryan Murphy throughout the context of this release are all of a standard quality. What is annoying to fans of this type of music however, is a lot of them feel way to clean and almost make what the guitarist is playing softer than it actually is. This is most notable on The Brighter View as a tiny bit more distortion would make what the guitarist is playing standout more and make for a more intense experience.

The vocalists also jump from heavy to clean throughout the context of the album and whilst on points (e.g. New World) the band incorporates some quite punky and intense gang vocals where the style of singer Tanner Murphy remains quite clean and crisp. This makes some of the lyrics on the album have less of an impact, and makes fans question why he is even getting to the point of singing them in the first place. This is most notable on a track like The Brighter View.

In conclusion, the musicality of this band is fine. It is technical in all the right places, and it does enough to make fans of this type of music happy. What does feel lacking is a sense of difference from other bands in the genre and the right for the group to stand out on their own. In a world such as hardcore where everything is now repetitive, bands need to do the best to a standard quality. Give To The Wind a chance however, as with time this group could develop to be one of the best new bands in Britain.

stick to your guns better ash than dust

Stick To Your Guns – Better Ash Than Dust [EP]

Opening track Better Ash Than Dust gets the EP off to a burning start for Stick To Your Guns, with a catchy riff and screams right from the off which build and build going forth through the verse. It eventually becomes one of their signature pre-verse breakdowns with a good old “bleugh”. This is followed by a punchy second verse that is far more the STYG styling-of-old which leads into a melodic chorus and descending back into chaos for the third verse. At the end though, they bring the track to a close with an interview with Nina Simone titled On The Role of an Artist, where she talks about the youth of the day being involved in everything political and that art is reflective of the time (read that interview here). It’s pretty clear to see this lot are putting a statement out already…

Second track Universal Language is another hardcore gem here as it opens with a quick, brutal-sounding riffs and a breakdown that shows Stick To Your Guns have stayed at the top of the game for all these years. The bassline throughout just radiates hardcore vibes even from the tone employed and when coupled with the chugging guitars and pounding drumbeat it leads to a polished-yet-rough hardcore with a sky-rocketing chorus that will stick in listeners’ heads for a long time following the listen. Many more breakdowns follow and it follows abruptly to keep the effect resonating for a long time to come. Third track No Tolerance has a lot of potential and goes in very strong to begin with but finishes far too quickly at just 2:24. It opens as you’d expect with a huge riff and screams and continues throughout, with a fade-out on the guitar playing the song to its end almost as soon as it had begun.

Fourth track The NeverEnding Story is the highlight of Better Ash Than Dust. It has a bass-led riff to open and ripping through another verse of pure anger as Jesse Barnet bellows about “grabbing at anything to stay on your feet” and bringing it home with the soaring chorus of “all of this means nothing to me, I’m tired of suffering through all of everything”. The control of the pre-chorus is admirable and the chorus is refined and melodic as with the previous ones and the style of the heaviness re-emerging is here as well. Closing track The Suspend shows that if “progressive hardcore” was a thing Stick To Your Guns would be pretty good at that too. The introduction leads well into the verse as the band build up further to a pause and re-intro and it proceeds “I won’t live forever but I will die taller” and further develops to become a a slow-paced hardcore anthem that is the perfect ending to a great release.

Sadly the EP is far too short at only 16 minutes, but what there is displayed in that short period is that this band don’t give up. Through over a decade, it appears the constant refreshing of members has kept the sound clean and ever-evolving and Better Ash Than Dust is proof Stick To Your Guns are going just as strong now as ever.

Stream the album on Spotify, buy it physically or on iTunes.

bad vibrations

A Day To Remember – Bad Vibrations

Ocala’s best export A Day To Remember were clearly knocked by the situation with Victory Records and had visibly lost their way with a far softer 2013 effort Common Courtesy. 2016 seems to be their year though, and Bad Vibrations shows the five-piece clearly have their mojo back.

First single Paranoia was a shock for most people when it premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show earlier in the year and it was clear from then on that any upcoming album was going to be going hard. They even lied then that this album would exist, before the release of second single Bad Vibrations which solidified the album identity in the minds of the fanbase.

In keeping with their old styling, We Got This sounds just like a natural progression from (Attack Of The Killer B-Sides opening track) Right Where You Want Me To Be with the styling and writing and could have come from the middle of Common Courtesy with it’s pop hook and laid-back feel. This is furthered on Same About You, though that has a radio rock section with one of the most dynamic guitar solo pieces ADTR have done through recent years.

