Cold Collective – Bachelorette Party

Cold Collective are the newest group of ex-Transit member Tim Landers. With his band bulked up by members of post-hardcore mob Defeater, his creative brush was set to paint the blank canvas. Bachelorette Party is the result of the hard work, and the brooding, sonically huge package is interesting and varied enough to remain enjoyable and even may get your foot tapping a little.

Feel Out opens proceedings in relatively disappointing manner when considering he following tracks. It acts as an excellent window to the musical direction of the album. Rather than utilising the obvious aggressive tendencies with his Defeater backing band, Tim Landers has instead opted for a popper sound that is layered excellently. The music often breaks with legitimate punk rock, like in Tred but also allows focus on funky slap bass lines in No Escape. The diverse inspirations the band are taking from make for entertaining songs that continue to sound fresh.

The brooding emotion that oozes out the speakers is extremely similar to what Citizen were doing back on their debut Youth and as such suffers from the same set backs. The brooding atmosphere becomes a drag eventually, especially when juxtaposed with the often up beat and dance worthy music, kinda like when your best mate sulks in the corner when your trying to cut shapes in the dance floor. It gives the band a bit more identity sure but it certainly sacrifices some enjoyability factor.

Bachelorette Party boasts strong song writing, and that’s is the thing that should be championed the most. Despite the dragging, sulky vibe the album carries like an albatross across its neck, the song quality and great music are enough to carry the album through to the end. Perhaps through utilising the aggressive and creative output of the backing band more, Cold Collective could mould their best elements into a sonic wall that boasts not only tremendous song writing but also a well executed and well mixed sound that oozes charisma. For now though, what we’ve got is a decent album with a face like a smack arse.