T.O.M.B. Release New Video For “Awake … Darkness”

T.O.M.B. have released a new video for their track “Awake … Darkness” from their album “Fury Nocturnes”


The Band had the following words to say about the track

“Awake….DARKNESS is a two song music video from our latest album Fury Nocturnus that was produced and directed by T.O.M.B. member Samantha Viola. The video reveals documentation from various field recording sessions for the album, as well as raw authentic footage from the project’s blasphemous audio history. The audience will find “no safety” within Awake..DARKNESS.  No computer graphics, green screens or fictional imagery was used to create this video. The result is a chaotic collage of ritual necromantic noise acts; cryptic desecration, sacrilege, and a close communion with the dead, conducted with the true intent and conviction of unholy black metal”.


Check out the video below

T.O.M.B.  also released a video for their track “Abysmal Channelling” check it out below

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