Six Time Champion- Live Review- Manchester The Zoo

Kicking off the night was Nottingham based band On The Open Road. At the start of this set, the turn out seemed to stay quite low but after third track Smooth Sailing there seemed to be more people not only in the crowd but actively getting involved with the band too. As the set wore on, the band let out the Easycore mix they have been bringing for the past year since the release of their EP Storyteller. On The Open Road ended on a high with an energetic crowd and their two best songs Rainy Days and This Is Goodbye (I Tried). [7/10]

Local lads Not Today continued the night, which unfortunately felt very underwhelming following On The Open Road, feeling like one of the weaker sets they’ve played recently. The set started off strong with This Song Sounded Better In My Head and many songs stayed at this consistent level, yet they didn’t seem to take the band to any new heights. Alongside that, a cover of blink-182 mega-hit Dammit fell slightly out of time and it seemed it took an extra song or two to get the crowd re-involved with what was a somewhat energetic set despite it’s flaws. [5/10]

Highlives from Bristol then took to the stage and presented the crowd with what was close to being the best set of the evening. Every song was landing just right with the audience and provided what was a very energetic and enjoyable experience for everyone in the room. Deciding on what was the best song for the band is a hard job as both Walking Blind and Twenty Two created an amazing atmosphere to behold, as the crowd yelled back the words to frontman Liam Edwards. Ending on Better Days, there was a clear love for the music this band are creating from both Highlives and the crowd alike. [9/10]

After a few technical difficulties with guitars, Landmarks finally took the stage and quickly addressed the fact that this was their final ever set. In this moment – alongside many others in the set – the array of emotions was truly felt by every audience member. From the jokes made by bassist Adam and the fact that they brought on stage their old guitarist James McCormick to help them end the set in a memorable way, it created an atmosphere in the room that won’t soon be forgotten.

Starting on Worse for Wear, the band automatically gripped everyone and had words being yelled back from start to end. A highlight of this set was the track Backpacks which led on to 40mg which nicely rounded off the final ever set for Landmarks. On the whole, this set was what it meant to be: an amazing farewell filled with energy and passion from the band and crowd alike. [10/10]

Following on from the bitter sweet end of Landmarks is Six Time Champion, who managed to pick up the ball and get it rolling again with an explosive entrance to their song Lost. As the set went on, there were many highlights that showed just how strong this band are as a whole, not only through their live performances but also through their recorded tracks; Expecting Honesty and Cheek to Cheek were tracks that truly mustered most of the crowd’s energy unless you include their cover of Four Year Strong’s It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now. Closing their set was Let Me In, a song that yet again showed the bands pure ability to get a crowd involved with their set and was a perfect end to an evening jam packed with music. [9/10]