Despite Everything – Trails EP [REVIEW]

After doing a few 7 inches, a few splits and releasing their debut record back in 2014, this punk rock quartet from Athens are getting ready to bring some more music back into your lives. Their newest EP, titled ‘Trails’, carries on where they left off a few years ago and it shows no signs of the group slowing down at all.

The first half of the EP kicks off with big punk guitar riffs and a strong vocal performance. ‘Tangled Lines’ is the first track you are treated to off the record and its definitely a positive note for the band to begin. It gives off that side of Alexisonfire with the guitar melodies and key with the Hot Water Music element of structure and vocal tone. Moving on with ‘Dead Weight’, the speed picks up and with that, follows a teensy bit more aggression within the song. The choruses work well with each guitar player helping boost each other. The drums are also a nice touch by not going overcomplicated with the patterns and following something simple that works. ‘Jokes On You’ keeps this up, focusing more on the melodies within the guitar/vocals. The gruff cleans have a strong reminder of the 90’s punk music wave that burst through and adds a really nice nostalgic touch.

Onto the second half and it follows the same road as it did from the previous songs. ‘My Day’ kicks straight into it and flows very nicely. The buildup around halfway through the track was a really nice touch and grips you nicely leading to the third act of the track. Moving into a little bit of different territory with ‘Watered Down’, it slows the pace back to the same speed of the first track and has a bit more of a summery feel in its wake. Whilst keeping the same tradition of the EP feel, it works as a great transition to the final song on record ‘High And Dry’. The guitars are shown off a lot more with a melodically charged forefront to the track and the hearing of the bass tones rumble underneath. As the rest of this track progresses, you’re treated to more classic Despite Everything with more punk rock power and a great way to close this solid EP.

With six tracks of undeniable modern punk, the band take something that sounds very generic in many cases and make something flow a lot more naturally. A few blemishes on this otherwise positive piece of art.


Released: 18th November 2016
For Fans Of: Alexisonfire / Hot Water Music / Rise Against
Label: Lockjaw Records