Arguably the best track on the record comes in the form of Naivety, as it displays the melodic powers of the band as they blast through emotive lyrics with aplomb. The track has a solid chugging rhythm & bass and the drums are cymbal heavy but mixed with lowered levels of them to keep the track grounded in the gritty lyrical content and roughness. The other contestant for the title is the fourth track Exposed, which is start to finish a rough and ready rock song with a huge heavy riff and no solo clean vocals whatsoever, not to mention an absolutely gargantuan breakdown. If the chorus was not there with the huge gang vocal it could have been any old band who wrote it, yet this band’s styling on their tracks combines the sections in a way only they can.

Stylistically, the seventh full-length instalment into the A Day To Remember catalogue is very much reminiscent of 2009’s Homesick in that it juxtaposes the heaviness the band can put together with catchy pop punk hooks that provide real stickability in the listeners’ mind. The band seem far more comfortable in this style now having taken a break from it to make some more pop punk-focussed tracks on Common Courtesy.

As a direct result of that style returning to tradition leads to the vocal style reverting to the old growling/distortion/clean combination that frontman Jeremy McKinnon has mastered over his years with the band. Each track has different ratios of the three types of vocal displayed and the balance is used to effectively cover the lyrical material.

Overall then, A Day To Remember have made a serious statement coming back with Bad Vibrations. It will forever act as the biggest “screw you” to a label of any modern band as it plays the role of being the first planned record on their own label. There isn’t a bad track on the whole record and it will be interesting to see how these new songs fare on the road.


Fallen To Flux release new video

Emerging London-based Alt-rock outfit Fallen To Flux reveal their latest single and it’s a raging firecracker. The four-piece have released Razor’s Edge, which is taken from the band’s explosive debut album Transitions.

Formed in 2012, the band have just released their album, and it’s already racking up widespread praise. Furthermore, singles from Transitions have picked up extensive radio play panning from Team Rock and Kerrang! to Amazing, and Sky TV’s Britrox are continually rotating the band’s last single Sane.

The alt rockers have now unveiled the video single for Razor’s Edge. Many industry critics have already declared the track to be one of the key highlights from the album. Razor’s Edge deftly balances a supreme hook with crunching infectious riffs and is accompanied by a breathtaking video, is destined to hit TV screens this Summer. With further tours and plaudits on the way, the band’s ascension is inevitable.

Watch the video below:


Curbstomp – Fire To Cleanse [EP]

Second City Beatdown unit Curbstomp are back with this ferociously violent EP. This band doesn’t know anything other than heaviness and violence and have managed to produce yet another solid release, sure to be a massive hit in the UK hardcore/beatdown scene.

Kicking off with the intro Cleansing is a perfect way to start the four song EP. The track is a pure instrumental showcasing the mentally heavy beatdowns that the band are capable of, along with a slight narrative lingering in the background.

Second track Traitor goes straight in hard with a strong beatdown and hardcore vocals accustomed with the genre. Grime raps are also used in this track, using lyrics like ‘I’ll slit your throat with a razor blade, look into your eyes and watch you fade away’ to keep up the whole gang/unit facade. The song also features Tim of Cold Hard Truth bringing an even darker and heavier feel to the track, which when played live with be a crowd pleaser – expect violence, expect danger and expect possible death.

Third song is Blistered and is the shortest on the album at only two minutes long. With a more of a hardcore-y feel to the song, it differentiates from the rest of the EP. Although running short, they managed to pack a good quality bit of music in those two minutes. A mixture of the hardcore vibes with the classic beatdown mixes well with the sought after slam bells and melt your face of vocals.

Closing off Fire to Cleanse is Street Justice. This song continues the heavier, slam feeling from the previous song, although keeping with hardcore and grime vocals – this time featuring a full grime section. With the massive breakdown only imminent in the final song with the call ‘0121, Curbstomp SCBD, Birmz is Beatdown’, you know shit is going to kick the fuck off. A short but mind blowlingly powerful beatdown is forced upon you sending you into a frenzy, before a narrative closing the EP.

The EP is very short only totalling in at 11 minutes, but also very sweet. A release that was only expected to be violent, heavy and dark from Curbstomp definitely did that well – just a shame we’re left wanting more.

