laugh tracks

Knocked Loose – Laugh Tracks

Kicking off the highly anticipated new album Laugh Tracks is Oblivions Peak. It starts with a very underground hardcore feel to the song, it wouldn’t sound out of place on any US hardcore album, however half way through it changes tone to a very progressive beatdown instantly making you want to throw a few moves. Deadringer and The Rain are the two tracks that were released as singles prior to the due date. The Rain is full of sludge grooves, and as vocalist Brian Garris said to Metalhammer “it’s one of my personal favourites from the record. It features my little brother Dallas and also continues from where The Gospel left off”. Blood Will Have Blood instantly has a heavier feel to it than the previous songs, with the guitar being very prominent throughout the song. With a dual vocal being used, it adds a slight narrative whilst still using the hardcore-esque vocals in the background. It finishes off with what can only be described as a metal(core) section which is unusually different to what we’re used to with Knocked Loose.

At 1:12, Counting Worms is the shortest song on the album and if you’re expecting a lot to be packed in that small amount of time you won’t be disappointed. Easily the war anthem of the album, it’s a solid minute long beatdown showcasing their hard chugging and slow but dangerous drumming. Screeching screams and a heavy breakdown starts My Heroes off before continuing into the usual unique Knocked Loose sound. Slightly more technical guitars are used in this track as well as darker, lower vocals making this track one of the heaviest on the album. The next track Billy No Mates sounds like it’s come straight out of their EP Pop Culture. It’s the sound that fans crave and it’s brilliant to see they’ve continued this in the new release. A small narrative halfway through before a mind blowing beatdown shows what the band are made of, and will be that track everyone waits for live and the track that will have everyone kicking the shit out of each other.

Following what seems to be a pattern of short songs on Laugh Tracks weighing in at only 2:34, Last Words packs a punch. A lot of the time having a lot of short songs on one album doesn’t go down very well, but the band seem to have a ‘fuck it’ attitude and boy, it’s paid off. Similar to Counting Worms, it’s another violent track filled with crazy drama, beatdowns and ear-blowing vocals. No Thanks seems to take influences from hardcore-punk, a very ‘two-steppy’ song. It’s that song that’ll have you bobbing along when played live and you’ll completely dig its grooviness. After the heavy beatdowns in some of the previous songs, it’s like a breathe of fresh air to find something a little less brutal.

A Fetish is the second to last song on the album and they’ve definitely saved a cracker. It kicks off with a similar punky vibe from the previous song, but mixes between slam and beatdown when it really kicks the fuck off. Fuck your beatdown, fuck your slam, you want this song played. The simple brutality of the song is enough to get anyone’s blood pumping, their arms moving and their legs battering any face they come across. A total monster of a track and easily the best on the album, and most definitely a crowd favourite. The last song is the titular track Laugh Tracks. One of the longest songs on the album at 3:52, you know it’s going to be a banger. It’s nigh-on impossible to describe this song and it’s ability, so just imagine a big mixing bowl, and you put every genre that this album has covered, add a sprinkling of magic and a ounce of musical brilliance and you’ve got the final track of what’s been a journey through underground hardcore.