Words by Daniel Curzon

Metallica release track, announce album

After what seems like an eternity of teasing and studio diaries, metal gods Metallica have announced the follow-up to 2008’s Death Magnetic and released the first track.

The album is set to be titled Hardwired… To Self-Destruct and will be released on November 18th worldwide on their own label Blackened Recordings.

The track released alongside the album is called Hardwired, and you can hear it below:

Reading & Leeds announce even more acts

Reading & Leeds have announced even more acts, with the revealing of the BBC Introducing and (Leeds exclusive) Dance To The Radio stages.

The festival takes place from 25th-28th August in both Reading & Leeds with acts rotating between the two.

See the full list of BBC Introducing bands below:

The Wholls


Paris Youth Foundation


Ten Tonnes

High Tyde

The Tin Pigeons

Avalanche Party

K.O.G And The Zongo Brigade

Lawrence Taylor

Cameron AG

Eat Fast

Jordan Allen



Sonny Green


Muncie Girls

Happy Accidents





Arctic Lake


Hardwicke Circus

Night Owls


Coquin Migale

The Shimmer Band


Faux Pas

Strong Asian Mothers


Tiny Giant

We Were Giants

The Indigo Project


And Dance To The Radio bands here:

Blood Red Shoes

The Wytches



Forever Cult

ICYMI: 30 Seconds To Mars tease new music

Amid the filming time and hype building for Jared Leto’s latest film Suicide Squad, it seems his band 30 Seconds To Mars have had time to get recording some new tracks.

The video was posted to the band’s social media pages on Monday evening, captioned ‘MARS/INTERSCOPE. 2017. #MarsIsComing’, implying their long-fought battle with Virgin is over and they’re moving on with Interscope Records for this release which seems to be scheduled for 2017.

Watch the video below and drop a comment. Are you excited?

Luke Rainsford – I’m Nothing Like My Dad…

Birmingham native Luke Rainsford is infamous in the underground pop punk market for playing in or with practically every band around. A permanent member of Layover doing vocals and guitar in Fullshore, and having played drums for Coast To Coast, he has a wide variety of skills. He’s even played shows with Trash Boat‘s most recent support Weatherstate, so this lad gets around. On this record however, he throws away everything and everyone he holds dear to put out I’m Nothing Like My Dad Turned Out To Be, his debut solo release.
The record is a singer/songwriter project with elements of This Wild Life, the sense of humour of Lucy Spraggan and the self-deprecation of Charlie McDonnell, yet he manages to keep the style very much his own.
Vocally, Luke stays to his pop punk roots with an Anglicised accent verging on northern English that steers away from the generic American sickly-sweetness shown by so many artists in the modern market. The vocals are solid for most of the record with little pushing his range or going out of the comfort zone, yet somehow are fantastically effective and remain interesting for the whole album. The delivery draws clear and focused attention to the intelligently written lyrics, which leave a lasting impression.
In terms of lyrics then, the record is focused very much on Luke‘s teenage problems with women, a lack of confidence and alcohol. Luke is brutally honest with all three themes. With lines including “I treated her like shit, I’m not fucking proud of it” (Coffee) and “I guess that’s the end of being straight edge” (A Song About Alcohol), he definitely outlines the matters in a serious and almost concerning way, but can be hugely self-deprecating with his outlook too, as shown in I Am Pathetic with “I might not be poetic but oh god I am pathetic, I guess that’s close enough when it comes to writing lyrics” which always brings a smile. 
The standout track of the record is Lucid Dreams, which features Maddy Chaney, a friend of Luke’s. The guitar is very much a jazzy style and the vocal part could have been taken straight out of 60s swing album with its delicate yet confident sharps and flats scattered all over the place. Maddy’s voice brings fantastic warmth and adds to the feel as they sing about a long distance relationship. The song is reminiscent of the class of many of the acoustic artists in the chart these days, and shows just how far this young man can go.

Overall, a triumphant and catchy release that is deeper than it may appear at first listen. Luke is a man of many talents and he’ll be touring at some point near you for sure so check out the Facebook pages for his solo stuff here, Layover here and Fullshore here, and his solo project Bandcamp here to hear the record.

Luke Rainsford is also playing a mini tour with Craterface next weekend, see the poster below and check them out!

Luke Rainsford x Crater Face tour